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  1. Dragonicseeker

    How to get obsidian in abberation w/o haz mat

    I believe there is obsidian and oil on the surface the best place to go there without hazmat is by the portal spawn you can ramps to get there. I might be wrong though its been a long time since I played abberation.
  2. Dragonicseeker

    Hunter / Trophy Skins

    I had similar idea for thyla claws, therizino claws, basilisk fangs, tuso eyes, alpha rex and mosa teeth, raptor talons, and carno arms.
  3. Dragonicseeker

    "When I was a newbie..."

    When ark just came to consoles I was affraid to play single player but I gave in. I swam to herbivore island built a platform from foundations had no walls, no worries from predators we ll a stego fell on my platform and I attacked with my biggest carnos and it aggro'ed the stegos above most of my stuff was destroyed. Learned walls are your friend.
  4. Dragonicseeker

    Need help with breeding and growth settings on single player

    They work amazingly just bred up some ravagers for first time got surprised by the kibble they wanted glowtail, featherlight, and rock drake thank goodness I figured out how spawn most of it in without looking it up. The rock drake blew my mind through the roof never saw it coming GG WC. Thanks for breeding stats @HalfSlabBacon you're a lifesaver.
  5. Dragonicseeker

    Need help with breeding and growth settings on single player

    Would this work on xbox bc I was messing with my settings a long time ago and got a 0.1 imprint bc 4% with 3 to 4 hour wait was killer took 2 weeks in single player to raise a wyvern didn't feel worth it after it was done never would do it again
  6. Dragonicseeker

    Ragnarok FAQ

    Hi is the next update for ragnarok going to fix the graphical bugs bc all my griffins look exactly the same upon relogging back on after taming despite 2 had all black feathers and orange face and and a tan bodies the second griffin I tamed b4 the 2 recent ones had brown feathers and a noticeable orange body (could spot that one across the map lol) but when I log back in their colors are all same even the Ice Wyverns even though one was black with white spikes and another was blue with black spikes now they look like normal Ice Wyverns all blue but not in a blue world.(dah buh dee dah buh dai) Forgot to mention I'm playing single player on xbox didn't know how to let you guys know other than twitter
  7. Dragonicseeker

    What dinosaur would you live out of?

    I lived out a bronto base along time ago kept an argent with me to spot any troubles. One other time I had a titan bc I play SP but realized they are a bit bugged and wouldn't eat even with my settings making it eat so I had to force feed it til I thought bronto is better mine was a 120 b4 they gave us maxed lvl settings. I also had a raft which I used a ton b4 finding my bronto.
  8. Dragonicseeker

    ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    1st. Will anyone on consoles who bought the season pass get the Abberation skins early or when the DLC comes out? 2nd. Are there supply drops? If so would they look like cave drops or regular drops? 3rd. Could we a hint of a material that is new to abberation and one that is old to us but wasn't used by a lot of ppl? 4th. Halloween skins for abberation Yay or Nay? That is all I can think of TY for reading.
  9. Dragonicseeker

    Singleplayer Bug/Issue Collection Thread

    I'm playing SP atm and logged in to the center after I had to ascend twice to get on it. My compys had eggs and I picked one up compy took the egg and couldn't put down so had 4 options knock out, log out, opt out via eat spoiled meat, or set sleeping command. I used the command bc of it being faster. Wild dinos near my base were there but many other places had little to know spawns a at all the litte upsides I have noticed that wild dinos have laid eggs found a turtle egg eventhough I have none an argent egg even though I have a few tamed ones the other litte upside is i'm not plagued by seagulls, parasaurs, dilos in the swamp, or megalodons.That's all so far.
  10. Dragonicseeker

    Single Player Survivors

    So after playing on all 3 arks I have a more issues that I found: 1: Items I drop bc I am encumbered will fall through the world about 35 to 40% of the time. Items I dropped while standing on or near by a rock or tree will auto delete it. Items dropped by water dinos while on them or not will most of the time auto delete. 2: The Center Map: Megladons spawn alot in the shallow ocean, Mossa aren't spawning much like plessie do, Anglers spawn a lot too many have filled my sharks and dunks to the point they can't move but if I turn off the harvesting the get stuck on the bodies. Euriptyrids are so rare I used to find them in a few places in the open water or the crevice but now i'll find them maybe once or twice and only 1 or 3 at either time. Hopefully this the last bit of issues I have found if not i'll post it here. Thanks Again
  11. Dragonicseeker

    Single Player Survivors

    I play Xbox one since day one but played single player mostly and I noticed a lot of problems on all three arks so for The Island: Herby Island will spawn a lot of paras, Redwoods pteras, Alphas become nearly non existent, trilobites hardly spawn, Equus don't spawn much or on herby island guessing to the paras, The Snow Biome wolves need to be tuned down a bit, Caves still don't anything til I'm leaving, Carno Island raptors need tuned down a bit, Kairuku aren't spawning on icbergs which makes it hard to find them, Archas in general are very rare if not ever spaning to me atleast, Finally Where ever it is on any map nothing really spawns around where I decide to set up shop literally everything Just goes out of render distance and may not see them again til I venture out to look. Quetz have less spawns now than they did b4 bc at the most I could find 6 on the map if lucky usually 5 but now I found 2 that's it no more than that. The Center: Quetz haven't spawned at all looked everywhere not a one I noticed b4 less spawned after a new dino was added but thought nothing of it. Daeodons have fewer spawns bc I found 2 diferent packs one had 3 in it the other had 5 which I had to kill bc I was escorting a mammoth and anky bc to base on foot. Half Burnt Island has raptors after everything else dies, Giant Bees are impossible tames bc they book it as I get there b4 destroying the hive or fly up too high for me reach or over water, Paras tend to over spawn a lot bc I have problems finding iguanadons, Alphas spawns decline overtime, Huge amount of lag by the river that's by the entrance to the underworld, Dilos over spawn in the swamp same with titanboas causing major lag, The jungle south cave has bugs over spawning outside the cave causing lag and frame drop. Scorched Earth: Spawns in general have changed used to have an abundance of dinos to tame/kill etc... Now dinos aren't to abundant I have venture far and wide for tames, Raptors aren't in short supply by my base however,Equus are hard to find bc they either eaten by rrators, wolves, terror birds, etc... That's all I can remember from my experience hope it helps narrow down the problems. I know others are having the same if not more or less issues. Thanks for listening to the little people
  12. Dragonicseeker

    Workshop Wednesday: Issue #2 - Mapping Out Your Success

    This very informative and it opens your eyes a bit in the details of the maps. I can't wait to play on all those maps though when they come to console. Makes me feel all giddy.