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  1. PS4 CLUSTER 379-382 OFFLINE

    And they were only put on new hardware after a crash last month. DILO nitrado. And DILO wildcard, the performance they have been showing since pc 1st year has been garbage but you stick with them.
  2. Bluescreens

    Rag EU 380 is completely offline
  3. Also Bluescreens. Fix the Bluescreens.
  4. Bluescreens

    Day 854. Still bluescreening. No word from the devs. I fear them lost.
  5. Bluescreens

    @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz @StudioWildcard
  6. Bluescreens

    Still blue screens happening. This shouldn't be in a retail release game. @Jatheish @Jen
  7. Bluescreens

    4 hours play 3 bluescreens today. Wyvern still missing. No word from devs.
  8. Bluescreens

    Yes that is the error code. I've now lost a wyvern to this poop.
  9. Bluescreens

    Still bluescreening all the raptoring time. Can i even get an acknowledgement of it @Jatheish
  10. Hesperornis?

    Finally found a breeding pair and even a spino in the Jungle lakes
  11. Hesperornis?

    Anyone got a good location for them spawning? Tried jungle lakes, mid and south but cant even find a single one.
  12. Bluescreens

    Bluescreens are back with a raptoring vengeance. Cant fly to the blue obelisk on PVE EU rag 380 without one guaranteed but even walking around my own base I can get kicked without warning. Multiple people in the chat are also complaining of it. Had a mammoth session on Sunday and got blued 9 times.
  13. Server crashing 375-382 clusters.

    @flamron yeah just saw the post. Pray this fixes it.
  14. Server crashing 375-382 clusters.

    So what happened with that hardware update @Jatheish?
  15. I don't see the new dossier yet so

    The End Boss perhaps?