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  1. Aribohs

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Could the thing on the centre right be a carno? seems to be attacking a defence unit.
  2. I have a tribe doing this on my server they have a few bases over the map that cause extreme lag cause they are jam packed. The buildings regularly go down to just before the dinos would auto decay as the players only come on to feed maybe once or twice a week. The knock on effect is extreme hostility to new players. When they have 1 dodo.
  3. The entire server of Ragnarok EU PVE 380 PS4 are reporting getting DC'd with the Lost connection to host error message. Has happened to me multiple times today and through the past few weeks. A first I thought it was related to large bases causing lag as that is when it occurs most often but it can happen out of the blue away from bases as well.
  4. Can we please have some kind of graphics downgrade options on PS4 and Xbox other than just the single High Detail option? I'm playing on aberration and to say it runs like ass would be an insult to asses. There's areas where the FPS don't just drop the utterly stop. For up to 10-15 seconds the game just sits there utterly still nothing happens. Its not just me either. The server (Its PVE) is practically deserted, lucky if there is 3 players on at prime time. I was playing earlier today and I was the only person on. 1 Player on an official server. Some better options like reduce or turn off shadows, godrays, maybe textures? I would play the game so reduced it looked like Pixark if it meant it actually ran to any decent degree.
  5. Aribohs

    TLC Suggestions for the Beezlebufo

    Should be able to harvest biotoxin from its inventory like whales have bio-oil.
  6. Aribohs

    Are rock Drakes Mostly useless on cosoles?

    We need more options to lower the load on the PS4. I'm sure there used to be options to turn off god beams and such but maybe I'm getting confused with PC. Either way they need to be added to help with this. I dread playing on AB and only log on to feed stuff these days. @Jatheish
  7. Aribohs

    Bats in carnivorous caverns?

    Been on rag since launch. Seen more brontos spawn in there than bats.
  8. Aribohs

    Aberration Boss is a giant Mantis

    Mutated broodmother? A dev tweeted it was 'a familiar face'
  9. Aribohs


    Still happening.
  10. Get even a medium level basilo and only squid you have to fear are high level alphas. Other than that avoid like the plague. Not only will they kill your tame conventionally but push them under the map for an insta-kill.
  11. Aribohs

    Why is Ragnarok OP AF yo(PvE)

    It also has worse performance being a larger map so its not all upside.
  12. Aribohs


    They are increasing in frequency again.
  13. Aribohs

    Fighting Iceworms

    So I'm trying to farm the ice cave. I dont have the time usually for breeding so getting a flock of vultures going will take a while. I have a 186% Pump shotgun so I can kill the male worms in 3 shots so pretty easy and fast but they still get the 1st hit and maybe another in on me. I bring a good number of crafted flak with me but even with 1100 armour the damage mounts up. I'm using health pots but with how quick the worms tend to respawn I might have to start fighting again before at full health and if my gear gets broken at low health I'm a goner. Anyone have any tips on mitigating damage I take or avoiding worms in the first place?
  14. Aribohs


    So while the memory patch has reduced blue screens significantly they are still happening. 2 examples: Exiting carnivorous cave on ragnarok 100% blue screen from the ocean side mountain entrance. Another is respawning is hit or miss. I'd say 50% you blue screen.
  15. Aribohs


    Still having bluescreens. Edit: It is less tho. The patch has helped but not fully fixed issues.