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  1. no i know about those cause they have the skins but i am curious if anything else will become tek would be cool almost like a rare spawn that is stronger then said creature then normal and i am excited for it to be perma rlly glad at that it will make gameplay more intresting and challengeing to find a rare varity of said creature almost like a shiny form from like pokemon for example...
  2. i can't wait for the tek stego guys but what about anklyos will they ever get the tek love? : D ❤️
  3. ado some of these would look cool and are intresting to put in ark the question is why for some.... especialy since again as darkraptor said copyright... would exterminate most of the bosses ect:
  4. perhaps a plant that can uproot itself and travel by air but slowly or on the ground and then implant itself back into the ground givening it more range accuracy and devasteing blasts of damage then mobileize to travel and re-plant itself a carnivorus plant also it can regen health and stamina quicker being planted but regains stamina and hp very poorly while uprooted... o.o
  5. tbh.... when it comes to megalania's ablite i feel it is truely lacking.... cause its a komodo dragon and they can bring down animals 2 times there size with there venom.... and since in ark the venom only works on humans..... blah the scale climbing ablite is the only thing the lizard has going for it in the end of the long run inless u can use it on players not riddening on stuff... wich is passiable but probely not the best given bolas... and guns and arrows and even so it rlly isn't all that strong to begin with probely should be best used as a ambusher then anything wich ambusher is good cause komodo dragons inrl did do that anyways... and i wasn't saying torpor as in one hit knocks stuff out i am just saying more varity of knocker outers then just the ones we have i mean yeah we probely dont need anymore but wynaut have more? who doesn't want anymore new creatures for the game? if it was the fact that the game was running perfectly and no one was haveing issues what would everyone want in this community?.... "new content" what is this new content?..... dinos weapons items... structures maps.... and mods. wich mods can pretty much cover for all that once they are implemented in the first place but hey i ain't saying wildcard shouldn't add in more stuff.... cause atleast they are the ones that made the game in the first place and there content is.... well legit to the game "orginal content cause they are the content creators and if it wasn't for them then by golly.... we would of never had as much as with this game even know we have to deal with all the errors and crap tbh i feel its bloody worth it. xP lol
  6. well in the jp mod on pc... cause i got ark on both pc and xbox one wich i been haveing a ball with.... they have a poison dart frog... wich causes heavy torpor.... but it is a small frog but its rideable... wich i kinda.... uhhh.... think its rather small.... but whatever @[email protected] the torpor it gives is rlly potent however... it has ruined my life 2 times XD
  7. Yes yes and yesssssssssssss this would make ark a creature/tameing gold mine with alot of class and gameplay fun going around and make pvp alot harder to think about with whatever player desires to tame what people would have trouble cause of the amount of creatures to tame and heck maybe this would introduce new tameing methods for such creatures it doesn't even have to be about just the simple knock out tames or even passive tames.... it could be intirely something differnt~! but ofcourse those 2 would probely be the most used ways to tame something....
  8. i am talking about generaly creatures that are similar torwards each other can have a varity of differnt ablites to just add in more raptors.... then just raptor and troodon for example... same implys for rex cousins and heck spino cousins ect:.... i ain't saying there should be a total badass whatever causeing torpor i mean lets say the amount of torpor a scorpion can give is 3x per hit.... a raptor could give a weaker dosage of torpor with its bite or maybe more.... but i say less... so it doesn't make the scorpion pfft.... since raptors are faster.... and more spamable damage dealing.... but i think a scorpion can be more tankish then a raptor but regardless i am just saying to give more diversity... to the game and just giveing out ablites u could give a rex creature bleed induceing but then it be somewhat like a allo but without a pack buff.... or a grab attack like a megalosaur... but differnce its larger more tankyer depending if u wanna make it tanky or not ect: but thats my point : P
  9. venomous as far as stamina drainning what i mean is torpor causeing... cause troodon only can knock out humans and not creatures sooooo and its not rideable as u said soooo something else plz? and something that isn't ridoclous to tame *stars at troodons angryeir* XD
  10. U know what ima rage and riot but not like the dude riot... on youtube the more creatures to have fun with in ark the better for gameplay and heck who cares if alot of things do aloot of everything else i mean yeah the game needs new things with new ablites ect: but come on plz balence for the game is hard as each new creature trys to out do the other?.. wynaut just add a creature and it be somewhat the same as something already ingame it will just bring more diversity and that way like lets say i perfer styracosaurus over trikes... even if they did do the same thing wich they dont have to basicly i would be able to tame the verison of creature i favor more of.... obviously this is a poor examplle cause styracosaurus could easyly be differnt then trikes use in the game such as goreing ingoreing armor rateing... or causeing a bleed status effect or u could have it impair someone on its horn and just keep stabing them to death... if u wanna be brutal ; P point blankly just more creatures sci fi or not idc thats what i think of it and i am kinda dissapointed that wildcard made the skins,skins but............ as i said before maybe futureisticly.... they would be actual creatures.... cause of tek rex i can only hope for this cause unlike a bronto a brachio attacks by stomping wich easyly makes the gameplay differnt compared to a bronto.... and stygi.... yeah it could be a miner pachy wich is differnt then regular and styraco i already said my ideas..... about it as for like a new raptor? bleed incudeing raptors or venomous raptors that can cause torpor ect: alot to build on and doesn't even need to be flipping accurate just dooooooooooooo it!!! lol XD
  11. imagine a tek spino/bronto..... or carno... hmmmm give me them now!!!? the looks of them would be fantastic infact even a tek dodo would be somewhat humorous and funny.... tek wyverns.... tek griffins!!!? What has this world come to!!! no just plz no i would be like plz yasssssssssss muwahahah. XD
  12. but....... i was thinking that since we got tek rexs as a spawn in a event... maybe we can get other tek creatures as a event like tek trike or stegoo ect?... and why stop there?.... maybe styraco ect: will be a spawnable creature kinda like the tek rex/rex for like a event and not just make them skins? that would be cool. @[email protected]
  13. true that would be totaly understandable if it was a thing ofcourse~!
  14. aggro other creatures if anything then again u could give it the ablite to cloak its owners.... and the owners mount at the same time from being detected... kinda like a liveing cloaking device... i doubt it being able to latch on people is a appropiate since i doubt it was a aggressive creature other then to insects.... wich would mean "insect killer ablite" but thats my ideas on that...
  15. what about swimming water spiders?.... or poisonous spitting spiders or paralizeing stunning spiders ect: ^ the list can go on with so many differnt kinds of spiders and why stop there we should have a army of insects at our hands... we got mantis's and centipedes and moths but what about others? that are giant that are freaky and rideable perhaps?