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  1. danlillis

    glitch Scorched Earth Bug

    by doing ghost mod it still was stuck the rock would not let me leave it.... so i unsaddled and then mantis fell through map..... perhaps i should of entered walk mod but still.... this needs to be fixed
  2. danlillis

    glitch Scorched Earth Bug

    This has been going on for a long time and i have in the past contacted ark support... nothing has been fixed about this.... rocks and boulders in scorched earth can and will trap u on top of them makeing u immobilezied from movement the only way u can get out of it is by opening inventory and waiting abit so u can fall up bk in place i guess for some reason jumping or climbing over on these rocks.... u get sucked into the rock model or something.... this happens while running around as the player and also happens mainly on mantis's.... i even lost a mantis in the void due to me trying to escape from ghost mod and i even lost a mantis from being stuck when a rex just bumped me and my mantis just instantly died from being stuck........ wich is rlly ridoclous this is a huge game breaker and totaly unfair advantage rocks are on this planet to use them inrl just as ingame they are perfect snipeing points ect: but this same usefullness has a rlly bad downside and thats being stuck inplace makeing u a sitting duck to death i hope something about this gets fixed along with other issues happening in the game by far....
  3. danlillis

    Onyc taming problem

    The hit box is usualy pretty close to the creature just try to get close enough to feed it slowly by crouching and looking up at it if u can't see the feed button trying looking up or down at it should be somewhere near where u looking at it just becarefull~!
  4. danlillis

    Game quits to dashboard

    for me ark is trying to load my island map save or scorched earth and when ur on the loading screen it stops at crashs and then pushs me bk to the xbox home screen... i can't even play the game right now and i been waiting for 3+days to play ark 3': since i haven't been able to play on pc cause steam is acting stupid... i recently unistalled ark on steam cause of the update not updateing properly and now its been a major pain trying to install bk in my comp... ark is just too big.......... and it takes too long to install x.x; its rlly frustrateing...
  5. danlillis

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    as far as i can see my brother pointed out the tree elemental... i am calling it the tree titan i saw the werid dododino at the bottum and its head is blocking what appears to be some sort of insect/beetle... and then the wyverns and the bottum pic is basicly 3 gasbags one hoping in the air probely running/flying away or whatever from something i am rlly excited for this anyone else have the idea that the tek dinos will probely be in this dlc?....
  6. i see the pattern dragons and dragon-like creatures do exist!!! in all worlds and realms wich also means other myths and legends also exist~! the world will totaly corrupt and collasp into alot of bite sized bits. o.o; the end is truely emong us!!!
  7. there is one in ark additions mod from garuga that looks pretty good hopefully all of garugas mods get put into one and sponsered into one mod cause garuga does a rlly good job...
  8. i still have my ideas i just dont think its a good idea reposting them? maybe adding some others that weren't my idea choice but still right now and lately it seems there is a bunch of new users that are just posting random stupid and not even intelligent stuff on here double posting and ect: it is annoying to see people going this low and doing this behavior dont they realize that by them doing this doesn't help the game at all anyways aside from this...... i still would like to see shuno somehow be added in the game even know shadlos has it in his mod and it does work how i would of imaginged it to work..... and archelon from additional mods along with deino ect: would be pretty cool and i would have to go with charadontoasaurus to be added with perhaps a armor shreddar or rivarly buff agasnt other larger carnivores... or maybe both? as for SE Conecavenator probely would be pretty cool kinda camel like and it is a desert but once again that is in shadlos mod... wild ark..... so pretty much alot of the things i probely would want to see in ark is in it so far however armargosaurus has failed to shown up in any mod... and very rarely talked about as a sauropod that could give a thermal boost to the player and perhaps be a larger more combative incutebator for eggs... or something since it is the only sauropod that has a sail..... as for flyers another large pterosaur wouldn't hurt but maybe a good small-medium one closely insize to pterannodon and tapejara...and dont get me started on feathered friends still.......... because the vast majority are unrideable.... we got pteranodon wich is tier 1 flyer tapejara tier 2 and quetz tier 3..... the only thing that is feathered that flys is the argent... wich is easyly compareable to tape so its a tier 2.... what happened to a tier 1 flyer and 3?.... i guess tier 3 could be a griffin..... but thats only in ragnarok and thats only if u beated the overseer..... inless u cheat sooo pretty much yeah the oceans can use more life the sky can use more life the landmass is pretty.... fine as is or atleast for the most part...
  9. maybe because its top secret behind closed doors so that the wanderers will try to pry it open to find out its secrets only to be blasted by the overseer and its minions perhaps i mean details would be nice and its werid things haven't been revealed much or said but on the other hand atleast we are left in the dark to wonder what the heck is going on these arks and what dangers and cool stuff will be exposed in time from them i am very excited and curious at the same time......
  10. actualy ur right i did notice that to now thanks for pointing that out~! : )
  11. i am excited for that aquatic creature on what it is... and reason i say its aquatic is cause of the fins... i mean why else would it have something like those? ofcourse the head of a mammal is abit werid.... but meh also excited for this mod program update and i dont see why koola isn't even in the game yet that dossier is enough of a reason to add it @[email protected]
  12. maybe not a instant-kill but more like something baryonx does... when it kills something it automaticly harvests it?.... would be usefull generaly i dont get why rex doesn't have something like this...would prove to be usefull in a sense...but i agree Hatze should be a aggressive verison of quetzal and it has been asked before to.... it would be a more agile quetzal that u can't build on but can still carry things like a quetzal and have a barrel roll attack even know i remeber i guess the devs experimenting with it before and it looked rlly werid lol but still its a idea.
  13. very true and yeah i even mentioned cerato.... someone said it be another carno i feel so insulted.... like carno and cerato are 2 differnt carnivores and hunted alot differntly..... that little 3 fingered midget could never hope to defeat cerato never my cerato would rip him to shreds!!!! i say shreds! into little bitty chicken leg sized bits anyways.......... who knows if there will be another dlc hopefully its not the end i mean hey wildcard said it themselfs it is the end to a new beginning or something.... so i say theres gonna be more @[email protected] atleast so it seems
  14. not nessary true we can still voice our oppions and ideas i mean doesn't mean 100% they will come true cause no ofcourse not but can still try if there is a will there is a way and maybe one day more prehistoric stuff will happen.... right now its about the story of the arks and it getting more progressive as time goes by perhaps sooner or later something new that is a dino or something will surface we just have to wait for it to happen
  15. danlillis

    New Extinction Teasers!

    it seems that little robot lizard is a hybird kind of like megalania or rock drake but robotic.... and it also seems we just had our first sight on the element infused rex and pteranodon..... nicely done wildcard~! : )