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  1. Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    both the first video and the 2nd in the beginning of all this has happened to me to and yeah i think it has to do with creatures/structures ingeneral that causes the crashing ect: the game can't handle it i guess wondering how well the xboxonex will do.... : /
  2. Crashing to Home (Xbox)

    exactly been experinceing this problem and have been submitting tickets i submitted one before and one just recently hopeing this problem will be fixed soon would be nice if like the game crashed it would automaticly save right there and then and if ur on a mount it keeps u on the mount..... instead of unmounting happening... then alot of bad points in the game would be fixed.... like falling from a high height cause of unmounting...
  3. split screen tether

    i think i heard awhile ago that eventualy as time goes on tether will increase the range people can go away from each other intime.... idk if that was ment for xbox one x's verison of the game or ps4/xboxone... but i do hope it does eventualy expand but i think for now the game needs to become more stable... since i keep running into crash issues on my save/gamertag i have to use my moms other gamertag inorder to even play right now : / /gg and its been like this for a long while now...
  4. i am surprised the rex ain't gonna get a stomp attack as a aoe or a headbutt for a a strong knock back attack or a tail attack like a stego or something as far as new attacks it can do cause a rex inrl probely didn't just bite and kill prey they probaly had other methods to kill prey to also surprised it doesn't have a pick up ablite for small-medium sized creatures and heck throw prey like this like in jurrassic park would be ebil but noneoftheless everything else here looks goldening and feels golden.
  5. Memory leak causing crash?

    i am curious could this be effecting xbox to?...
  6. stuff like paracers,spinos,brontos and rexs ect:already do this when they get low on torpor if u get infront of u or if they run at u froming running away and even so they can do this while doing attacks at u if ur infront of them so this is already somewhat ingame however i do see the idea hear and yeah parasaurs gallis ect: can't do this at all and probely should..
  7. love this idea sandsharks would be rlly cool to have in ark or something atleast like that... also a liveing carnivorous man eating planet would be pretty epic and differnt
  8. i do i do agree to this except for the part by not giveing them new ablites ect: to make them differnt sure just adding creatures as vairants would be cool but inless they have something differnt personally that makes them stand out from the orginals... would kinda defeat the purpose of adding them in the first place i mean yeah more vairants would be cool but without nothing new about them as far as just a model colors ect: i feel would defeat the purpose for them to even exist in ark not trying to shoot ur idea down i agree with it half,half ; P
  9. well there is a already made aquatic ark map mod for pc users to try and aprantly there is a sea snake in it so nine times out of 10 there will be more aquatic modded creatures added to it tbh modded or not a fully or almost fully aquatic ark would be cool let the underwater terror battles commence maybe this will be the time that new aquatic creatures like archelon,sethacanthus and kronasaurus ect: may be added to ark as like a expanison with some new scuba gear idk what but the possiblity is there perhaps a submarine may be added to that ark for travel but with no protection agasnt the monsters kinda like a mini underwater raft that u can build inside of it that supports structures but no turrets ect:....
  10. agreeable besides it may add more creatures that would be great for the game anyways like the v-raptor could be a slightly bigger microraptor take away that werid crest thing and add a differnt one? or perhaps take it away completely and the turkeyish tail feathers get rid of them and make them fluffyer... possibly would be a good raptor? : P lol
  11. i actualy agree with this but give them differnt ablites and change some things on them differntly like feathers/less feathers/more feathers/less scales spikes/more spikes/ feathers and spikes/no feathers or spikes idk do it differntly then just dire bear/polar bear since the polar bear is just a bigger stronger and white variant.... change up details on the "base model" atleast @[email protected] then i think that would be solid and wouldn't be too.... much of the same thing make them differnt.
  12. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    hopefully this dude will be tameable sad to see the titanoaboa not rideable and considering arthropleura is rideable i would imagine titanoaboa to be rideable however if this thing is tameable and rideable i think it would be far better then the titanoaboa being rideable @[email protected] can't wait for abberation guys!! <333
  13. At this point in the game we got raptors and sabers and stuff that spam attack and run into u pushing u upwards and i almost lost a scorpion recently on a generated map with a rock wall by them pushing into me and a scorpion can't attack if its airborn... so yeah rip scorpion... x.x all creatures are literaly doing this now lifting u off the ground by running into u and attacking u.
  14. its been like this lately even before this last update and i was hopeing this update will be fixed even jeremy on twitter said maybe this next update will be about fixs ect:.... i totaly blam the flyers since the update on the 10th broke ark before i flew on a flyer nothing crashed all of a sudden it crashed when i was flying.... and after that even if u ain't flying it will still crash it has affected me on all maps now so yeah i totaly blaim the flyers or something. @[email protected]
  15. ARK Digest Q&A!

    im hopeing erytpids with the trilobites will be tameable to... and the ceolocanths ect: with the fishing net i mean triobites are related to them anyways just place the net deep down in the ocean and lure one into the the net and u got urself deep sea scorpion~! <33