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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Just had trouble sleeping cause of this thing so my sleep has been disterbed so here it is..... let me know what u guys think~!
  2. i kinda feel like the term "not smart or intelligent for the fishs in ark... is a bit over exaggeration all fish have little brains... if anglers are tameable... and electric eels... and then even know coelocanths and piranhas are like a somewhat tame... but still used by the player i dont see why a leediitchys isn't a tameable etheir? quiet frankly haveing a giant fish like a whale could easyly have its uses as transporting and etheir or as a liveing land boat to ferry creatures across the ocean with a giant plateform saddle.... would be nice for "island Hoping...." and it would be far quicker then the regular raft and probely more safer then both rafts since no leeditchys will attack another one of the own kind?.... right?... the point is leeditchys has potential to be good if it was tameable rather then oh lets go find it tear a peaice of fish prime meat... and use it to tame or whatever it is that u plan to do with it... anyways this is kinda off the part about a whale the size of leeditchys i doubt there is a prehistoric one inless the livythan wich can have a similar to differnt role to what i thought for the big fish quiet frankly i dont think its a good idea since leeditchys are more peacefull filter feeders and not ment for combat like the livythan could be if it existed in the arks that is~.
  3. i do agree with most of these but the anklyo being less armored kinda dont think of it as ark's verison of a ankylo i mean we all know it ain't realistic but its just a game and it has evolved to be more protective but if it was changed i wouldn't mind etheir so whatever same as for the giga this is a rlly good list and i agree with it~! : )
  4. Spino Behavior Biped Option

    i agree with adding the option it should be able to do that same thing for lets say megalos instead of the constant grabing but ima just leave this topic as is.... cause megalo ain't spinos but i figured ill bring it up anyways....
  5. Spino Behavior Biped Option

    it should be just like the iquanodon.... but still maintain its quick attacking bites on all fours.... and when on two legs just attack with heavyer damage but abit slower maybe? then again maybe not.
  6. wow... like i said i wasn't trying to be rude at all i just thought again that it would be funny the way i said it like that i guess i didn't understand at first what u ment and yeah giga is a titan and titano is a titan herbivore quiet frankly i think both herbivores and carnivores can be good in combat and not just stricty carnivores yeah they got the fangs and claws ect: but herbivores i kinda feel are underused.. heck a anklyo should be a good battle tank and do some nasty damage even if its a terriable runner it should give good reason not to attack them from close range regardless if the carnivore is as phat as a bloody giga i am tired of always rexs and gigas being combat creatures and tbh gigas arn't rlly that usefull anyways u can't for one bring them to a boss fight so that limits there use sure there good for fighting other tribes ect: but thats about it u have more of a use for a rex... then u do for them and i am sorry if u find what i said insulting i didn't mean it that way tbh i do agree with u giga's probely should be as strong as tamed giga's i mean that will just weaken the wild ones wich will make them actualy killable by combat trained dinos and thus get rid of the fear factor.... and make its dossier pointless but then again some dossiers should be more on par on what they say with others so i guess when it comes to a giga leaveing it as is is just as good as changeing it to... in a sense tbh i wouldn't rlly care much about the giga i mean i do hate the fact that it is op... but if it wasn't op... it wouldn't cause u to be fearfull of it in the wild and so..... there.
  7. Hey everyone i got a great and awsome idea that wont copy any creatures in ark what so ever~! :' D.... lets make the giga a giant raid dinosaur and heck lets give it sick jet packs and a flamethrower suit to boot so that way when u kill it u will get 100% ascedant gear and they spawn in like alpha rexs but bigger meaner and more teeth dont forget more or alittle bit.... less stronger then they are now or maybe more stronger? doesn't matter /flipsthetableover who cares! lets just do it i am sure we will all survive then (this is sarchasm and humor i am meaning it to be i ain't trying to be rude but i thought it would be funny to say)
  8. i submitted a report in ark support and decided to show it here to u guys know sometimes 3 pteranodons spawn in at the same time in certain areas of the map flying only in one direction the only time they stop is when they land and it seems thats when they start behaveing normaly or when there attacked anywayas i spyed on them with the spyglass and when i was gonna stop useing the spyglass on them the game frozen i excited out to xbox one x home menu and closed the game try to relog ingame and i am stuck at the main menu screen with it basicly trying to load sadly i didn't be able to record where the pteranodon was at but ik its near green obelisk near that middle swamp where the redwood is and the mountainous areas are its the river spot where the beaver damns are is where this happened <https://gameclipscontent-d2009.xboxlive.com/xuid-2533274893771379-private/f5f54f3f-5545-4f77-9379-95d704b33603.MP4?sv=2015-12-11&sr=b&si=DefaultAccess&sig=T7KAJp%2BCStcWPh9GQEVW0dPBj7UPaIWdAqASMvxqOpk%3D&__gda__=1523892919_3eade5408324442e6c81edcfc7c28a82- this is what i am getting now and can't get passed this screen no matter how long i wait with it being up </3
  9. i think the most op creature we should worry about by far is..... /drumrolls...... the dodo... XD...... yeah....... No.... /drumrollsagain its the bloody gigadontasaurus~ where u dont even try to face it ingame not even if ur life dependant on it and the dossier it says better outsmarted then basicly chargeing in to kill it is legit..... even if it is op..... @[email protected]
  10. nah why nerf orginal therizino we need a alpha that proves to be deadly in the herbivores department and therizino would be that herbivore come on therizinos vs rex are equal... so why not a alpha therizino that is equal lets say alpha rex? u dont see alpha rex nerfed.... so give me a break alpha therizino will prove to be challengeing.
  11. Yes please this should be a thing more anklyos plz ark team!! <33 : D
  12. if the sea cow and the archelon were in ark i would so tame them especialy for such of purposes as the users that made those dossiers.... i think they would have a wonderfull niche in arks ecosystem to considering a carboenemys is a tortoise and we dont have yet a sea turtle.... wich would be more effective in water then said tortoise and the ocean is lack sea mammals..... we only have basilo wich is a whale... we need more sea life anyways and i think these would be good starters...
  13. my idea would be hopeing that all roars for all creatures would atleast do something.... but implementing many kinds of roars for the many kinds of creatures would be nearly impossible but it would make what the roaring about... kinda maybe like primal carnage pteranodons can be aerial scouts locateing high lvs or enemy players or something from above or maybe a more blitz aproach quicker movement speed and attack power at the cost of hp to the pteranodon or something...
  14. ehh..... idk about that i mean i guess haveing another boosting effect can work to help bring down bosses and i guess other tribe members ect: but that would be like a triple buff with yutyranus and mate boost and then that.... and then there is the pack buff.... so that can turn to a 4x buffs.... i like the idea of more buffing skills but eventualy it would get to hectic.
  15. strangely enough i actualy kinda agree with this.... the idea of useing the mystical rabbits foot item as a a ingreident to make finding beacons more worthwhile sounds like a good idea nad a alpha rabbit..... uhhh maybe it can be like the killer turkeys rlly rlly oddly tough..... and yeah ark says there are rodents and that we have those crop plots it says it keeps rodents out but the lack of actual rodents in ark... i think needs to be expanded atleast rabbits could work however it would be nice if there was a item that u can make by cooking various of items togther to make a sort of exp item for both the player and tames... cause the brooth..... rlly doesn't help with this its main and best use would probely to tame arthro's.... @[email protected]