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  1. i still say quetzals can still make a return aswell considering tapejara is still gonna be in the map we dont know about ptera's or argents but anythings possible honestly i am sure there will be areas on the map for such to be flying around in wether it be space whales or flying reptiles and birds~
  2. congrazt to the mods that made it in and ah that reveal is the pressure plate that was already revealed but nice to see its hologram of it. : )
  3. i doubt the quetzal wont be included because its a fish/scavenger in my book in ark otherwise how will it survive considering it flees from stuff that attack it includeing dilos....... if anything a quetzal and the other pterosaurs should be on the map i'd imagine
  4. me and my bro think its a tek boat or tek subamarine or something along the lines of that : )
  5. perhaps a floating water foundation? ik it has a massive square hole there but perhaps its just blanked out on purpose?.....
  6. my first guess was squid but after closely looking over it and seeing the face with the little 2 red eyes on one side of the face so im guessing its some kind of spider/crab/squid kind of thing ik its missing the crab claws but I thought it was kinda similar due to karkinos having 3 legs aswell wich I find odd this thing does aswell considering squids have more arms then what spiders and crabs do other then that I am rlly excited for this one and the bladewasp and magma drake those guys will be on my hitless if tameable. : )
  7. i totaly agree and this thing kinda reminds me of a radar/jammer/scanner or something like this cause it has legs that look like it can hold it up inplace just my thoughts on this~ and looking forward to seeing more~! : )
  8. danlillis

    TLC pass 3

    i like ur ideas for these : )
  9. A small list of QOL ideas for ark ingeneral i contacted ark support and Ced on twitter idk if he has seen my messages or not cause no response however i do know he said something about not responding doesn't mean ur ingoreing i am only posting this here just for it to be here just incase and sorry if i am being bothersome i dont mean to be but these are the ideas i have for QOL changes SE saddles for SE creatures in extinction should be learnable hopefully more tlcs for creatures such as lymantria's cause the dossier says it can create silk but yet it doesn't and can't even interact with berry bushs ect: given it can't attack a command that u can type in if u have cheats enabled will be helpfull if the player has died and wants to retrive there inventory items just incase they arn't getable by any means would be rlly helpfull not just for myself cause of a certain situlation i am in right now but defintly for others or perhaps a machine kinda like steampunks chairchamber thing would be rlly helpfull Also maybe add in oviraptor spawns for SE and some other dinos that probably should of been in there like stegosaurus,allosaurus,dimetrodon aswell would be nice~ Cannons show the direction they will fire at directly when useing them can also be very helpfull with aiming at targets such as karkinos,building structures at the weakest spot and other concussion tames I forgot this but can the rest of the tek dinos be released?... like the tek giga,tek trike and tek mosa? that are skin items? i was hopeing doing the last of the extincition chronicles that they'd be released with the tek quetz but didn't happy since each update had one new tek released and explorer note with a colored creature event wich i did enjoy and im sure others did to. Remove Non-dedicated tether distance so players can be more free includeing for SP/non-dedicated tether for caves would be rather nice for those that want to cave and those that dont or want to do something else similar to like offical servers are like. the current list i saw on that google sheets looks rlly good and great job Ced for it ill probably update this when i have more ideas for now this is all i can think of thanks wildcard and gluck~! : )
  10. Curious to know what these quality of life things we are gonna be expecting along with whatever else there is to come.
  11. hmm the only thing i have to say is the work of art here is rlly rlly amazing the fanmade dossier is amazing for the amargosaurus quiet frankly i always wanted one in ark but amazing work as always~! : )
  12. i say its a v-raptor........ but glad we finally got more dino reveals comeing again missed this sorta a thing as for jen....... i wish u gluck wherever the herd takes u and yeah ur gonna be rlly missed here at wildcard~!
  13. yeah i think majority of these look cool however i think the thyla one i think is more sabertooth and less thyla...... but meh nice drawings noneoftheless~! : )
  14. i personaly loved the music in the events and mostly tameing all the pretty high lv dinos i see the costmetics i dont rlly care for but thats just me the christmass event brought in the presents wich was rlly fun to find and chase after raptor clause halloween has been scarey but i never encounter the dodorex despite it spawning in on the island i am actualy happy i didn't run in to it.
  15. I totaly agree with u more content is better old content can be touched up but not removed otherwise wildcard would remove a part of there heart/body in the games sense and no one would want that... but i do agree there is creature mods that could help with adding more creatures to the game but i myself dont want it to be the only way we can get new creatures in the game expanisons do that to but...... i am with loadedcrysis that i to feel sadish that wildcard doesn't add dinos like they did bk on facebook the early days i use to get soo exicted when they revealed something new to the game and now its just tied in with expanisons.... for the most part or mod stuff... and quiet frankly i dont like primal fear or ark eternal but thats just me i support them to being added for those that like them and use them but i wouldn't want them to be intergrated into the main game but more like primitive plus or something idk how they would be able to add them as there "own thing" but i'd want them to be like that maybe tie them down to a map or something idk so that way people that dont use them wont have to be forced to use them such as myself.
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