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  1. Well im very curious now will mondays patch actualy fix the save data failing to save issue along with the command failing to work?... i am fine with the center being pushed back infact i'd be totaly fine if gigantoraptor was pushed back along side it because the game rlly needs to be fixed other then adding more content and neglecting the issues at hand i think should have been a priorty perhaps it has been but still more needs to be done anyways About the osasisaur i am glad we will finally have a method to revive the fallen now finally since i believe mobile has always had that system at play if the game gets fixed and i can actualy play it with save issue fixed then ill use my money to get that dlc cause that thing will be worth it. : )
  2. i totaly agree and despite the fact in a recent update the "surposed" save data issue that has been plagueing players i myself is still dealing with said issue despite the patch notes surposely fixing it its not fixed but i will admit the issue has gotten better as in i ain't wasteing 30mins to a hours worth of work im just loseing alittle bit of work then what i should be regardless the issue is not intirely fixed and defintly needs to be fixed.
  3. Lia is adorables gonna be looking forward to tameing a bunch of them excited for when the mods will come still even if im lacking the storrage space for them currently XD
  4. totaly agreeable i've had these issues aswell so im not playing intill its fixed its funny cause Ase is more playable then Asa is and Ase has never had this kind of save data issue before
  5. i wonder how the save data ptb singleplayer gang is doing? with working on this issue.... and im also wondering if soon will we have more then surposely i guess 5Gb of mod storrage on console?cause im sure i ain't the only one getting the "not enough memory message" there is alot of mods that i like and wanna use but because of this i can't use and i can't even update the existing mods i already have thus... i can't play the game inless i delete some also its funny because u guys know how big maps can be and its just not feasible to download a map mod that is worth 2/3's of how much data u can use for mod storrage anyways i hope to hear about the save data issue soon and hopefully the game will actualy become playable at this rate will it take The center to come out for the game to be finally playable? i doubt it but perhaps beyond that im glad more content is being pushed for the game but can't even use the content if the game isn't even playable or if it lacks storrage to have fun with anyways thanks for the chrunch wildcard u guys take care and stay safe.
  6. lovely chrunch will be looking forward to when the mods come to Asa and thanks for ur awesome work ZCI i hope Ashgcy is haveing a wonderful vacation aswell.:3
  7. yeah still no talk about console... i was hopeing this chrunch would shed light on this but ofcourse nope...... yeah i like the other things explained and the new creature comeing to a another buy pack but like come on no mention again of Asa's Bug/glitchs particularly with the game not saveing and thus Not playable. >.> and there is absolutely no excuse for this still to be a thing for like a month now, and i get not everyone plays on xbox and others have mixed thoughts on how Asa is right now wether yes ofcourse for some the game works mostly flawless however for others the game is still messing up and still heavly flawed.
  8. Yeah another chrunch with literaly nothing talking about the "saveing data" or "crashing issues" being resolved and yet we are gonna talk about upcomeing content meanwhile we can't even enjoy the current content in the game...... thanks.
  9. sooo thanks giveing is ending on the 18th for console players but meanwhile we arn't rlly able to play the game for a week because of savedata issues and rollbacking so console players can play the game and enjoy thanksgiveing but at the cost of unpredict abilite in playing/saveing what they've done in said game thats nice i don't wanna sound ungreatful but u guys didn't even mention about bugs in this chrunch and also about the save data issue u guys are looking into, yeah winter wonderland looks like its gonna be new and nice but it does suck for console players to basicly miss out on thanksgiveng i just hope that when the time comes hopefully said issue will be fixed with the winter wonderland update also im glad there is finally a ark merchandise store.
  10. I agree was wondering when we'd get another sunken world scoop sad Ashgcy isn't back yet however hopefully they and ryu get back here anyways, loveing the creature artworks and animations and it felt like the wyrms are like "Seadramon is dat u? looking forward to when the map when that will be released and the creatures inspired for it i actualy tamed a Sea urchin awhile back on a friends save loved the sea urchin spines ado i did break them with a A+ hammer and got a good amount of resource with them also the concept are looking rlly good aswell and thanks for another epic chrunch sunkenworld team ❤️
  11. Im gonna be looking forward to this beautiful map comeing to Asa in the near future that and ill have another adventure to share with friends and fam thanks to the awesome sunken world team some of these concepts i've already seen but the rest that i haven't are rlly beyond beautiful ❤️ along with the flora that is to come. xD
  12. Omniden is one of my favorites thats for sure can't wait for ASA aswell cause then playing with mods with fam and friends no matter the system and its nice to know some mechanics that were scratched may make a return my brother is dieing for sunken leeds ado he feels the normal ark leeds should have a submarine saddle aswell and tbh he's not wrong however i tryed pointing out to him that not everything that is aquatic should get a submarine saddle cause it would ruin the point to differentiate between creatures and usage then he brought up about how cause i read to him this sunken scoop he brought up "omnidens can't grab alpha megalodons" im like..... its a alpha not ment to be tamed XD... lol
  13. hmm this makes me wonder if the barrier will be removed hopefully? for asa? given u guys are improveing on render distance that is one thing i'd like removed so people not hosting on a server and joining someone elses will have the freedom to go about anywheres... other then this,lovely chrunch and shasta dossier!
  14. sooo ima take a guess that we will be getting a "alpha Omnidens"? wink wink nudge nudge X'D also i like the looks of our new friends Nitz and snappin u guys are awesome!
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