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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Finally got a good chunk of time into Valg. Started off breeding the allos to an acceptable mating pair, thanks to my neighbour's AC's. Spent awhile raising some breeders and turned the good stat rejects into imprinted (best i could do with no kibble) pack Allos. Finally got the chance to clear the major overspawn of Brontos, Stegos and Trikes around, getting levels on my pack allos in the process. 

Finally set up, two imprinted partly leveled Allos, bunch of extra taming mats, premade trap and bed hut in inventories I ventured off into White Cliffs in search of 3 things; Crystal / Obsidian, high level Deino eggs and some nice tames. Got lucky off the bat raiding nests going up. 145 egg. Saw a 145 red / grey allo up there, tried to tame it but it died. Damn primitive gear.

After a long while exploring i reached the level the crystal and the two lakes are on. Found my friend's base in an awesome spot i was going to build before, then scouted out a few base spots up further. Got a few drops, got lucky. Premade jm chainsaw, mc whip bp, app whip bp and a few other goodies. Loaded up on Crystal, explored more before heading down. 

I ended up on the other side near the lake and found a real nice spot we might build our main base. I was up top in white cliffs for over 4 hours exploring, farming and scouting, took a short break and Saltire logged in. As i was heading back to base I saw a 168 blue tek rex! I had 45 arrows on me so I attempted to solo tranq it.. xbow broke and ran out of arrows shortly after. I met Saltire back at the base and we restocked to go take it out. Took forever to KO it but we finally did and spike walled it just incase. We went for a small trip up to the crystal spot, loaded up again and came back down. By then the rex was tamed, I loaded it up onto our raft then ran home via white cliffs. Got another 145 dei egg on the way and then logged

Today if i get on later ill be starting to farm for the new base. Going to think.of some designs. Im thinking some sort of town-esque style build since we will still be no fliers even when transfers open. We will see how the build turns out!

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Finished the store room in the Fort I'm rebuilding on Valguero. Spent some time hunting for Deino eggs, 79 being the highest. Not sure why I can't find any decent eggs, so many 8s and 13s. 

Then just went exploring, found the base of the other person who has joined my server and left them a box with some goodies to welcome them in. 

More exploring on the Argy, found, fought and killed an alpha rex for the xp. That was a slog on my bird, doesn't have great melee

Eventually scooped up an event parasaur and anky, dropped them in my Fort and knocked them out to tame. Didn't need the para but was a cool colour. 

Then started incubating the Deino eggs but had to come off before they hatched. 

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Argh, I got attached to one. Ptaylor was a level 217 Ptera who regrettably veered too close into foreign airspace and was intercepted by an Argent.

High tension debates followed the incident, but military response was averted by last second diplomacy.

My faithful Diplos, Bernard, Manny and Fran, are some comfort though I fear I shall be inconsolable for the rest of the day.

Farewell Ptaylor, we shall not see your like again.

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I just learnt a new server setting in my Single Player, which is DinoCountMultiplier=1, and it's super awesome, I believe this was how Ark was back in the days, everywhere is crowded with dinoes, and I only currently use 1.5 because I read some guy always had his Ark server crashed because he set it too high. I'm going to try 2.0 and make it my new default. :D i don't want above that because it would be too much, but it's really cool everywhere there are dinoes fighting.


I wonder how the wyvern trench in Ragnarok will look like with this setting, must be more scarier with lots of wyvern swarming the place ...

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On Valguero server

Day 1 of the mission - I had never tamed one of those horse-apes (AKA: Chalicotheriums) before, so I figured I'd give it a shot for a change of pace. First thing on the list, I needed to brew some beer, so I enlisted the help of Dodo Mike. He's actually a dodo and a whiz at home brewing. Perhaps you've tried one of his Pale Beak Ales or his latest Pro-Hop-Todon before? Anyway, I crafted the barrels and jars while he gathered the berries, thatch, malt, hops, etc. We had two barrels going by the end of the day.

Day 2 (Noon) - There was enough for two cases of beer when we checked, so we figured we'd down a couple to check them out.

Day 3 (Morning) - Soooo hungover... I look in a nearby mirror and see a kitty clown face painted on my face. Yah, Dodo Mike and I are not beyond pranking each other should one pass out early. "Nice one, Mike."

"Serves you right for passing out first, you *Beep!*" he says before laughing.

"Well, I also woke up first, so you might want to check a mirror yourself," I reply with a chuckle.

Four seconds later, "Auuuuughh! You *Beepin* *Beeeep!*"

The scissors were right by me when I woke up earlier, so I gave Mike one of those Lion cuts that people do for their dogs.

Day 3 (Mid-afternoon) - We start making more beer.

Day 4 (Morning) - "There's a little over a case ready," Mike informs me. "Want to have a few?"

"No thanks, Simba," I shoot back.

"*Beep* off," Mike replies.

Day 4 (Afternoon) - We've got our ghillie suits on (Mike looks like a shrubbery), Vash is loaded up with supplies, and we're off to the Great White North. Thirty minutes later, we soar over a male and female Chalicotherium, both high level, and right by each other. Of course, they're being attacked by wolves. Vash lands heavily and snaps up one of the wolves in his jaws, before tossing its limp form off to the side and going after another. Meanwhile, I hop off, draw my railgun, and begin firing.

Mike helps by hurling insults at the attackers. "Hey, you mangy little poodle *Beeps!* Get lost!"

We take care of the wolves, and I pass out a beer to both Chalis. Vash is keeping a watchful eye for predators, while what appears to be a small bush is drinking a beer and lounging in his saddle. Pausing between sips, the bush opines, "Man, it is *Beepin!* cold out here, and this salad-suit ain't helping."

"Well, you can take yours off if you want, but I need mine so I don't aggro the Chalis."

What seems like an hour later, the teetotalling horse-apes still haven't accepted a second beer, and Mike is done with his fifth. Kind of funny to see a bush pee on another bush, though, when he hops off Vash to go relieve himself.

Unfortunately, the Chalis have wandered farther from each other over time. So when I go to check on the male, he's being attacked by more wolves. Argh! I fight those off, using railgun and tek sword, come back, and wolves are attacking the female now. ARGH! My wyvern and I dispatch those, relatively quickly, but the Chalis HPs are getting kind of low. Speaking of which, I head back by the male, and see him go down amidst another pack of wolves. Jeepers! I start looking around for a tour bus full of wolves, cause this is crazy. Returning to the female and my cohorts, she finally accepts another beer. A short while later, believe it or not, more wolves show up. ARGH!!!

After they've been handled, Vash says, "You know, I can carry one of these back to base where it will be safer to tame if you want."

Mike and I look at each other with stupid expressions on our faces, until he lets out a loud burp, and we both lose it. 

So anyway, Vash flies us and the Chali back toward base on one of the starter islands. We drop her off on one side of the island and go land on the other, before taming starts again. She tames up, and we end up taming two others the same way. There is a friendly fire incident, though, during this time.

Someone has a small wood base on the island with a tek para and ptera parked outside. One Chali gets too close, aggros on the para, and the *Beep* hits the fan. Both the parasaur and pteranodon are attacking the Chali. Somehow, a nearby bronto gets aggro'd, and I watch in horror as damage numbers pop off the base as it swings its tail. I run back, hop on Vash, and we launch into the sky, while Mike is holding on for dear life and trying not to spill his beer at the same time. We go in to pick up the Chali and end up grabbing the para. I swear I start hearing the Benny Hill chase music in the background about now. 

I eventually get the Chali out of there, while the para and ptera are in hot pursuit. Luckily, the bronto calms down at least. The para loses interest when it gets to the beach, and the angry ptera just disappears at one point. Blah! So I move the para back by the wooden base, and figure I owe the owner mats and a new ptera if they log back in. 

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Spent most of the night farming, crafting building pieces and killing tek dinos between runs to gather electronics. Its been slow going without a beaver but weve managed. Have been putting off the big jump to the new place for a few days and most of last night until late at night I decided eff it! Im going to start it.

Boated over the materials and ran my allos over the white cliffs looking for more eggs, another 145 and 140 which i hatched later on. When I arrived I set up the first wall, this one only had a behemoth gate and the rest were large walls. The second way larger wall i needed to do was too uneven so after messing around with some funky fence foundation set ups, even with fence supports wasnt happy with it so I made it 30 dino gates instead with two behemoth gates along it.

After I set the walls up I watched quite a few videos looking for inspiration and settled on this crafting building design that i worked my basis off. Set down the foundations, most of the walls and ceilings and ran out. Did a few runs but it was a lot I had to farm still. Instead of just logging off I went for a run on my Dein to near green obelisk. I wanted to collect some mushrooms and plant x seeds to get a Procoptodon for easier material transport. Got a bunch of mushrooms and seeds, went back to base and along the way stumbled upon the beaver dams! Score. Loaded up on paste, made a spawn shack there and on a whim lured a beaver to base. 

Got it knocked out and then it was server reset. After reboot it rolled back to before I set out to grab mushrooms and I went to bed anyways. Good night all in all. Loads of crafting and base progress.

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On 7/26/2019 at 4:22 PM, chris282 said:

Went back for my stash this morning and figured I had enough time to make a quick metal run before I took off. I've been operating out of a safe house that used to be a staging point for an expedition to the North so it's pretty well tucked away, but metal has always been a problem.

I set off on my raft with a couple of Dilos (Dredd and Anderson), and almost immediately got capsized by a Leedsichthys. I swear I was being careful, this dude was practically sunbathing. We escaped to shore and proceeded on foot. Upon reaching the edge of the mountain we were set upon by a pair of raiders, who we fought off valiantly.

In retrospect there is a slim possibility that they may not have been raiders, but I distinctly remember feeling like they were going to attack before we murdered them and ate their corpses.

We returned to the safe house to find an Allosaurus fighting a Diplo, and once we'd dealt with them we saw that the safe house had been raided.

"Ack!" said Dredd, who enjoys a Cathy cartoon, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

On the bright side, we'd come back with enough metal to fix up our gear and haul ass sharpish. This time we were moving west, following the sun to a location I hoped would be more secure and better placed for resources. I started the journey in high spirits, with a six dino team and brightly polished new armour.


The Megacity Justice Crew Go West!: (L-R) Giant, me, Beeny, Anderson, Dredd, Hershey and Lopez.

An hour later the Megacity Justice Crew were dead and I was stumbling through an icy stream in tattered leathers, maybe five shots left in my busted up rifle. Things looked pretty bleak there for a minute, I don't mind saying, but Ol' Chris kept his head and pulled through the night. I'm writing this from a newly erected stone base at an undisclosed location which, if my luck continues, will be burnt to the ground by sunrise.


"ACK" is right!  LOL.  100 Element awarded to you for the obscure Cathy reference.  I wonder how many people actually understood that one?

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On 7/27/2019 at 11:48 AM, IvyOfARK said:

This morning I saw my first wild Giga on the island. She started at the top of Giga mountain, then ran down to tussle with every creature she could get her jaws on. She destroyed an argie in one bite ? and she's only level 4, too! 

I went to the top where she spawned and found an egg from her. It weighs a fair bit, but it's a super cool prize to take home. 

I've been amassing narcotics, arrows, and courage to take on a Giga. I'm going to head back to my base and keep doing that, then start working on behemoth gates for the trap because I'm too cheap for metal. 

Anyone know the damage that a lvl 4 wild giga can do to those gates? ?

You only need Steel dino gates to trap a giga. Saves you some of the grind for materials.

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PS4 -Unofficial Cluster


I really only got to play a bit on Friday evening and then for most of Sunday.  My vertigo from 2 years ago returned last week, so it slowed down my pace of play as it gets hard to focus.  Friday I finally was able to get into the Dr. for a vertigo treatment,  and by Sunday afternoon was feeling better. Still not 100%, but certainly better than last week.


Friday I did very little, except grind to make hard poly.  One of the admins on the cluster is having a mystery box event on Sunday afternoon, and it costs 10k hard poly per box. The drops are boosted on this server, so you can use a lot of that loot to grind/demolish into poly.  But I also made plenty the old fashioned way.


Sunday I finally made it up to 30k poly.  I selected three boxes.  2 from the "Dinos" category, and 1 from the "Random" category. They also had BPs, Gear, and structures categories.


Max level wild dinos are 420 on this server.  With the first Dino box, I got a unleveled 630 Rock Golem! With the 2nd Dino box, I got a breeding pair of unleveled 630 Deinys !

With my "Random" box, I got an Abberrant unleveled 630 Ape, as well as a ASC Mana saddle BP (which I had been looking for)

All in all, I was very happy with what I got.  I don't think I will use the ape for much, so I intentionally leveled it up in stamina and speed, so I can just run around the map on his back for fun.   The Rock Golem I will try using for Drops and element veins on Extinction, in conjunction with my Gigas and Thylas.  (Still working on my Quetz babies)

For the rest of Sunday, I jumped between the maps. I managed to finally get a breeding pair of the all Pink Owl, so that is good.  Still working on all CYAN, all Mint, and all Light Blue.  I need 1 zone for all of those to complete them.

I also tamed up a bunch of wild owls (about 12) to add to my clean breeders to try for more color mutations.

The all orange owl is still made up of two types of orange. so not totally satisfied with that yet.

On the Extinction map (my main OWL base) I built a secured hatchery, to help with keeping my eggs safe from the d-bag thief.


Tonight I will breeding up some event colored Bulbdogs for a person on the cluster who lost everything due to Decay.  Their daughter was unexpectedly in the hospital for 2 weeks, and they (understandably) forgot to log onto ARK.  So their base and dinos all but decayed.  (The admins prefer people don't build in TEk, due to the lag.)

They also lost some Summer bash snow owls, so I am going to look thru my wild tamed event owls and pick out a few that I no longer need. (mostly the bright red and bright blue zoned ones.)  I want to keep the dark blue and brick red ones, as I still will be making all one color versions of those.


My only other plans for tonight, are to continue breeding my 630 Deiny pair for an egg stock pile, and continue imprinting my latest giga baby. She is up to 75% now.



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PS4 - unofficial cluster


As planned, I bred up some summer bash colored Bulbdogs for someone on the server.  I also found 4 summer bash colored Owls that I can give to them as well.

I spent the rest of the evening breeding my owls hoping to get more color mutations. I got a couple stat mutations, and got an orange chest mutation, which I sadly already have, but better than nothing.

I friend gifted me a yellow and red high level Tapa, and I bred it to my low level but cool event colored tapa.  I got twins with the high level's stats, and a good mix of the colors.

I finished 100% imprinting on a blue female giga, and bred her to my partially blue male. hopefully they with stack to give me an all blue.

I croyo'd about 40 pink or yellow owls I had used in breeding ,since I now have a breeding pair of all Pink as well as all Yellow.  They are positioned on the deck next to the base, right along side the all Red pair, the all Blue pair and the all Neon Green pair. 

I bred up the high level Deinys and got another batch of eggs.


I need to do an element vein on Extinction, as I need more Element. Maybe tonight I will hatch and imprint one of my Tek Quetz eggs. Otherwise, probably take a few gigas, thylas and deinys out to do element vein.

Also need to get back on Valguerro, and continue exploring the map.

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Started the evening off crafting some stone structures to finish my base. Half way through got distracted and went on a run on some allos (scouting for a roo) then jumped over to my old base to make a few rex saddles and transport my Tek rex back to my new base. He had good weight so i used him to transport some metal I had at my place, brought my 2 breeder allos along too.

Finished the holes in my base, didnt add a roof to my other side because I wanted somewhere safe to store my deino, figure the 7x7 upper area was a good spot. Went out to look for another Roo and happened across a 150 allo. Had my pen near so I kited it in, knocked it out. Fought off raptors the whole time, the downside of being no fliers.

Once it tamed up (with some nice hp) I started breeding it with my current allos to try and get a breeding partner. Slow process and didnt get any breeders to use, imprinted a few for throwaways then went once again to look for a Roo. Ive been killing the local wild life trying to force a hlvl to spawn. For days ive been seeing 145/150 roos all over and of course when I finally have the mushrooms to tame it I cant find one over 90 lol. *Finally* managed to find a 135 and knock it out. After it tamed up I was back at my base adding some boxes, crafting stations and all that, Im not happy with the boring boxed base I made so next time I get on im going to add some depth to the inside. 

Still slow going. Everyone else is almost at Tek level and here we are just barely scraping together metal and materials to make mid tier items haha.. shows how much fliers have simplified ARK. Im enjoying myself so thats all that matters, right? 


Next order of buisness is to get a mating Roo and a thyla. My buddy stopped by and dropped me an egg from his 2x 150 rexs so ive got a 50% imprinted rex to play with and bring to redwoods now.

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My consciousness slowly rises toward the surface, spiraling through a field of broken glass as it goes. Sooooo hungover.... The last thing I remember was playing poker with the new Chalicotheriums and Dodo Mike. Ugh! Before I dare open my eyes, the light passing through my eyelids flares into a sun-like brilliance. 

I hear Dodo Mike groan from somewhere nearby. "I swear on my Mc Nuggets, if that's your goat, I'm going to turn him into foie gras."

I lift my head up a little and peel open my eyes, before blinking them against the blinding light. Before I close them again, I notice some tiny hooves below soft brown fur. "Yep, it's Tidbit, and I'm pretty sure foie gras is part of a duck or something."

"Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. 

"Fine, I'll turn him into goat gras then," Mike mutters.

"Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. He's not the brightest (Pardon the pun) lantern goat, but he catches on soon enough and the light starts fading.

A couple of minutes later, Mike and I are both up and on unsteady feet, admiring the passed out Chalis. "Lion haircuts, eh?" 

"Yah," Mike begins, "I figured I'd pass it along. Consider it like hazing or something."

"Nice job," I say while checking myself out in the nearby mirror. There's nothing amiss, so I ask, "I'm guessing you passed out before me?"

"I have no *Beeping* clue," he responds.

"Baaaah," Tidbit agrees before shaking his head in a tiny little sneeze, his orange horns tracing lines through the air like sparklers. 

Mike rolls his eyes. "Anyway, I think we're outta beer, so I'm going to brew some up. Whadda you gonna do?"

"I think Tidbit and I will head out and tame some brontos. It's been forever since I had brontos."

"Well, have fun. And remember, with giant brontos comes the giant responsibility of cleaning up giant bronto *Beep*. I'll see about making YOU a sturdy shovel."

"Thanks, buddy," I say, ending with a smile.

"Baaaah," Tidbit agrees.

So Tidbit and I head out to peruse the brontos that are just across the water from us. He's enjoying the wind on his face, as my tek jetpack flies us over there, and then we land on the muddy shore. A minute later, we're by someone's Steampunk base when I notice a max-level female brontosaurus nearby and start pulling my tranq rifle out. 

"BAH!" Tidbit bleats. 

When I turn my head a little, I see him glaring at me through narrowed eyes. "Yes. Of course, I'm going to be careful this time when taming around someone's base." 

He gives me an I'll believe it when I see it type look, then goes back to scanning our surroundings.

Not too long afterward, Tidbit and I are standing on top of a prone bronto that is being kibble tamed. "See?" I say.

"Baaah!" Tidbit happily agrees.

A few seconds pass before I start wondering why I'm explaining myself to a goat. Anyway, Chelsea the bronto tames up, disappears into her soul sphere, and we're out looking for our next bronto. It takes awhile, but we find a max level male on top of a hill near the water. I'm hovering with my jet-pack and shooting tranqs at the behemoth. Everything is going fine, until . . . he starts running. Right off the side of the hill he goes, landing on a narrow strip of land by the water. He's almost out before he plunges into the water to get away. I hold off shooting, and he eventually starts heading toward shore.  When it looks like he's back on shore, I shoot another tranq as a little lag spike hits. The bronto moonwalks back into the water and goes out cold. 

Tidbit gives a mournful, "Baaah."

The bronto is definitely drowning, so I hold off putting kibble on him. I'm hoping that between his oxygen and HPs he'll last long enough to starve tame. But then the oxygen runs out, and his health plummets. So, it's onto our next bronto. He had forty-one points into weight, though, so I has a sad. 

Our next bronto, another max-level male with average stats (Sigh), tames up without incident. We head back to base, where the Chalis and Mike are brewing beer, and decide on our next step. Time to breed us up a super bronto!

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About to continue my Single Player but it crashed again and again, when I check the save file, I am sure it's corrupted because the latest backup is 91mb while my current save is only 52mb. I usually have backup but what a bad luck, yesterday my PC got BSOD when I winrar'ed the saved directory, how I usually backup my save is delete the current saved.rar then right click saved dir then rar it. I think I should have multiple manual backup files now that this happened or use save mod. 


It's weird though I paused the game using ESC before backing up, so the original save game should be intact and the game won't accidentally save. The backup is dated 12hours before the crash, and I played all day long so I lose 12h of work. Now I'm trying to recover my previous saved.rar using recovery software, it's fat chance because I use the same name everytime I do backup, but trying it anyway.

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RIP Lemmy the Sabertooth. I searched half the mountain  before I found you, and fought off a Rex as you slept. You were my hope of a better tomorrow, the wind beneath my wings, my one true love and companion for the time we were together.

You died because I thought a level 5 Alpha Raptor was just a level 5 Raptor and was letting you get on with it. My bad.


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48 minutes ago, chris282 said:

RIP Lemmy the Sabertooth. I searched half the mountain  before I found you, and fought off a Rex as you slept. You were my hope of a better tomorrow, the wind beneath my wings, my one true love and companion for the time we were together.

You died because I thought a level 5 Alpha Raptor was just a level 5 Raptor and was letting you get on with it. My bad.


Poor Lemmy.  He died doing what he loved, fighting alongside a gaming idiot.    (lol, just kidding)

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