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  1. I thought as much, it will be then on the same day as the event starts for me. I was hoping to see it before the weekend
  2. When do you think they will release the trailer?
  3. oh yes it would be cool if we can taxidermy the Dodo Rex!
  4. Is Extinction not a official map then? Just asking out if interest
  5. I think a thing also too look at we have 2 extra maps as well (valg and ext) this time, so there has to be some changes.
  6. This is the first Fear Evolved I will be playing, I am hoping for some colors: Dark purple Lime Green or Dark green. I also hoping that the skeleton Jerboa can be tamed and that wyvern eggs that get hatched is skeleton ones! As I am not sure how the previous ones worked
  7. I was not playing yet before the previous events, does the wyvern eggs hatch as skeletons then?
  8. Pc Bug OR Pc Abuse? So I have a bit of a strange one, I had a kangroo Baby ( Procoptodon) I was raising it was sitting in the the pouch of the Mom. A tribe mate needed help so i went out of the base I was not 5 Min out when we got notifications that Level 20 Wild Corrupted Giga killed it ( tribe log also shows the same). We first thought someone teleported the giga via our teleporter,but: 1. It was in the pouch of the mommy Kangroo and she was still alive 2. All our dino's was untouched not one of them moved a inch 3. all our babies are on the second floor in the middle of the base and I had few other babies out I also flew around to check if we could find any sign of a giga as we live in the sunken forest on a cliff. So I am not sure if it was a bug or someone really teleported corrupted on us. Has this happened to someone as well?
  9. Well then then he/she can go play that then I have never played primitive plus but then again I like all the new looking dinos and my tek
  10. I really don't understand why people complain about this this game is not called Accurate Dinosaur evolved. This is ark that is a si-fi game that has dinos in it if it was supposed to be just about dinos, then the Tek we all enjoy should be taken away oh the guns too..
  11. Had a bad day in ark, we have been using ally Val server to get milk for our wyverns. I was inside the base when the server crashed. after 10 min finally got back in and i was apparently killed(even though I was INSIDE the base) my body no where to be found and i was suddenly also kicked out of the tribe. After relog my tribe status/issue was resolved, but my gear and shot gun was lost... Still grieving for my shot gun... Anyways we went back home to our main base on ext then started raise some babies as I traded for a black and red Tape.. love it!
  12. A lot of us are hoping for a Halloween event it seems like the dodorex was a big hit. I would like to tame a skeleton jerboa Would like to see some nice colors too like: Purple Golden Blue (not the summer bash blue) Light Pink ( not magenta) Bright Green.
  13. I was hoping to have some think of date for genesis this now been dragging for a bit now all the ""maybe events"" .
  14. You cant destroy other peoples bases in PVE.
  15. They have announced it in one of the news letters but no set date has been announced
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