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  1. Agreed if we wanted to build bases that is meant to be raided we would move to PVP....
  2. I have had triplet Gancha's and Rexes before and lots of twins to may to list haha.
  3. It can be that your char duplicated it happened to me few weeks ago i normally transfer from island and ext. but for some reason i couldn't suddenly transfer, when i logged on to island found that my char was also there in reality it should have only been on ext as I was trying to get back to island.
  4. exploit verb [ T ] (USE UNFAIRLY) To use someone or something unfairly for your own advantage: to exploit or use nefariously aspects or the game for personal gain, Abuse or misuse aspects or a mechanic use to enhance the unfriendliness of the game
  5. The thing is there is an out cry currently in the community regarding this exploit, and if no one posted regarding it no one would know what is going on. But the fact that there has been few topics now regarding this might be worth looking into it and make some changes to system at the end of the day the game is made out by its players.
  6. Our Server Alliance has been disbanded due to this , because of people declaring war.
  7. Yes because transfers in with gear dinos ect. is currently disabled for val until Oct. so try to transfer without anything on you (includes gear) then you should be able to go back to val
  8. you got arked haha, I tamed a dino once and then got attacked by wild dino my tribe mate came to help and he killed my tame and the wild one ran off.
  9. My breakup as longer then this newsletter
  10. I have 840 hours played sins april
  11. Auto decay it does suck, but if it wasn't there all the people that quit they bases will stay and now space will be freed up.
  12. Was really hoping for some hints on the announcement
  13. yes render seems to big thing with the babies i got mine to 5% sovar i had triplets but only raising one baby at a time. I found keeping the owl around to heal does work for me
  14. I love the ankie and otter. Recently got male otter will start breeding them soon. The Jerboa is also cute when you level them they roll on their back.
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