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  1. Yes i play on a official PVE server my tribe mates also tried with no success
  2. I tried this morning to cryo my wyverns and it still did not work
  3. Genesis - Event Colors I dont know if its on all genesis servers but there is hardly easter colored dinos on our server? is anyone experiencing the same ?
  4. I wish they would look at the loot boxes the stuff you get is terrible, i bought a red one best I got out of it was 98 Metal ingots. Not to mention the 10 tek replicators we already have.
  5. To have in game currency called Hexagons. So last week ark tweeted to check out there wiki page to refresh on what we know what we will get on genesis more or less.... SO today i was stalking the wiki page and saw the above : To have in game currency called Hexagons. My question is do you think its true or false and if its true what would in game currency be used for ?
  6. Truth be told I will be using an Alt char to go to genesis I don't want to risk my main char that has all the imprinted dinos are on, with a new expansion. Because something can go wrong the game has its faults I still love it even with its imperfections. But I would like if we all had to start with new char it puts people on the same ground level playing field ( meaning all of us has to start in thatch and move up), but i like all the fancy engrams too haha
  7. VAL wyvern eggs are a problem, i have given up on getting them from VAL all their wyverns are bugged.
  8. I think this poster will answer your question why its not working yet....
  9. It happened this to us today we rasied a male rex to be breeder we unpodded it today.........pooffff now female
  10. our extinction server is the same we did a server report yesterday we get disconnected about 10 to 15 times in a hour. While doing drops all you can hope is to get to wave 5 (on a red) , because when you disconnect its gone when you log in all that work for bit of meat and poly and no loot.
  11. One of my tribe mates has been having the same issue for the last 2 weeks. We have tried everything to help him no solution yet. Are you in EU ?
  12. yes we are still busy at least we closed up the holes but not done yet
  13. I traveled from extinction to center as we are building base there, i had 100 tek walls on me 7 cryofridges and 10 troughs and naturally my cyan and magenta Giga. I spawned in dropped all the stuff in Vaults, start building......The server crashes wait 15 to 20 min for server to get back up. I log back in server rolled back i am back at the spawning screen all my gear structures and giga gone....
  14. Name changing might become a problem - for example person is going against the code of conduct you report him person changes steam name and ark name how would you track him? the same person does the same thing to you because they changed their name every time they grief you wont know if its a different player or not
  15. I was afraid this is going to happen with the update, that our bases will be destroyed by the anti meshing system if when they implemented it they considered how we sometimes build our bases for example: Our terrain is not flat so we cannot place foundations in a square to build bases of your base so we have adapted to pillars and ceilings but most of the time we have to snap few pillars in order to pick up as having a foundation under the ceiling, and if the bottom pillar snaps below the ground does it now consider it as meshing now even if we do not intend to mesh but just build a floor for our base. I am not sure if this is what happened to you nor have a logged into ark to see if my bases is fine but i am sure i will see the same with mine.
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