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  1. Should we perhaps consider that its not showing the Epic players? so they have same servers for steam players and Epic hence we have such over populated servers
  2. to be honest that is what is the most frustrating at moment is you don't know when your able to get in cause the natural flow of letting players in is not happening and you sitting 4+ hours clicking the join button. They are fixing server crashes but the login trouble is not given attention too. More servers would be helpful but that wont solve the current problem of login.
  3. It really seems like they lowered the server cap to 60 people and you cant join as someone leaves, we could see in my partners pc he was lucky enough to get into the gen 2 server that there was only certain times that the server let batches of people in
  4. Can someone please explain this ???? Been 4 Hours and still cant connect. Do we have ghost player?
  5. I really hope that there wont be boarders between bioms on Gen 2 like on Gen 1. It made the map feel very small and limited for me.
  6. I wish they would look at the loot boxes the stuff you get is terrible, i bought a red one best I got out of it was 98 Metal ingots. Not to mention the 10 tek replicators we already have.
  7. our extinction server is the same we did a server report yesterday we get disconnected about 10 to 15 times in a hour. While doing drops all you can hope is to get to wave 5 (on a red) , because when you disconnect its gone when you log in all that work for bit of meat and poly and no loot.
  8. Name changing might become a problem - for example person is going against the code of conduct you report him person changes steam name and ark name how would you track him? the same person does the same thing to you because they changed their name every time they grief you wont know if its a different player or not
  9. DAY 10 of Baby Raising. My quetz found it acceptable for me to pod it and unpod it to classify it as walking. Then it was back to base maintenance I am currently putting up plant species up our base due to recent activity on our server. We already have turrets and Velo's around as well. Anyways we are starting our new batch of babies tonight what will be Rexes and Mana's hopefully I will have my quetzes done by the weekend.
  10. We are all waiting for some kind of info on what this event will hold or what time it is starting today or what time we will get any more information
  11. Rather disappointing that we didn't get any info on the event. I was really excited to something about fear of the event ( as some of us are already in Tuesday..haha) Anyone have an idea what time the event begins ?
  12. I was not playing yet before the previous events, does the wyvern eggs hatch as skeletons then?
  13. Had a bad day in ark, we have been using ally Val server to get milk for our wyverns. I was inside the base when the server crashed. after 10 min finally got back in and i was apparently killed(even though I was INSIDE the base) my body no where to be found and i was suddenly also kicked out of the tribe. After relog my tribe status/issue was resolved, but my gear and shot gun was lost... Still grieving for my shot gun... Anyways we went back home to our main base on ext then started raise some babies as I traded for a black and red Tape.. love it!
  14. I was hoping to have some think of date for genesis this now been dragging for a bit now all the ""maybe events"" .
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