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  1. How about instead of making Tek turrets able to fire through the terrain as well as firing normally, they make a kind of turret that only shoots through the mesh.
  2. I bred dire bears a long time ago, and I had several mutations on them before a color showed up. Literally the next one after that had another color mut. Hideous though. It had a bright purple top and a neon yellow body. I killed it instead of having to look at it.
  3. I know tons of people who’d love to participate in this. It’d be great if we could get a date, time and other information. If I’m too late, I’m sorry to have missed out. I’m very sorry for our loss.
  4. It’s a lot of work, but those stats minimize the losses.
  5. You’re right those stats are overkill, but if you have those stats then you don’t have to worry about losing rexes.
  6. If possible 20-25k health and 650-900 melee. I know it takes a lot of work but hang in there.
  7. I would focus on continuing the breeding of the Rexs. They need to be a lot more powerful if you are using primitive saddles.
  8. I don’t usually post on here, but I just have to say goodbye @Dink. You were one of the reasons I continued to come back to ark. You will be missed, and I wish you the best.
  9. Dude host wait until you poop and then eat it. It instantly kills you.
  10. The only time I have this problem is when I just start up the game. It’s just because the weapon hasn’t fully loaded in yet. It should go away in a few seconds. If it stays there, then I have no idea.
  11. The only time rocks and trees don’t load for me is when my graphics settings are trash. When you change them in options, make sure to hit apply. I doubt that’s your problem but it’s worth a try.
  12. I don’t think this changes anything, but try just setting them on aggressive. The Dino will still go after Dinos, but won’t wander. That way if the Dino leash deactivates, at least your Dinos won’t go as far as they would normally.
  13. Yeah. Basically each one was on its own leash set to maximum range. It was very effective.
  14. Hide Gathering So I’ve heard about people leaving doeds on wander and come Ming back to them to get the stone that the doeds gather. I do something similar to this, but with Allos. I put them on aggressive and leave the area. Whenever I need hide I just go back and take it from them. It’s extremely useful.
  15. Either find an unofficial server with no decay timer, or play on single player. Official is only for people who can play pretty much every day or two.
  16. Yesterday I set up my base on SE and went out to tame a parasaur and carno. The admin gave me some turrets to defend by base against the wild Dinos.
  17. I started fresh on a 3x SE server. Very rough start. Got killed by a max level raptor (lvl 450). Avoided it and got to the Green Ob safely. Set down four thatch foundations before getting grabbed by a kapro, which carried me into the sandy desert area, where I got killed by two scorpions. Then I logged off.
  18. Time it takes to prepare for a boss fight So I was talking with my brother, and I was wondering how many hours it takes to prepare for a boss fight on official rates. This includes taming, breeding, grinding for loot drops and materials.
  19. Raiding Tek bases So there are a couple of Tek bases on my pvp server and I want to raid them. What’s the best way to do that?
  20. So today I decided to tame the much needed Rex and Argie. Since I was too lazy to gather the resources and build a trap, I mindwiped and put my points into stam and speed. I then put everything but my 600% damage longneck and tranq darts into my storage boxes and flew to Lava Island (The Center). I ended up taming an 840 and an 870 Rex, and an 890 Argie. Max level on the server is 900. I made an insane shot when the Argie started to fly away. It was almost out of render and I took a random shot, thinking it to be a lost cause. I hit it and got a perfect tame.
  21. He’s complaining about pillar spam on Official PvE. Dude just find an unofficial server with official rates and have fun.
  22. I’d have to say a 1058 armor asc flak leggings.
  23. Wyvern Stamina Do wyverns lose stamina while unridden and attacking in the air? I could save so many levels knowing that I didn’t need to pump stamina.
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