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  1. Said the one repeating answers for different subjects, perfect circles ! I don't care about your vote, it's 0.00002 cent on top of 2 cents.
  2. You're making up a fake one yourself, saying total control is what makes a game perfect, yet when presented one at the very very core of it, you don't want it. Not actually what they want, it's what's available and they take it, because if you ask them, I bet they would also complain and make suggestions. Ultimate perfect game deserves ultimate price. I strongly disagree because you are NOT Wildcard or their representative, but it's true that they will not do every single suggestion posted on this forum, mine included. There is still a chance they're going to s
  3. Ok, not weird, it's silly. Why would I want what you want ? Why official server exists and why people play on there ? they don't have custom control of the experience to turn it into 100 different multiplayer games, they can't play whatever version of Ark they want, it's NOT ultimate, yet they play on it. Why would they make more DLC, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, etc ? Why not sell the game $300 since EA, it's going to be an ultimate game. Your whole post is the silly one, you conclude that total control is what makes a single player perfect so I'm g
  4. You have a weird definition of a perfect single player experience, complete control You should play Unreal Engine, totally complete control....from scratch. Can't be more complete control than THAT.
  5. SINGLE PLAYER DLC Please after done with Gen Two, consider making a single player DLC, a tailored and customized stuffs for better Single Player experience, balanced EVERYTHING for SINGLE PLAYER. Complete with manual save, ingame dododex, ingame better spyglass that can see how many times a dino is leveled both wild and tamed, etc, that should be provided ingame, not by a 3rd party app just saying. Also make every map connected better for Single Player, so tedious using the obelisk especially Aberration. Playing online especially official server is too problematic, too much
  6. Why Official Server is so problematic, and why tamed dinoes AI so stupid now did they make changes ? I was about to farm raw meat using my carno, then a lv 45 baryonyx attacked me, I got knocked off mount, ok my carno was on NEUTRAL, but why the heck it iwas just standing there like an idiot doing absolutely nothing being a sandbag , devs maybe have to check the dino AI, its so stupid nowadays dunno what's changed. Then I brought my mega to save my Carno, when a dino hit the back of a mounted dino, or is it only mega, its really hard to turn, then I got knocked off mount AGAIN, an
  7. I cant even put a wall on a foundation lol, it's just 1 wall high. Imo Ocean Platform should trump other build rules, it should be allowed to build close to each other as long as it is ON THE PLATFORM, just like platform saddle, it is static anyway so we cannot clip it to grief other people's building. It's really painful to see my platform, I managed to put it down, was so painful to find a spot, but now I cannot build freely on it, some space on my ocean platform wont allow me to place structure because too close to other player's structure, it should be a separate thing. Also ev
  8. Was looking for a way to cancel teleport once it's casted but found this, and since I ever got my one day old bear killed by Yutyrannus because of this, then yea, this sucks. At least our cause of death in the game has to be a legitimate cause, because we're unprepared or something else but not this or disconnectosaurus, that sucks. It's like beating an opponent using a lowblow. Teleport should be put in a safe zone, or at least give us buff like 10-30seconds stealth so wild dino won't bite at instant, to player and teleported dinoes.
  9. Hahah, I never see giga as a threat though, because it makes his presence known with its size, so I can always make distance from it. But not with a raptor, especially before nerf, one pounce 99% of the time will die, thanks that it's nerfed now. Anyway, I just walking around using my frog looking for bugs to farm cementing paste, its quiet, and suddenly 2 baryonyx chasing me DILO, they werent there before.
  10. T Come to think of it, yea I never see one spawning, it's like they're naturally there. Sometimes I really watch my surrounding and focus my awareness on this dirty spawn that I think exist, but I still never catch one, but I'm sure it works like that because I've made sure nothing is around, nothing is behind me, perfectly safe, until it's not and its so sudden. I'll keep trying to spot one.
  11. Was fixing my trap and when I turned my mouse facing the other direction, a sarco already in my face biting me while I was encumbered from destroying structures. This is what I'm talking about, a dirty spawn aimed to land a kill when you less expecting it, I can't be that unlucky lol. It's also not a big deal, but to this day I still feel like a target of assassination by the game everytime something like this happens. I didn't see any sarco when i first doing it, it was nice and quiet.
  12. Dirty spawn Do you guys notice or is it just me being paranoid. The game is targetting us by spawning a wild dino nearby that will try to kill us. I think I encountered this quite many times, a surprise attack by random dino that was never there before, or it is just a coincidence. Also I notice in Genesis sometimes the world is quite empty, there is only few dinoes, but some other time it spawns more, I think dinoes despawn after period of time if no players around and refresh its spawn ? While leaving some spawn slot open for dirty spawn that snipes us. I really don't feel safe ou
  13. Wow so detailed calculation and explanation you posted there about that mosa. So base damage isn't representing how strong a dino attack is going to be because there are lots of other modifiers. Even if spino is 40 and Carno 42, Spino will apply a set of modifier taken from carnivore large, since it's a big dino. And some herbivores like Paracer(45) and stego(42) must also have different dmg modifier when hitting something. Base damage isn't to be trusted anymore now lol, or see it as a simplified guideline how strong a dino attack is gonna be, while applying some guesswork whether it's
  14. All the more reason for separating PVE and PVP, I don't think the pvp people want this kind of thing implemented coz they're probably busy with something else , but cmiiw The last time I tried this, the loading was too long for me, but that was long before using ssd. havent tried it again since, been years.
  15. I see, I believe 35 is the base for Carno too. Spino is 40, no way a Carno has base higher than a Spino.
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