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  1. excellent ! Love the ability to claim a drop and veins in PVE !!
  2. Again Again , after a hard reboot the game was playable for 1h and now it's timeout again and kick all player , come back 5 min or less and timeout again !!!
  3. Even after a HARD REBOOT server cannot stay up for more than 1h30 , and it goes again on timeout loop with 255+ ping , kick everyone every 5 mins or less !!!
  4. the server are completely STUCK !!! we cannot play since 5h !!! you should just remove server OUTAGE from main page , those form are useless , no one here to restart the server !! people are loosing patience ! we love your DLC , but we HATE the server EXPERIENCE , it's completely unplayable !! server are off for 15/20 mins and just come back online for less than 1 minute and crash again !! Are you serious ???
  5. and again , online for 15 sec and boom have to wait 10 minutes before reconnect feed baby boom timeout
  6. again time out every minute now !!
  7. again again and again we cannot play during daytime !! server keep timeout every 5-10 mins now !!
  8. You released a really cool and nice DLC , but we are so frustrating playing it , cause of the server issue since launch !
  9. Hello ??? someone here at server outage ?? this is completely unplayable server 462-463-464-465 keep timeout in loop since 10h+ now !! Everyday the same problem since weeks now . What going on ?? People are leaving the game , they are completely piss off !
  10. Those servers keep crashing-timeout since 10h NOW !!! what the hell going ON ? someone awake here at WC ?? or everyone took a boat to ATLAS !!! we cannot event connec to the server now !!
  11. yeah the server doesn't crash anymore they fixed it , now the server timeout and kick player so it's not reported as a crash :}
  12. Plz Dev , team , community manager watch this !! it's completely unplayable , everyday the same situation , every week end it's even worse !! Everyday we are loosing 4 to 5h of gameplay just do to lag and crash , imprint timer take 12 to 13h for a normal 8h !
  13. We are playing with that everyday since 2 weeks from 12pm to 2am Paris time zone !! you think it's normal ?? no words , no fix , no answers from server outage ! @lilpanda @Jen @Jatheish . I know there are 2 teams now and people are working hard on ATLAS , but what about ARK team ? EDIT : Crash Timeout Right now ! 3.44PM Central Europe
  14. Plz those servers are on the same Machine [Server] ! Every evening it's the same problem server are timeout for hours , kicking player , playing 5 mins and kick all players again. 1am to 7am the server is Ok , few lags and around 80 ping , but after that it start getting worse with more than 200+ ping 12pm to 8-9pm and Then Crash , timeout , etc till 1 or 2am Since launch we had a lot of crash like every 2-3hours will rollback , this look like it's been fixed , but since , we got High ping and timeout , lag , rubber banding People are leaving the game , 6 peoples from my tribe are not playing anymore , same for few Ally tribe. Seriously the DLC is really Nice and added so much content for PVE players , we had a lot of fun when it's was a little bit playable ! But for my first experience on official server it's a Disaster. So plz , I know it maybe not easy but do something , I know PVP is more important etc , but there is a PVE community too ! Thanks
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