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  1. Hi , I got teleported and kill inside my small metals base on aberration : 242333 -88952 39998 31.61 -5.02
  2. Pro : X2 everything , new chibis system , +5 levels , color events Cons : After more than 1.5k crystal open and hundred of gift , still missing some rare chibi , maybe a bit too rare , or add an expensive way to craft them with ressources on cooking pot Keep going event are great and make people play more and old friend coming back to the game !
  3. What chibi are you missing , private message me I'm at 32/54 , and got a lot of spare , so maybe I can help (PC)
  4. I just bough the game for 3 friends with all extensions , but after 2 days on the server , with all those timeout and kick they are about to leave the game already , cause it's really unplayable and they loose tame due to lag.
  5. excellent ! Love the ability to claim a drop and veins in PVE !!
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