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    play stupid games, win stupid prizes. if you play on an official server you are subject to the whims of the people who own and operate the servers just like any unofficial server and you have no recourse unless they themselves feel the need to grant it to you. Join an unofficial server where you can maybe interact and get to know the local police instead of having to submit pleas to uncaring deities
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    I want to point one detail in GP1 I don't think many people know about. If you choose to stick around during the credits and wait until the very end, you can see a secret bonus message at the bottom. It's short and doesn't reveal that much, but I think what it says is going to be important in making theories about GP2.
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    Why are 99% of creatures useless? Are they useless because of what they can't do? Because what they do is too weak? No. 99% of the 100+ creatures in this game are useless because of the mana, the worst thing ever added to this game. And no, I'm not bob on the beach who got his level 50 pt killed by a mana. I have over 3,000 hours in pvp, and plenty experience in high end, late game pvp. And it's BORING. Why? Because the mana is the ONLY tame you can use realistically in PvP. One of the primary reasons is breeding, tamed manas are horrible. They have 5-7k hp, and around 200-350 melee, which in my opinion is exactly all they should have and that's it. But no, with breeding manas come out with around 17k hp BASE, and have OVER ONE THOUSAND MELEE. They also get a 124 armor saddle cap. Now, with things like the giga, it doesn't matter as much, even if they have really good stats, unlike the mana you can't fight everything with them, you're locked to the ground with a slow walking speed. But because of breeding, why do manas get INSANE tankiness, 20k hp with a 124 armor saddle, AND the most speed and mobility of any creature in the game. Oh! I almost forgot some of the most damage in the game, with an INSANE stun that lasts over ELEVEN seconds at some time. Why do they literally get it all? Utility, stun, speed, damage, tankiness. It's stupid. You literally cannot use Griffins anymore in PvP. Why? Well because griffins usually have around 8-10k hp, a mana can deal all that health in damage in about 4 seconds with no saddle. Yay! But the best part?? GRIFFINS GET FROZE FOR ELEVEN SECONDS. In WHAT world is that fair? Why are Wyverns, which are so much harder to get, and can't be bred, struggle so much against them? You can't use them that often in normal pvp either, since they don't gave saddles, and manas will shred them close to the ground, and some even have less health than manas. All while being slower!!!!! PvP is SO stale and so boring, all you can use are manas, nothing else works. Can't use Rock Drakes, or their Tek Saddle because they get shredded and can't get away from them. They have it all, tank, speed, damage. And that STUPID freeze. I want to do SOMETHING other than use a mana. Mana v Mana is so boring and a waste of time. And I can't use basically ANY of the 100+ creatures in the game because of them. A vast majority of the PvP community agrees. Look at Vindactur, Kishko, popular Ark Youtube pvpers, they all agree, manas make the game stale, and make everything basically useless. People that I've asked about why they play MTS instead of offical, they say "Manas are the main reason" Wildcard knows this, and they do nothing. I've spent literal thousands of hours pvping people and for the past year, it's been nothing but "Mana Zoom Mana Freeze" You might as well remove everything except for Gigas and Manas, since that's the only thing you can really use. And I guarantee you this TLC will be for the carno or Megalodon or something else, that will add nothing to PvP. So the meta can remain to be stupidly stale, boring, uninspired, and driven by incompetence in balancing. I'm hoping the Wyvern will be apart of the TLC, and it'll get a saddle, so maybe for once I can use something to good or even great effectiveness in PvP using actual skill, instead of the worst thing ever put into a video game.
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    All my tames have been wiped out After being tired of extreme pillaring by a tribe I decided to have 4 brontos and 4 mammoth blocking their base . Last night I logged in to an empty base , all my tames were gone , over 100 top or near top Dino’s , full team of top boss rexes with top armor saddle , full team of top therizino top saddle . I had no warnings or any form of contact from wildcard. This seems like an unfair and extreme punishment considering is first time I was doing this . I understand I was in the wrong, but on the other hand wildcard is doing nothing to prevent pillaring which is the most annoying thing on official servers.
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    Before we go about making theories, I just want to point one detail in GP1 I don't think many people know about. If you choose to stick around during the credits and wait until the very end, you can see a secret bonus message at the bottom. It's short and doesn't reveal that much, but I think what it says is going to be important in making theories about GP2.
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    Please! It is because of the weight restrictions that we never use them on my server. Even it if were just an unofficial option to turn them off, they would get more use.
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    Its pathetic, silly and lack of logic. Why they dont make solid character backup that restores IDENTICAL player with one dev button or command. 1st profit - people feel safe, threated wisely... and not abaddon ark 2nd profit - WC has MUCH less work with restoring chars
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    The ending doesn't really spoil much... But it does... But it doesn't. Confirms some theories, but with extra spice almost.
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    I have seen the ending a few days ago... I have a major theory coming soon!!
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    Dragon on Valg is different, it has massively reduced difficulty setting compared to Island Dragon. I would suggest Changing tactics. My method works very well.
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    Wildcard needs to step up official server ddos protection I have been stuck of home server with my tribe mate on Xbox server 102 due to ddos we cannot move without rubberbanding and we just want to leave. This is the issue because Wildcard cares more about adding new chibis and whatever but people can still screw with the servers wildcard needs problem solving skills not equivalent to that of a fetus.
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    So you break the rules and then find the punishment unfair... well next time play by the rules like everyone else.
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    Bro just wait until bloodstalkers are everywhere, also who knows what they will add in genesis part ii lmao
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    Manas should not have saddles or breeding. Or swimming. That would balance them out better than chipping away movement related values. Guess they are afraid people that bred it will quit or maybe it was designed by project manager's girlfriend or someone else who they can't tell the truth to.
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    Yeah, I'm aware you can fly away from them easily. I don't want to run from them with flyers, I want to fight them with flyers and some of the other 100+ creatures. Plant Z and Y are meant to help counter things, help in PvP. It's not meant to be the ONLY counter to manas
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    Genesis Theories 2 Theorize- with spoilers!
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    How about wagons and cars Since there is already the raft and motor boat they should make a land version a wagon ( which could be pulled by dinos ) and a car both should be able to build on. So basically a raft/motor boat on land, just a suggestion
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    Add the great and powerful acrocanthasaurus The acrocanthasaurus is a massive sized carnivore with 75,000 hp in the wild and 50,000 hp when tamed. It is the most powerful creature so far... It is a temporary tame and refuses to eat once tamed. It´s horrible rage causes it to randomly switch to aggressive mode when tamed. it has a short frill running down it´s back. It eats everything it kills. even fish. It has to be tamed with a cannon or a rocket launcher. Seriously run if you see this thing. Just run. Could be in a future update or dlc.
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    waaaaa i need one!!!!! need to change my boss army
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    Sponsored Mod Program Applications Congratulations to our newest arrivals in the ARK Sponsored mod program. The modding community continues to impress and engage players looking for new ways to play! Recently the modding community got their hands on an updated DevKit that includes the genesis content so it will be interesting to see what they come up with in the coming months. If you have an interest in making mods for ARK you can find the ARK DevKit on the Epic Games Launcher. Additionally, Sponsored Mod Program applications are once again OPEN! If you are interested in sponsorship for your projects, please fill out the application here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/modding/apply-for-sponsorship/ Applications for the next selection of sponsored projects will be open until June 5th, 2020. New Sponsored Mods MarniiMods: Wildlife Want some extra hustle and bustle in the world? Marnii has you covered with this wildlife mod. It doesn't put dragons everywhere, it doesn't fill the world with hulking beasts that could murder you with a glance. This mod adds the touches of normal wildlife in an otherwise very abnormal world. Check out the MarniiMods: Wildlife Mod Hope Hope has been around for quite some time, and has seen a lot of quality and polish updates since it's original release. An almost familiar setup with solid creative direction. If you aren't looking for some of the more abnormal and surreal maps, give Hope a try! Check out the Hope Map Primal Fear Primal Fear is a community favorite among overhaul mods. It won the popular vote in a mod competition and is still regularly updated and expanded. Distributed across several mods in the collection, so that players can pick and choose content to a degree, Primal Fear adds a plethora of creature variants and items, as well as plenty of quality of life adjustments. Check out the Primal Fear Collection Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark All the best, Studio Wildcard
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    I can promise you the map will be called arrat prime that much is pretty much certain, also tempted to say arrat prime is the space station in the sky on genesis, unsure why you can see it in the simulation when array prime is the real world control station for the arks
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    Here is proof that we're being trained by the federation. They are the "they" we constantly hear about. The terran implant proves this. Aberration, Diana log #4, she calls the federation the "Terran Federation". Boom, ending cracked wide open like a juicy peanut. MMM!
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    I want to point one detail in GP1 I don't think many people know about. If you choose to stick around during the credits and wait until the very end, you can see a secret bonus message at the bottom. It's short and doesn't reveal that much, but I think what it says is going to be important in making theories about GP2.
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    Island 79 with 10 players rubberbands every 30 seconds. Server saves that last for 30-60 seconds or more. Flying is a to risky and doing anything is really not possible. The performance is now so bad that this is no longer a working game. Months and months of this now. Hey Wildcard! We gave you money, you gladly accepted. How about supporting your game and players\customers. And just to add insult to injury you have this LIE stated that the "server network is healthy" Healthy!? If this is healthy what does not healthy look like?
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    While I cannot agree with the larger ships, there simply isn't enough ocean for them on most of the maps to make it work - boats up to the size of the sloop would be nice. A way to bring some realistic water travel into the game without going to large and a way to travel without being limited to the raft. I think it would bring a new way to play the game to the oceans... which is an area that seems to have been skipped over for the most part.
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    Fishing definitely needs a rework. At this point in time my version of "fishing" is to have my thyla walk though the lake and kill the fish it can catch. There needs to be something more to it and a way to upgrade your requirement and/or use the fish catchers from Primitive Plus
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    Personally I am more of a fan of creature travel. I know there are those out there that would like to go beyond and move towards more man-made travel items, but for how I play, it doesn't fit. And this isn't a jab at those playing differently, just a statement from someone who has a different point of view. That said there are exceptions such as wagons, carts, and such which could be pulled by creatures to help with carrying weight and smaller dinos - That I am all for. It has been done naturally for centuries and it would make sense that it could be worked into a survival game. It would also give some of the small to medium sized lowered end creatures another use. Having a trike or pachy-rhino pull a cart or a wagon when a higher level end game creature couldn't, is another reason to keep them around later which could also make transporting some of the heavier items a bit easier. Having a boat that could be pulled by a water creature, such as the dolphin or a small turtle is another example. The boat's we have are few and far between and rather sad... This would give us access to travel across the water faster, but with limits towards the size of the build and the weight it can carry.
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    I am a firm believer that the building portion of the game, while it works as is, certainly needs could use some TLC as you have suggested. Snap Points: They are crazy wonky. The showcase when you go to put something down, but then half the time the snap to the wrong point, rotate on you during placement to face the wrong way, or they don't exist when they should. Ceilings and such not snapping to foundations flush but with a lip. There is so much wrong with them. Building Items: Not to go into too much detail, but we are missing several pieces. Roof Corners, Larger Pillars, Larger Foundations, Larger Ceilings, Larger Wall Segments, Bridges, Ceiling tiles vs Ceiling floors (visual difference), Wider Dino Gates (removing the need for the excessively tall behemoth with something that is just a bit wider), stack-able foundations etc.. So many little thing that if added could add to the creativity of a build, some could cut back on the lag created, and others would just replace the use of others such as having larger wall segments you could build a perimeter wall with as opposed to several small walls on foundations/fence foundations or gateways. Building Types: When was the last time a new building tier has been added? Scorched Earth. How many DLC maps have come out since then? 3. How long before we get something new to build with? (and I do not include mods in this statement. They are great, and many look amazing, but they are not accessible by everyone). At the very least, even if the rest isn't added, how about some of the items from Primitive Plus? Lumber would be awesome to have with the main game, same with the brick building. Building Decor: Here, have a chair, a bench, and a table. They look great with the wood and stone building pieces.... Apparently by the time you move up to metal and tek though, you aren't supposed to decorate.... or sit....? Sure there are a few things that fit well, perhaps a rug or some flags - but not much else. It would be nice if they had upgraded versions of the few decorations we have and that we would be able to keep those found during holiday events. If you do the work to find the Christmas lights, shouldn't we be able to keep the lights? I know I have stopped hunting them since we cannot continually use them. I would rather box them up like normal Christmas decor then to have the vanish on me. Building Item Progression: This is a big one, and I will only give a few examples. Basically though, I am referring to how some item exist.... but they never progress. Preserving Bin - The refrigerator is an upgrade to the preserving bin in that it extends the life of items, but not for the "smoking" qualities of the bin to make jerky. Bookcase - It would be nice to have 1 or 2 upgrades. Perhaps one that looks better and holds more and another that better fits in with the metal and tek level items Storage Case - Storage bin, Storage box, Vault, Dedicated storage.... Is it just me or doesn't it seem that a few steps were missed? Perhaps a level between box and Vault? Or perhaps a box that can act as a dedicated storage with far more limited storage capacity but which has the same images? Beds - Sleeping bag, Simple Bed, Bunk Beds, Tek Beds - Again it seems we are missing something. Whatever happened to a double, queen, or king sized bed? Historically wouldn't it be more accurate to have something larger and nice as opposed to jumping to metal bunk beds? Not that they are horrible, they are great when building a dormitory or something, but visually not fitting. Campfire - Primitive Plus did it best, with a few different sizes in campfire giving you more options to play and use while on the go depending on what you had available. In the standard version we go from campfire to industrial grill and cooking pot to industrial cooker awfully fast with nothing in between to bridge the progression of items. Lights - Can we get a few more options? Lamps? Power - Wind and Gasoline. Where is Solar? Hydroponic? Both could be added just as easily as wind and give players an alternative fuel source to utilize depending on where they have built. Fireplace - It is nice to have one, but it would be nicer to have a smaller and larger version to play with. It can look a little silly to have a room filled with them just to keep warm. Air Conditioners - We only have the one, shouldn't there an upgraded version? perhaps not an industrial version but at the very least, a tek version? That said, I could go on and on about how the building aspects of the game could use a little tweaking. And I would be ecstatic if even some of it was realized. And quite honestly, this list only scratches the surface. I didn't even include the re-organization of the engram menu, the other items from Primitive Plus that could be added, the item selection adjustments to simplify the building process, or the massive list of larger building segments I would love to see included to help cut back on lag for larger bases. Yes, the building process itself needs some TLC. Hopefully we someday get some.
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    Harvesting I would suggest adding a beaver/mammoth, doedi Lots of choices for carnivores. Bear or thylas would be a good upgrade. Note: bary spin attack makes taming a baslio easy. Easy to clear mantas. Consider getting into the water. Argy would be a good upgrade to your flyer. But you also want some backups for corpse runs.
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    I'm pretty new (to the point where my character is named human; hence my user on the forum) and I don't know a thing about mutations, but I'm here caus I just found a completely neon pink iguanodon and I was looking up info about rarity and stuff like that. I didn't find anything useful to what I was looking for, but I did find this and I'm very happy to learn about mutations Its name is now Pinky Pie lol
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    More elaboration would be nice.
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    Why go around chasing glitches when u can just read them here? https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Notes
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    Funny thing is, there are admin commands to ascend players... I just don't understand how wildcard still cannot have proper character backup in place so a GM can restore it. @Dollie allow us to save our characters so that when we lose it(with ark it is WHEN and not IF) a GM can just restore that saved character. And before you say that this is not possible, I can show you multiple methods how it is possible based on character duping and the old server saves that can be downloaded.
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    It is possible. East colorado/west kansas is already kind of a wasteland.
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    So I was asking myself "Where the hell are we on Earth in Extinction". And I believe I found out. I think ARK Extinction's Sanctuary is Denver. I have multiple proofs: first of all, Diana said that Arat Prime was located on the other side of Earth, and the only place where I think it could be is near Mount Ararat. So that means Extinction happens in the US (Probably). And Denver is located right on the bottom of the Rockies, just like the Sanctuary. The big mountain behind the city could be where the glacier and the giant Element Peak are. I also think the only part of the city left is the downtown, because the Sanctuary is too small compared to the actual Denver. A good part of it was probably wiped out. That would explain why there's a building in the Underground Forest. What do you all think ? I'm open to any idea or criticism.
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    The only appropriate action on your part should have been to submit a ticket with evidence and let support handle it.
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    Put your reading glasses on . They pillared half the map
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    Joeblow has never been a serious forum moderator. I challenge you to find a serious post from him. It's best to ignore anything he posts as his aim is to troll.
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    I get it but I lap the loot is supposed to be a prize not trash, the least I could’ve expected out of it is materials from grinding. Especially with the new grind all feature... the no grind loot is brand new and unnecessary it makes the grinder practically useless.
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    What is the purpose of the unable to grind loot function it’s begging to be pointless to gather multiple vaults full of saddles I cannot use such as giga or Gacha saddles on genesis. Please just let me grind all the useless armor ect please .
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    doubt they will. but would be nice to get some kind of rework.
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    I said I hope Wyverns are apart of the TLC, not manas. Manas can be removed from the game for all I care. A Wyvern TLC would be an amazing breath of fresh air in this game for late/mid-game pvp
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    As long as it does not affect pve or the main game and only affects pvp servers they can nerf them to the ground but breeding should still be a thing but since they can’t make changes to pvp servers only this nerf or any kind of nerf that affects pvp is a no from me until they can make changes only to pvp servers.
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    blood stalkers can be easily countered, i have stated this somewhere else. a good flamethrower, shotgun or pike and some Armour will easily take care of one. and since the player is exposed when you are pulled in you can easily kill the rider leaving the stalker even more defenseless
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    if the only way to survive against them is running away then they are too op. if you are being raided you dont wanna run away, you wanan stand and fight, the mana makes this very hard to do. they should also reduce the freeze to like 5 seconds
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    Stupid things we have all done in ark in our noob ages, NUMBER ONE underestimate therys oh gosh what is that thing, it has huge claws that thing is huge hmmm its not attacking those other dinos oh its picking berries it must be a herbivore I think its friendly I’m going to take a closer look Bob - Lvl 1 was killed by a Therizinosaur - Lvl 99999999999999 NUMBER TWO terror birds are just raptors heh I’m pretty good at this game, raptors cant mess with me I’m gona go exploring ooooo redwoods hah look at those ugly birds down there running Im gona teach em whos boss (lands down) (terror bird army) TARGET SIGHTED they just keep coming out the forrest like ants Bob - Lvl 6 was killed by a Terror Bird - Lvl 67 NUMBER THREE yummy blue berries ok I need to eat some food hmm all these berries have bright colors that means they are poisonous heh me have big brain ooo blueberrys , they cant be poisonous CONSUMED 50 NARCOBERRIES (falls asleep) huh wut (Ants) TARGET SPOTTED Bob - Lvl 1 was killed by a Titanomyrma - Lvl 1
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    Some of the current crop I'm working with. Have about 4 Extinction colors to breed stats on to for Argy's (Missed Arkeology color but have gotten a 150 of every other) and 4 more Argy mute colors to breed the stats on. I'll try to post those when they are set.
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    What a brilliant idea, have made a request already.
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    These need a buff for sure, maybe giving them ~double the melee and a 50% damage reduction rather than a 15% would be a starting point. A PERFECT reaper; 150 queen plus 75 bonus levels and 100% imprint should be AT LEAST as powerful as a standard boss Rex 100% imprinted bred with good stats across the board (45+ points into health and melee upon hatch, overall level 250-350 at hatch) with an ascendant saddle or AT MOST as powerful as a bred Giga with 300% melee at hatch with 100% imprint and an ascendant saddle because that is what it will be facing in a large scale pvp war and dispite being the most difficult to obtain of the bunch they are the weakest. Here comes a bit of a rant ( although my opinion is that gigas need to be completely redone with the TLC patch, smaller model more balanced stats because they still overshadow everything else by a significant margin. All of the large combat creatures should be similar in power to a Rex but with unique abilities and stats to give them different playstyles the most rewarding but difficult to master abilities should be given to the most difficult to tame creatures. example: Gigas have similar stats to a Rex but a positive rage mechanic that significantly increases damage for a duration of time at the expense of a rest period, reapers should again have similar stats to a Rex but has natural damage reduction that is basically a free ascendant saddle when there is no charge light and has all of the extra attacks it currently has to make up for its taming process. All these creatures should be equal in a simple left click/right trigger each other till one is standing fight but have abilities that if used skillfully by the player will win the fight )
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