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  1. Inn the water caves and swamp cave on the island i found several high lvl ones. But it takes time and multiple visits.
  2. This game will never be fixed. Never gonna happen. And I will tell you why. Even when this game was in early access, players complained about game breaking bugs. Many of them are still in the game. The developers of this game do not have the skill to fix it. So instead they just keep pumping in more content to distract and sell more copies. This game will always be a broken mess. I love it, but also hate it. The sad thing is that ARK 2. Will be even worse.
  3. Even this forum is hard to load. Even more laggy then their servers. Kinda sad. No pride in their product\work at all.
  4. Having about 20 years xp in cg... Just look at this. Not mine. But............... A thousand times better and OLD! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLWdN8LxRgU&ab_channel=martinadamec If this is the bar?
  5. Region locks should have been implemented 4 years ago. Only reason it has not. The overloards of WildCard. WildCard is ruled and commanded. Vpn's can be blocked. Plenty of games auto kick players when they use vpn's. Region restriction would massively improve server performance.
  6. Don't do the fight if server is laggy. The theris bug and do not auto eat their cakes.
  7. Why am i downloading a 11 gig update?. Am I getting a new game? What kind of developer releases a 11 gig. Update? Pls tell my what you have updated in your files to justify that size? ffs!!
  8. The absolute absence of support to their customers on this is problem is ofc inexcusable. This is not about the ability to do it. It's about willingness to support their customers. WildCard does not care about their customers. After you have paid, you're value to them is gone. This is blatantly apparent in everything they do. But as Sakutera said. Don't screenshot it. Just die once and save your implant from your dead body. I have implants from my entire Ark life. All levels.
  9. This may not help, but try turning down all shadows in settings to low. Had a few friends that have had similar problems that stopped their crashes by doing this.
  10. Val official pve. I have given away my base and will not return to this map. Fights done when only a few players on server to minimize lag. The boss fight is just broken. Have now lost 3 set's of 19, 45k health 2600 mele, 120 saddled rex's. + Yuti's. Third attempt on the alpha and same thing all three times. Dragon and monkey killed easy, but manticore does not land. Tried every tip I could find to "encourage" the manticore to land without luck. I understand this is a mod map, but how hard would it actually be for them to fix this?
  11. Sure, we should patience these days considering the current circumstances around the world. But the thing is that horrible server and game performance has been a thing for a very long time now, and they have said they will make things better before and it has turned out to be nothing but empty promises. Ark is one of the most sold survival titles of all time. They have made a ton of money on us, but instead of focusing on improving the performance they just keep pushing more dlc's and content, something that again just makes the game run even worse. Can you think of a game title fr
  12. Island 79 with 10 players rubberbands every 30 seconds. Server saves that last for 30-60 seconds or more. Flying is a to risky and doing anything is really not possible. The performance is now so bad that this is no longer a working game. Months and months of this now. Hey Wildcard! We gave you money, you gladly accepted. How about supporting your game and players\customers. And just to add insult to injury you have this LIE stated that the "server network is healthy" Healthy!? If this is healthy what does not healthy look like?
  13. eu-79 is basically not playable anymore. Kicking players every 10 minutes or so. Since Homestead was released the server has just gotten worse every day. We have sent 100's of server outage reports, **** probably thousands over the last year alone. Not a single word from anyone at WC or server hosts. You people at WildCard certainly work hard to make us not like this game.
  14. One more nail in the coffin WildCard. gg. Super lazy.
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