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  1. One more nail in the coffin WildCard. gg. Super lazy.
  2. I did go solo. With a few people with me we could have killed it with guns. I got close But since i have solo'd the other bosses i still want to do it alone. I just finished collecting the last tribute items and antrifacts, brought over another rex group + yuti from the main server i play on to have another go at it.
  3. Is the manticore bugged or is it suppose to be like this on Val? I have done manticore on rag plenty of times, never had any problems with it. Sure, it derps around but always land so you can send your dinos on it. So i started Alpha fight on Val. Brought 19 rex's and a yuti with me. Melted the dragon in seconds, monkey went straight down. But the manticore did not land a single time. I kept shooting with a 298% shotgun (should have brought a faby) got it down to what i guess was around 5 to 10% health then time ran out. I am ok with loosing the dinos and the gear, that's not it. I am just kinda pissed that the Manticore atleast to me seems to be derpet\broken. Would be nice if the "devs" could put some effort into what is suppose to be the finale of the map.
  4. Pluss the best server for you, may or may not be the best for someone else. Distance to server, ping etc.
  5. Thx lilpanda. Hope the new machine helps on the crashing and instability.
  6. Server Been crashing all weekend Hard to enjoy the event when all we have are crashes and extreme lags. Several outage reports been filed but nothing. Same thing for a few days now.
  7. We need a patch to fix the patch. Our Island official keeps crashing aswell.
  8. Well our official island now crashes again and again (after 300.1). And it stays down for hours. Hard to enjoy the event.
  9. Same on our official island server. After dodorex was killed the first time there is no longer arrive or fled message. And he has not been spottet again.
  10. CptChandler

    Vein bug

    Vein bug Official pve. After the last patch whenever i attempt to change armor after i start a vein the game crashes. Just me? or have others had this.
  11. Yep the 4 high wall exists. But in order for it to practical it has to be dynamic. So one can create 4 or 14 walls depending on what you need.
  12. Optimizing the building system could be a way to get server load down. But I doubt they will do it. If I need a wall as high as a behemoth I should be able to make 1 piece not have to make 8. Reducing individual game pieces\entities that have to be rendered would help a lot.
  13. We have been doing swamp cave on official with same setup for a long time. 1 Barry 100% imp.with about 7k hp rest in melee (about 800 now. Used to be less.) 124 saddle. 2 frogs 100% imp. 5k hp rest in melee(5-600 melee) 100+ saddles. We send the frogs in first then just follow with the Barry to clean up. With this setup swamp cave is easy and we never loose dinos.
  14. Same here. Favorites show up but nothing else. Connecting fail with timeout.
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