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  1. Can I pick your brain? I need config help on a XBox One server

  2. The first 50 times, sure. After 4 years, not so much. It's the same monotonous slog it was on the 51st time. Now, if caves were the only way to acquire better blueprints and they were both more involved and dynamic; meaning, they were more difficult and a bigger part of the game, I'm with you. Flying around the map going from drop to drop is, meh.
  3. From the standpoint of someone who has been playing the game for 4 years, sure. From someone starting out, not so much. If you're just starting out, you would absolutely use what you crafting at increasing quality and durability. Like I said, it doesn't take anything to snag a blueprint from a drop. All you need is something with wings and opposable thumbs. Having to invest something into getting better gear is kind of the point of a survival game.
  4. I've actually got a server like this built out, aside from the obvious things we don't have configuration options for. I controlled for the inability to dictate tame levels by moving the saddles around. It seems to be working well and people who enjoy a slower progression seem to be enjoying it. Mostly, I just want the configuration options. I know WC isn't going to implement this as a mode or rework the entire game. I'd wager, though, that providing those configuration options for custom servers wouldn't be out of the question.
  5. Leveling System Overhaul Epoch Leveling System There are several RTS and TBS games that use one form of Epoch system or another, and I personally think it would make the Ark experience feel much more thorough. First, we need to axe Prim+ as a total conversion and integrate those assets into the main game, eliminating any overlap. After that, Epochs are established, which will restrict player access to certain resources, tools, and structures. Each Epoch will have its own independent leveling system, where level ups will come with unlocks within that Epoch. example: Croma
  6. Crafting Overhaul So, I dislike blueprints. I think the existence of blueprints detracts significantly from the game, as it doesn't take much effort to walk up to a drop and snag one. I would much prefer to see a crafting skill system, where the quality of the gear you are able to produce is tied specifically to the time you have invested in crafting the specific classes of gear. This idea would see the elimination of the static crafting skill stat, and see the implementation of a much more robust system. The system would be split into categories, and progress in each of those categori
  7. It prevents downloading character data from external servers, which is disabled when you cluster servers as it is.
  8. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure at this point. I run an official cluster and the issue appears to come and go at this point. Here are the maps for the crate spawns, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Deep_Sea_Loot_Crates
  9. They are having issues with the Supply Crates and Loot Drops on Ragnarok. It's something they are working on a fix for according to Ced.
  10. I'm not sure whether they fixed it or not, but at one point PDS were not showing up properly in the server list. This may be the issue.
  11. Do you have a server password? If so, do you have the password protected checkbox checked in the main server browser? For PDS the server doesn't have to appear in order for people to join it. You just need to add the people you want to join your server to the friends list for the account hosting the server. They will be able to join directly from that account.
  12. Hard boot your console: Press and hold the power button until the console shuts down Unplug the console for 10-15 seconds Usually, this corrects the problem.
  13. Use the following link to acquire the code and for an explanation on how this works: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration#Engram_Entries Use this link to acquire the classname you will need to build out the code: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Engram_Classnames I am going to warn you though that PrimPlus is a bit buggy. At one point some vanilla items were disappearing at server restart. I'm not sure if this is still the case or not.
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