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  1. Can I pick your brain? I need config help on a XBox One server

  2. The first 50 times, sure. After 4 years, not so much. It's the same monotonous slog it was on the 51st time. Now, if caves were the only way to acquire better blueprints and they were both more involved and dynamic; meaning, they were more difficult and a bigger part of the game, I'm with you. Flying around the map going from drop to drop is, meh.
  3. From the standpoint of someone who has been playing the game for 4 years, sure. From someone starting out, not so much. If you're just starting out, you would absolutely use what you crafting at increasing quality and durability. Like I said, it doesn't take anything to snag a blueprint from a drop. All you need is something with wings and opposable thumbs. Having to invest something into getting better gear is kind of the point of a survival game.
  4. I've actually got a server like this built out, aside from the obvious things we don't have configuration options for. I controlled for the inability to dictate tame levels by moving the saddles around. It seems to be working well and people who enjoy a slower progression seem to be enjoying it. Mostly, I just want the configuration options. I know WC isn't going to implement this as a mode or rework the entire game. I'd wager, though, that providing those configuration options for custom servers wouldn't be out of the question.
  5. I like this idea. They could use the tile structure they're using in Atlas to separate the maps into configurable zones. That could have even more potential beyond just defining PvP zones. Excellent idea!
  6. Tribute/Element Override Option I would like to see the option to transfer tribute items and element included as an override for unofficial servers. While I get that you folks have reasoning for not allowing these things on Official servers, Unofficial servers are supposed to be the Burger King option. I know the option to transfer tributes existed at one point, so I don't suspect it will be overly difficult to add that option back to crossark transfers.
  7. Console Halloween Event I'd like to see the Fear Evolved Halloween event return to console. It was by far the best event I've experienced in this game. Zombi wyverns, zombi dodos, grave yards, and entire server fighting the Dodowyvern; it was freaking great.
  8. Admin Listing Some time ago Nitrado launched a player management function which only partially works. It only partially works because it requires some work from you fine folks. Of paramount importance is the Admin Listing functionality. This is something already possible for Player-Dedicated Servers, and it is something that would save those of us who run large communities with more than 10 admins a ton of time and grief. So, what am I talking about? Implement the ability to assign and remove the admin role like we have the ability to on PDS, without the need for an admin password. Nitrado already has it ready to go on their end, as per the conversation I had with them when they first released the feature.
  9. Leveling System Overhaul Epoch Leveling System There are several RTS and TBS games that use one form of Epoch system or another, and I personally think it would make the Ark experience feel much more thorough. First, we need to axe Prim+ as a total conversion and integrate those assets into the main game, eliminating any overlap. After that, Epochs are established, which will restrict player access to certain resources, tools, and structures. Each Epoch will have its own independent leveling system, where level ups will come with unlocks within that Epoch. example: Cromag Epoch 10-20 levels can harvest stone, wood, thatch, berries, fiber, and other base resources incremental access to stone tools and thatch structures isn't smart enough to tame creatures (just emerged from the cave and all that) Once the player progresses through level 10/20, they are given the option to progress to the next Epoch, and they are given a new set of levels they must progress through. The next Epoch gives them level dependent access to better tools and resources. Eventually, by way of progression through the Epoch system, they become smart enough to tame creatures, which would also be Epoch restricted, and refine resources. Certain base resources, as the player progresses, could be refined into more efficient resources: charcoal could be refined into coal, which would last longer in forges; crude oil could be the natural state of oil, which then has to be refined to be used; iron could be the natural state of metal, which has to be refined into steel to make better tools. An Epoch system like this would draw out the game experience, giving far more relevance to the early stages of the game. At this point, you progress so quickly that much of the early game is all but pointless. Epochs would make acquiring that slingshot relevant, as well as 'Jesus, I can't wait until I get the frigging boomerang!'. The Epoch system would also allow for servers based around certain Epochs, rather than base and prim+ servers. You could set a server to stop at the bronze age and so on. This would also make it so those seeking to engage in RP through this game don't have to step outside of the main game. I mean, every server needs a pizza place and juice bar, amiright? Alternative Merge Prim+ and Prime Provide configuration options for Level a dino can be tamed at Level resource can be harvested/used at
  10. Crafting Overhaul So, I dislike blueprints. I think the existence of blueprints detracts significantly from the game, as it doesn't take much effort to walk up to a drop and snag one. I would much prefer to see a crafting skill system, where the quality of the gear you are able to produce is tied specifically to the time you have invested in crafting the specific classes of gear. This idea would see the elimination of the static crafting skill stat, and see the implementation of a much more robust system. The system would be split into categories, and progress in each of those categories would be dependent on the player's having crafted so much gear at a specific quality. example: Primitive Saddle Crafting The player would only be able to craft primitive saddles until they have earned enough primitive saddle crafting experience. Once the player has earned sufficient experience, say after crafting 100 primitive saddles, they can level-up and begin crafting ramshackle saddles. After 200-300 ramshackle saddles, they can level-up and begin crafting apprentice saddles, and on it goes. Each class of gear would have an independent leveling system tied to it, so you would need to progress through each class of gear in order to be able to reach the pinnacle of gear crafting. This could lead to specializations inside of tribes, and would make acquiring that high-level gear much more rewarding. You could keep the blueprint system in place, because engram points and all, but tie the quality of the item crafted to the player's category-specific progress. In this way, beacons still have relevance outside of just dropping a random smattering of supplies. In reality, you could actually implement this system universally; where you could see structure durability tied to progress in crafting the various structure pieces. Maybe fridges and generators become more efficient the higher your skill is in crafting those sorts of items.
  11. Reorganize Suggestion Forums The suggestion forums as a fantastic idea, but it's becoming apparent that there needs to be some structural changes to people can actually find suggestions they are interested in. My suggestion would be to split the forum into the following categories and subcategories: Settings and Mechanics (general game settings and mechanics) Creatures Additions Changes Maps Additions Changes Unofficial Hosting (most useful for console, given the tools PC players have access to, but I believe this warrants its own category) Incorporated Tools (admin listing, player listing, stat tracking, and so on) Configuration Options (stats, overrides, and so on) People have short attention spans and aren't likely to sort through more than 60 pages of suggestions to find what they are interested in. Additionally, there are a number of repeat suggestions that are crowding out original suggestions. I believe if the suggestion forum is broken down in a similar fashion to the above, it will make things much easier to find. Additionally, it will break things down into more specific suggestions which will allow a more accurate read on community desires. I get that this makes the suggestion forum more complex, but I think that complexity is going to give you folks a better overall read and ultimately simplify the data collection process on your end. Additionally, it would be useful if you folks would sort the forums according to what you will and what you won't consider. We're all aware there are some things that aren't technically possible or even worth the effort, and some things that defeat your vision of the game. Creating something like a public rejection bin to host the suggestions that aren't going to happen will help people navigate this forum section.
  12. I'd really like to see the Halloween event return to console. That was hands down the best event I've ever participated in on this game.
  13. It prevents downloading character data from external servers, which is disabled when you cluster servers as it is.
  14. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure at this point. I run an official cluster and the issue appears to come and go at this point. Here are the maps for the crate spawns, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Deep_Sea_Loot_Crates
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