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  1. Lucraft

    Ark Theories

    You're a genius !!! I've read everything and it's really incredible ! I was knowing the true story of ARK, but not so deeply ! Keep going like that, you taught me a lot of great things !
  2. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    Sorry for you ... I already broke a leg, I know what it's like. Good recovery.
  3. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    Happy Birthday !!!!
  4. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    You are not totally alone. I still read all that you post. But I can not participate fully because of the excessive time lag at home, and the fact that I have a very weak computer combined with a rotten connection ...
  5. Lucraft

    Griffin Nerf ?!

    I can not unfortunately use Classic Flyer, I play on console ... Nevertheless, thank you for your answers!
  6. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    In fact, excuse me if I'm not very active, but I live in France, and at home, I have six hours more than in America. When you write, I have been sleeping for hours ...
  7. Lucraft

    Griffin Nerf ?!

    The Griffin was nerf ? Hi, so that's it, I did not play Ragnarok since the release of Extinction. A few days ago, I wanted to go back to have fun. I went to get my griffin level 11 (yes I know it's ridiculous) to go for a ride, and a few minutes later, I realized that he had much less energy than before. So, I land on a small hill south of the coast of wyverns and I am surprised by some sabertooths. They almost kill my griffin in just two strokes (they were levels 1). I tried to fight them but I realized after thirty seconds that I did not do them any damage ... I was lucky enough to go home thanks to the tracking and running. I arrived at my base and watched his stats ... 50 HP for 2 damage !! And only 200 energies! This griffin could be killed by a dodo !!! Before Extinction, he had 600 HP, 100 damage and 2000 energy ... So here, I would like to know if this huge nerf is normal or if it is a bug. (Now that I think about it, maybe it could be a change in favor of Snow Owl ...)
  8. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    Forgive me, but where has this been comfirmed?
  9. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    WOW! This topic is growing so fast that I can not follow it anymore! I finally managed to read everything in my free time, and all ideas posted are just great! I had thought ... A "DLC" should need explorers notes, whether for xp or for the story. And Helena and company never came on this ark. So we need new explorers! I think that a Pirate would be ideal to be part of it. A Viking too. And why not a 21st century scientist who studied the seabed ?? Also, my brother also had an idea. Like basilosaurs stranded on Ragnarok, there could be Cnidaria (jellyfish) stranded on the beaches of small tropical islands! Not only would it be realistic, but in addition, the narcoberries are quite rare, it would provide biotoxin, which would allow beginners to have something to tame without difficulty!
  10. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    In fact, it's because I'm not posting anymore. I'm just following the topic. But as soon as I have ideas, I share them!
  11. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    Awesome !
  12. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    The same. I can not make a map like this, I play on console and my PC is one of the most rotten on the market ...
  13. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    Yes, the underwater construction system should be developed like this ...
  14. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    You are right. Let's continue to evolve this topic to get what we want!
  15. Lucraft

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    Yes, that would be great. Since the dawn of time, gigantic armies of T-rex are tamed and raised, for the sole purpose of winning boss fights without lifting a finger. Now, that will change. Now it will not be T-rex anymore. BUT MOSASAURS !!