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  1. Lucraft

    Help me tame a Queen Bee :'(

    I confirm, it can be difficult to tame one of these damn bees. I managed to run towards her as soon as possible, with rare flowers, bug repellent and Ghillies outfit. Luck has done the rest, I suppose. In any case, all I can advise you is to persevere. After, once you have one or two hive (see ten), you're quiet for a while! (I even think that you and your tribe will not be able to consume all the honey if you have more than ten!) Good luck!
  2. Lucraft

    Tell me what you like the most about Ark

    What I like most about ARK is, I believe, the number of possibilities. There's something for everyone. Me, I like to explore the beautiful landscape offered by the game, and build a small house. And also, what I like most is probably the ecosystem. Every creature, every plant, every biome, everything has its importance to make the game live. This is a stroke of genius. The story is also incredibly crazy. I almost cry at the end of Extinction. As you read through all of Explorer's Notes, you can see the incredibly complex story of the game. Nothing has been left to chance, all to a logical and rational explanation. In short, if you ask me what I like in the game, I will probably answer the game itself.
  3. I'm really looking forward to these changes on Xbox! The only thing I miss is a last Dino TLC Pass and the Ascension of Scorched Earth. And more creatures of course ...!
  4. Lucraft

    The Island or Scorched Earth ?

    Oh ! My topic was translated...
  5. The Island or Scorched Earth ? Hi ! I'm launching this topic to get the opinion of the ARK community. In your opinion, what would be the ideal map to play RP on a private Xbox PvE server with around 15/20 players? The Island is the classic ARK experience, with a wide variety of biomes and creatures. Scorched Earth, it has very interesting characteristics, with a more adventure side, and very beautiful landscape. Also, I do not want to play on other maps. I know that Ragnarok has even more beautiful places than them in Scorched Earth, huge amounts of resources ... But I want to play the real ARK. Extinction and Aberration are fine, but too much ... Futuristic. As for The Center ... well ... I do not find it very interesting ... So I have The Island and Scorched Earth! Thank you to everyone who will help me make my choice!
  6. Awesome ! I can not wait to enjoy these changes on Xbox!