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  1. I mean, that's the easier way to say what I think, since I don't really have ideas for the theories themselves
  2. The One Who Waits. Also, @ArkTheorist123, remember this Livingstone guy theory you had ? What are your thoughts on it now ? Could he be the one who created the GenSim ? Could he awaits us in the simulation ? Is he corrupted by Element because he was too selfish ? So many questions...
  3. Or maybe... Ok, so Rockwell is an Overseer, right ? Maybe the entire Genesis simulation IS the system ARK. Think about it. A place where the Homo deus would interact with each other, while their Overseer body is auto-protecting the ARK... Because y'know, there must be a sort of Internet to maintain the ARKs together. A really high-tech Internet... If this is true -which I hope is the case-, then Rockwell would have access to this system. And if he can get in, he can corrupt it... Perhaps the goal of Genesis is to kill Rockwell from the inside, since we can't kill him from the outside due to him reviving when he's in liquid Element. So this skin might be a human, or a Homo deus -who is technically human- corrupted ! Well at least it makes sense to me. Let me know what you think of this, I feel like I'm on something there... Unless you can prove me it's impossible
  4. @ArkTheoryApprentice I like your name xD. And yes, the Astrocetus does look like this ship from Atlas, but it's only inspired I think, not redesigned or something... *cough cough Rockwell / Kraken cough cough..* I don't think WC would implemant things from Atlas in ARK. The inverse is possible though.
  5. I'm late, but yeah, your husband obviously never played ARK. That's a good theorie on the philosophal side, but for the facts, just read the explorer's notes. He should become story writter though, I would buy what he write x) Just read this thread entirely, and you'll probably understand what the story (or at least a part of it) actually is. So if you're still here, keep being curious and don't listen to those who says that it's a default: ARK's story, even if it's not what you said, is truly beautifull, and it deserve more attention
  6. I just found that on the ARK wiki, it's pretty cool ! Ok, it's not part of the official story, but imagine if all of them were actually prototypes of the ones we know ? We could see Proto-ARKs that use these, instead of the classic one. It would be cool. Or even operational ARKs... Now I want a modded map that use them. And I want this map to become official, since I'm on console. But I'm almost sure you guys have already saw them and that I'm late...
  7. I trust you. WildCard would gain nothing by doing that, it'll simply be useless. We'll never see things like pvp in a game like ARK. In more, people would hate the game for multiple reasons like mesh, overpowered creatures, raid offline, cheat and bugs, toxic players, misunderstanding due to different languages, abusive kids, crashs, FPS problems, things being unbalanced, crossbow that can't recharge, and I know there would be a lot more problems than just that... PvP is obviously the worst idea ever
  8. Actually, it would be pretty fun. But we can always dream, like for Subnautica... x'D
  9. Guys, that Broken Moon theorie is AMAZING. Y'all are genius I know I only post useless comments, but I just can't understand how you come up with so many good ideas... Now that I think about it, the ''Arrival'' could really mean this. I just don't know how I didn't see it sooner, being a fan of space. But if the ARKs are locking themselves because of the Moon's crash, it actually means than breaking the system on Aberration was a really really REALLY bad idea... Cause if that's true, it means if we waited a little more, the Element would have been destroyed by the crash, and then, after some thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of years, the ARKs would have been able to fall safety. While there... The life we made appear will be pulverised. So did we do a big mistake ?? Pretty embarrassing... Even if we can fix it or something, I wonder how. ''Fixing'' the actual Moon must be a little hard, even with the advanced Homo deus technology. It's not just a rock, it's a big rock. Maybe we're gonna use Arat Prime as a Gravitationnal Laser to re-place the Moon's part together, fixing it's orbit. Or maybe not. Anyway, I really enjoy reading what you post guys, please keep doing that
  10. There's a freakin' lunar biome... God, I didn't expect that. With space whales and low gavity and space and all that stuff... That's too much for me. HYPE OVERLOAD. No seriously, I'm so so SO happy, this biome's gonna be AMAZING ! This DLC will definitely be better than Extinction, and by far, imo. On the other hand, I hope they have a good explanation for this biome, because... yeah that's strange. I just hope they won't just say ''Oh it's a simulation and here's why it's so incredible''. It would piss me off x)
  11. That's pure genius... It all makes sense now ! Of course, why would Helena send the H-LNA for nothing ? Oh, and here are the transmissions for the Plasma Canon thing : [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Sporadic outbreaks of violence. Trending toward "not-so-sporadic." [LOG_TRANSMIT] Unfortunate, but expected. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Using validation code 5d83c790-c238-40fb-9dc1-2d093f55a845, make your next terminal entry. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-04 [LOG_RECEIVE] Survivors gravitate toward any technology they're offered. [LOG_RECEIVE] Doubly so when that tech helps keep them alive. [LOG_RECEIVE] And triply so when that tech lets them dominate those without it. Classic arms-race thinking. Hope it helps a little. I didn't understand a single word of this, but it seems to be really powerfull. I already want it
  12. Big Brain ! No seriously, what you're saying is true, it could really be the creation of the HLNA... Or maybe it's us ?? I mean, when you look at the trailer, it's clear than she created the character than we play in Genesis (part 1 at least). This thing is speaking about a specimen, but a bot isn't a specimen. A specimen, if I'm right, is a life-form. WE ARE a life-form. Hmmm... I can't stop thinking about that... What are we ?? In the game of course . We are some Homo Sapiens re-created with Homo Deus DNA, yes, but... Is our mind true ? Our memories ?? Or are we really ''programmed'' to do something that the system WANT us to do... So many questions. And I have the feeling that every answers are in Arat Prime... Well anyway I can't wait to see the other transmissions. There's so many new thing to learn !
  13. Hmm... Well that's... A strange way to tell something. It's really weird .
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