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  1. based on a true story me trying to avoid seeing the genesis end cutscene before i find all the glitches but then accidentally seeing some minor information on the cutscene online:
  2. Still fixing glitches, found at least a third of them as of right now.
  3. Just played Genesis today and my first thought is: Why was the opening cutscene different from what we saw in the announcement trailer? Because honestly I think that version was better. In that 1 minute and 7 seconds long trailer version of the cutscene, we at least got some idea of where we were going and why. There was also a better build up to the introduction of HLN-A, as well as the different biomes and creatures. Then you have the opening cutscene in the final product...10 seconds. From us starting the game to us entering gameplay, the cutscene is just TEN. SECONDS. ...10 SECONDS?!?! WHY?! All of that extra exposition, all those well built up introductions...all gone. Now the pace of the cutscene just feels rushed, and the whole cutscene overall just feels...underwhelming. Other than that, I do admire WC's attempts at making the game less grindy via the Hexagon exchange. It's like a breath of fresh air for people who just stink at the game. Oh, and in terms of story, here's something I think I've figured out thus far - I'm not entirely sure, but I think those fractal people from the cover image are supposed to be Rockwell's minions in the boss fight. Though I'm still not sure if the boss is actually Rockwell or some AI version of Rockwell set up by H/OWW as a test. If it's an AI Rockwell, then those fractal people are probably just, you know, part of the test. But if it's the real Rockwell, then are those fractal people the ancient humans and/or previous survivors that have been corrupted by him? Whatever the case, I don't want to know the answer just yet!
  4. This image pretty much confirms that Rockwell is present within the simulation as the final boss, and is either the actual Rockwell or is a simulated version H/OWW wants us to fight as a test.
  5. Just under an hour until Genesis releases...God, I can't believe it. What are all your thoughts?
  6. So this screenshot pretty much confirms that this particular weapon really is a grenade launcher. At first I was a little confused about why there was a simple grenade seemingly floating in the image, but now I understand - the little interface on the left of the device is where the launcher's ammo is stored. Not only that, but it seems the grenade launcher can literally launch any type of grenade. I see at least the simple, smoke, cluster, and tek grenades in this image.
  7. Guys, I just had a thought...Now, I'm not saying that those fractal people in the above image couldn't just be some manifestation of glitches/malicious AI or that they aren't just some tribe that really likes the corrupted avatar skins - but this is just too good of an idea to not put out there. So as I've mentioned before, it seems that the ancient humans uploaded themselves into the GenSim and then simply vanished without a trace. But...what if the reason there's no trace as to why they vanished is because they didn't actually vanish? What if those fractal people in the above image ARE the ancient humans?! You can even see some of them seem to be holding tek weapons! Suppose they did something so stupid that they accidentally broke their avatars, hence their corrupted appearance. And what if they just think us survivors are some sort of invading force? Or what if their avatars are being controlled by some third party?
  8. I just realized this image shows the dodo/bulbdog basketball mission lol
  9. Players getting online for the release tomorrow be like: And they also be like: "Rev up those servers because I am sure hungry for some Genesis!"
  10. I just realized that HLN-A specifically mentions in the Genesis chronicles that "the plan was to see what element would do if it had access to survivors", not the environment itself. So maybe the part about the whole idea of the ARKs being used to just test element is not as concrete as I thought. So why are the ARKs testing on survivors? Heck, even on Scorched Helena mentions that the ARKs seem to be "some kind of bizarre experiment on a grand scale; Yes, each station would represent an experimental group, and...". I don't have an explanation yet, but hopefully this gets explained in Genesis.
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