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  1. GUYS I JUST REALIZED!!! - So I was looking back at those mysterious transmissions that Ê€2Š(¥ËÌY has been putting out, when I realized just how [LOG_RECEIVE] speaks throughout them. With Genesis chronicles just having been released, I now realize that there's only one character that would speak like that - HLN-A!!! [LOG_RECEIVE] isn't just something to do with HLN-A or it's creation - [LOG_RECEIVE] IS HLN-A!!! It all makes sense - those weird messages [LOG_RECEIVE] has been making were her observations of survivors and other things within the Genesis simulation. HLN-A is in the simulation, tagging along with survivors like us so she can make observations of us and the environment (the mysterious transmissions - this is they they exist in the first place!), observations which she then relays to [LOG_TRANSMIT] (Helena). This makes sense since Helena has said that the simulation is "out of her reach", so she would need to make HLN-A in order to get analyses of the simulation (we've seen in the trailer that HLN-A is capable of entering the simulation). After the findings are relayed, Helena has HLN-A record them in those terminal entries. What for, I'm not sure, maybe it has something to do with what HLN-A has displayed in the chronicles, that she's not entirely educated on survivors or just surviving in general? So she makes the terminal entries as a sort of reference? Or maybe it's part of Helena's endgame, which we're still not sure what it is? I don't know. I'm just glad I figured this out.
  2. Based off the message that comes with the image and just the look of these objects themselves, I'm guessing this is some kind of new tek weapon or device.
  3. Honestly I think there's just not enough information at the moment to conclusively know the premise of Genesis. If you recall at the end of Extinction, the last thing our character did was get their implant removed. Then, in the Genesis trailer, the first thing our character did was inspect their arm to find no implant. Then, at the very end of Extinction, you have the scene we know for a fact shows Aberration having crashed after the reseed protocol. If Genesis really does take place before Extinction (and the reseed protocol), then why even keep that scene in the game if it thereby has no relevance? I dunno, to me it just seems like Wildcard is trying to visually insinuate that Genesis takes place after Extinction. I could always be wrong, though. Again, some of this is just speculation. All we really know is that Helena is sending us to some (broken?) simulation with a robotic companion based somewhat off herself. And then that's it. We have a few vague descriptions of some of the creatures, and Helena appears to be communicating with something, but I don't think there's enough info yet to know anything about what the simulation is or was intended for, where and when Genesis takes place, exactly what Helena's endgame is (other than that she's trying to train us for something called "The arrival"), if the Aberration scene in Extinction has anything to do with it, or anything else. We can just guess for now. That being said, I kind of like the idea of Rockwell having some antagonistic role in Genesis Part 1.
  4. I pretty much agree with all of this. Also, here's the notes themselves: LAVA CAVE: "Take a look at this. Its a bit of flash that the other survivors must've missed. Good thing you've got ol' HLN-A following you around, right? There's a reason I'm following you around. My creator, Helena, used to be a survivor like you. If I observe you, maybe i can understand her better." SOUTH CAVE: "It fascinates me how you survivors find your own solutions to problems. Stranded in a strange land with no tools? Just punch the trees! I never would have guessed that's effective. Can't wait to see what solutions you come up with in the Genesis simulation. Like... how do you build a fort on the open sea? Or in a volcanic hellscape? It's not all punching trees, mate." SNOW CAVE: "This place is dangerous! If you don't starve, the dinos will get you -- or the environment, or who knows what else. Thirty percent of survivors don't live to see a second day, and fifty-five percent don't make it past the first week. It's a little odd that they're called "survivors" when they're not so good at it. You, though? I got a feeling about you. After all, they're putting you in the Genesis simulation for a reason, eh?" THE OLD TUNNELS: "I don't understand how you survivors decide what to tame what to eat. Take a gander at the creatures we've seen lately. They aren't exactly cute! What makes you look at something that's all scales and fangs and say, "that one there, that'll be a right rippin' pet?" Or "I fancy that dino for brekkie this morning?" Tame 'em or eat 'em, that's your call, I reckon. Just don't let 'em eat you, eh?" RUINS OF NOSTI: "This Ark has creatures that never were, if you catch my meaning. It's not all dinosaurs from prehistory. The minds behind this Ark dug into their mythology books, not just their "Dinos for Kiddos" books. Get used to it -- you'll see some things in the Genesis simulation that never were, too. I reckon it's yet another way to keep survivors on your toes."
  5. Genesis chronicles just got released on all platforms
  6. Me: Kills Dodo with a spear, cooks it, and eats it. Everyone else in the DNA cloning lab:
  7. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Rumors everywhere. The bog has a boogeyman. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Today's rumors are tomorrow's folk tales. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-05 [LOG_RECEIVE] We find the lucky ones trapped in giant webs. [LOG_RECEIVE] But we find the unlucky ones as corpses, drained of blood. [LOG_RECEIVE] Unluckiest of all are the ones we never find. Given the above text, I assume that this is some spider creature that spits webs and lives in bogs (hence they say "The bog has a boogeyman"). It seems that if you get trapped in it's web, it will attack you and slowly drain you of health. I wonder how we'll be able to combat that...if at all. Also, is [LOG_RECEIVE] saying that there are more of itself? I mean, it's saying that someone or something is spreading rumors, and "everywhere", and also that "WE find the lucky ones in giant webs". Is it referring to itself and Helena, or, if it's a specimen-monitoring AI as necaradan666 suggested, more of itself, monitoring the specimens? Interesting.
  8. Red Beacon Drop: *Lands* Me: Red Beacon Drop: *Contains nothing but blueprints for a compass and crop plot* Me:
  9. Waiting for Genesis chronicles be like
  10. According to this, Genesis chronicles should start sometime around the 11th. That's so far away...
  11. *Nearly a week later with still no Genesis chronicles* Me: *furiously pounds fists on desk* WHERE'S - MY - GENESIS - CHRONICLES!!!
  12. Never mind what I said earlier about it being an eggshell, I read the ARG and I'm now like 99.9% sure it's the fishing net they were talking about here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Fishing_Net_(Genesis)
  13. I thought we were going to get some more voice lines from HLN-A. Though given they say "Survivors with the cosmetic HLN-A will find some explorer notes provide a glimpse of what to expect in the forthcoming Genesis expansion", I guess there's still a possibility that if you collect these special explorer notes with HLN-A equipped, she may say something special. As for the new thing they just teased with that third transmission, it's late where I am so I don't have time to translate the text next to it right now, though someone else is more than welcome to do that. For now it looks to me like some sort of eggshell. Here is the ARG that comes with it: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/472542-supply-manifest-record-4c3328cc/&tab=comments#comment-2634834 Not sure if the gem in the above picture is important or not.
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