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  1. I mean, there might a slim chance of that being true. Honestly though I think it's just Wildcard being Wildcard.
  2. If you remember during the August 8th stream Cedric sort of accidently mentioned "Survivor training", meaning that the whole simulation is meant to put us through all these tests to train us for something. This, combined with the lack of Genesis chronicle notes on Extinction, would make it appear that Genesis taking place between Aberration and Extinction makes sense - Genesis could just be Helena training us for Extinction. The big problem I see with that, though, is that nearly all of the biomes teased for Genesis (aside from the snow biome) have no relevancy in Extinction (It also can't take place before The Island, as much as that would make sense, because the Genesis chronicle notes are presented as if we have yet to enter the simulation as of Aberration). And also, as TinyHippo pointed, in the Genesis trailer Helena has a translucent head, whereas at the end of Extinction she has a human-looking one. Being that Homo Dei slowly turn "braindead", this could mean some time has passed between the end of Extinction and the opening of Genesis (which is what I assume the trailer depicts), so Helena has further lost herself since Extinction's end, and has therefore turned completely translucent. So yeah, pretty confident that Genesis takes place after Extinction. I just don't understand why there's no chronicle notes on Extinction...
  3. Here we go - in the first photo you can see a strange-looking structure just to the left of the person in the Magmasaur saddle, in the background. The structure in the second photo is just under the Astroceti.
  4. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] It's an arms race over here. [LOG_TRANSMIT] That's both intriguing and worrisome. [LOG_TRANSMIT] For your next terminal entry, use 09fba5e7-7170-4b60-929b-29cca67a0757. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-12 [LOG_RECEIVE] A proper arms race depends on two motivators: [LOG_RECEIVE] Escalation and deterrence. [LOG_RECEIVE] No worries if those forces are in balance. But if the weapons escalate too fast, deterrence doesn't work.
  5. So what if this crystal in the Genesis chronicles logo is of some sort of fuel or power source for the simulation itself? Or is it the simulation's equivalent of artifacts, and we have to collect them in order to fight a boss? Or maybe it's some sort of trophy that we can collect after fighting a boss, and collecting a certain amount will enable us to fight a final boss?
  6. Now that I think of it, the name of the Genesis chronicles skins, "Corrupted avatar", could mean that the skin is the avatar we will be playing as in the simulation, but with some errors that make it appear broken and holographic.
  7. To us they're from the future, but at the time the story takes place they've been dead for possibly millions of years.
  8. First, where did you see Aberration creatures in Genesis? Second, the whole point of us being in the simulation is apparently for HLN-A to train us for...something. Third, the 7th Genesis chronicles note states the following: "I just discovered something curious. The minds that made the Arks used them to test some of the critters that you’ll find in the Genesis simulation. My scanner tells me that an immense lizard with an internal bio-furnace was tested here. They don’t have that creature on this Ark anymore -- we’d see the scorch marks if they did. But they tested the fire lizard here before you survivors came along. I wonder why they decided to have them only in the simulation?" With this knowledge, we can infer that the Genesis simulation was created by the ancient humans around the same time the ARKs were. But for what purpose, we don't know at the moment.
  9. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Production rising as fast as supplies allow. [LOG_TRANSMIT] As expected. That's basic economics. [LOG_TRANSMIT] The code to validate your next terminal entry is 0eee207c-6749-40a2-ab9c-e22ad181f694. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-11 [LOG_RECEIVE] No matter how efficient your production, there's always a limiting factor, [LOG_RECEIVE] Often, the limit is the raw materials available. [LOG_RECEIVE] But if you harvest fast enough, that limit evaporates. This is the mining drill.
  10. Another thing I noticed when watching the trailers again was the presence of not one, but two mysterious tek structures. The first one appears in the Magmasaur trailer, at 0:22 when it briefly cuts to the survivor sitting in the Magmasaur saddle, you can see it far off in the background. The other one appears in the lunar biome trailer, just underneath the astroceti. What exactly could those be for, if not decoration? Could Genesis have a small set of explorer notes that can be found at these structures? Could they give clues to Genesis's past? Do we need to visit them to make progress? btw I took screenshots of them but the files were apparently too big for me to post them here. You'll just have to find them by actualy watching the trailers
  11. I want to talk about these vids Epic ARK made about the mysterious images again, the above video in particular. While I was analyzing the Genesis stream reveal trailers again to see if there was anything I missed, I realized that...I don't think the vids are fake. The image in the above video has a striking resemblance to something from the lunar biome reveal trailer. In the trailer, in the upper right-hand corner, behind the astroceti, you can see a group of small boulders floating out in space. The Image in the vid above also has a group of small boulders. If that wasn't enough, here's the two images side-by-side: I mean...if he did fake the vids and this is just a coincidence, it's got to be a pretty insane one. I mean, there's no way he could have known about the lunar biome weeks and weeks before it was revealed.
  12. The Magmasaur saddle as it appears in the trailer. Looks like it's main body is a sort of walk-in fridge with a bunch of small fans and air conditioners on the outside. We can also see that the three leads at the end go over the Magmasaur's frill. Also, just a random thought, how are supposed to get water in the lava region?
  13. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] It's hot -- "Outback hot," I'd say. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Understood, but report on the non-Outback aspects. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Validate using 4b72a8e6-c24c-4525-8257-5669bdacf6a6 for the next terminal entry. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-10[LOG_RECEIVE] Wheels and treads would melt here,[LOG_RECEIVE] but native life adapts, as always.[LOG_RECEIVE] With enough insulation and cooling, we adapt too. I'm 100% sure that this is the Magmasaur saddle.
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