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  1. Oh no. It's followed me. I feel like some extra useful information to have listed on there would be: - Levels Available - Saddle/No Saddle - Saddle Stats And did you know that punching with a cryopod is more effective than punching with your fists? Faster!
  2. You've got it right on the head my friend. The Genesis-Ship crashes onto this planet and life is unleashed (like the Reseed Protocol). Just so happens, we aren't alone on the planet. There are blue/grey bipedal humanoid aliens who aren't so happy with the new visitors. Simple solution? Kill us. What they don't know is that we have FRICKING VIN DIESEL on our side. Err, I meant Santiago.
  3. Untr- ..... This is quite the revalation. This shouldn't be possible... I've read the notes! All of them! Several times! Yet I miss something as trival as this!? ..... So yes, it seems as if Santiago has truly been killed on Extinction- though I could have sworn somewhere that a corpse was never found. Might be mixing up notes in my head. Specifically #29. Such an oversight on the Theory team's part, me included. Well then, this leaves one main possibility. Santiago is a Survivor on the Colony Ship. How this is possible is quite convoluted- two Santiagos in existence at the same
  4. 1. The Dinos were a part of the Genesis-Ship. When it crashed there they were released into the alien ecosystem as intended. 2. Santiago either beamed himself into the Genesis Simulation/Genesis-Ship after escaping the Corrupted Dinosaurs, or was already present as a clone on the Ship. 3. While it was believed that he was laid to rest in Extinction, his death was never confirmed, as his body was never found. At this point in time, the most likely scenario is that he escaped the Corrupted Creatures and eventually made his way to Arat Prime where he entered Genesis. Again, it is also p
  5. Yessiree. One ring is definitely going to be more tame than the other (blue), and the other is most likely going to be the higher risk/reward area of the map with heavier story elements (purple). The idea of the purple ring being corrupted is also a thing which is quite possible, but in my opinion it's most likely where Rockwell's Garden is located. We do however know that Element Corruption will most likely be a present threat on the Genesis-Ship, as during the ending cutscene of Genesis Part I we can see a female Survivor getting Corrupted within their chamber. This is definitely possib
  6. PvP- Toxic in any game. Seriously, if it's a competitive game, it's gonna have a toxic side. Fun- Fun is up to interpertation. Managarmrs- Overpowered, and in my opinion shouldn't be able to get transferred to other maps. I feel like creatures/variants should be contained to their maps, with some exceptions such as Aberrant creatures to Val and Deins to Rag and The Island. Meshing- Fault of toxic PvPers. Aimot- Fault of toxic PvPers. So it seems that 4 of your 5 points are the fault of the actual playerbase, and not WC.
  7. So... Any idea as to where our friend HLN-A has gone? And what about the "luminous paintings"? Who could have drawn them? It should be obvious why- to document the events we have experienced for future generations on "P-L06". Since nobody thought up a better name, I've claimed it. Bite me. But I digress. And what would we see as a protagonist? Are we going to build a new one up through DLC, or do you think Rockwell will come back again? I actually have a really good theory regarding his whereabouts. (For later!)
  8. I was joking around with him. He literally said "." The trailer was confirmed to take place on an alien planet, and further solidified in the Discord Server. And the rings in the cave were from the ascension cut scene from Genesis Part I. This planet is where the Colony Ship lands, and where we'll continue our adventure with Santiago.
  9. Why is everything about 2x lmao? Their game, their rates. That settles everything.
  10. Inspiring theory and quite true, but I feel like the return of Nerva is quite a bold statement my friend. XD
  11. Lock Graphics: A box that can be accessed from the in-game settings menu that allows you to lock/unlock your graphical settings from being changed. Purge Graphics: A tick that allows you to reset your Admin Commanded graphical settings such as "admincheat bloomquality _" back to defaults.
  12. An option accessible via the Advanced Options tab that allows you to lock the settings of your map/server. When checked: All settings are unchangeable and put under grey text. When blank: All settings are changeable at any time.
  13. A way to disable Admin Commands in a Single/Multiplayer environment via the Advanced Options tab. When checked: Disables Cheat Menu and Commands. When blank: Allows Cheat Menu and Commands.
  14. Remember, if you'd like to join us, you are 100% welcome. I can pop in a link here
  15. "Did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?" Dumbledore asked calmly. It's funny because it's almost as if they skimmed past that part of the book entirely...
  16. "The games and the books should be considered to be separate continuities, even if they do share many familiar elements. So yes, the book is canon, just as the games are. That doesn't mean that they are intended to fit together like two puzzle pieces. [...] The book is a re-imagining of the Five Nights at Freddy's story, and if you go into it with that mindset, I think you will really enjoy it." -Scott Cawthon Now you're probably wondering why I'm tying FNaF to ARK in the ARK Forums, but I feel like we're being treated to a similar gimmick here, where we have two separate canons that can
  17. - I feel like the developers added the note just as a, "Hey, Santiago's gonna be in ARK II, so here's some extras thrown towards the character!" In fact, as a prediction, I bet we'll be getting another note from him on Earth. Probably just an "I escaped the corrupted creatures and picked up a weird signal, so FolLoW iT I mUSt!!1" - If Santiago is on the Federation Colony Ship (FCS) it would be safe to say that he'd have some form of lore importance in Genesis Part II. I feel like it's pretty much confirmed at this point, from including him in the Genesis II Chronicles to including him in
  18. And that's a really big thing too, I am not the OG here. While AT123 is the king here, I'm technically the king of the ARK Theories Discord. That's not really what I was aiming for- I feel like I kind of pulled an Embrace Extend Extinguish here... I really don't like to get deep into thinking, but again, this is something that might call for that. Just giving up the server to AT123 might not even be the best choice here. After all, he already owns this thread- who would want to own another? But even then. I doubt anybody would want to leave the comfort of the Discord Server. I guess
  19. You have a point. You really do. But when it boils down to it, what would people (or more specifically I) rather? A large place that gets easily congested/complicated and is open to anyone who wants to be a part of the team with varied amounts of experience and seriousness, OR a smaller, more compact and condensed platform for quick theorizing, places to just chill and get off topic and members who are more serious and dedicated to the purpose? Your question brings a dilemma to my attention. Was it selfish for me to create a new theories thread, without even consulting anyone else, let al
  20. For all of those whom it may concern: No, we have not stopped making theories :). We have moved to a different platform, BUT, we will always be here to post the big discoveries. To a new age of theories! Thank you, ARK Forums.
  21. Well, this place has slightly died out due to lack of new info. https://discord.gg/uSqR8Pvv This is the gang's discord, basically a place to get a bit more off-topic and do theory tidbits. The forum seems to be home to the bigger, more mainstream theories ^^
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