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  1. Same here. Within 5 seconds of mission start for any mission ark crashes ever since the update to genesis last night
  2. Was it intentional to remove tropeo spawns? Since summer bash launch on extinction we have found 0
  3. Joeblow has never been a serious forum moderator. I challenge you to find a serious post from him. It's best to ignore anything he posts as his aim is to troll.
  4. This is a game issue, I'm having the same issue on xbox
  5. Blue screen of death is related to your computer, not the game. If it only occurs when loading a program, that means your computer cannot handle the program. This b.s. is on your side. I reccomend next time it occurs copy down the error code and Google it, as should be done with any error code received other than 404.
  6. I see several people posting about crash zones in Ragnarok desert. Coordinates are gonna be needed to figure out what's wrong. Just like when anti mesh system was broke we had to provide locations of errors, they are gonna need that here too so they and find it. The desert on rag is pretty big. Not trying to be a douche with this comment, just trying to make it easier for devs and players. It's kinda like when a tribemate on mic says I'm right here and when you ask where he only says "here"
  7. Meshers don't deserve drops. Get better and earn your stuff douchebag.
  8. I'd like an answer from wc on this. I've been told by many small tribes alphas that past breeding events have effected small tribes too. I could care less bout the do or harvesting. Just the breeding.
  9. Also there is already a game mode that wipes at a predetermined time(ark apocalypse) this truly shows how quick people can build up
  10. It is totally possible(especially on extinction) to go from nothing to Tek in under a week. It depends on the number of members and the drive of players. I have been meshed alot(can tell when viewing the tribe log and first thing destroyed is a generator that was inside base, or only the foundation under the gen is missing), but we can get to a full 6*6*4 metal base with heavies and bullets in 1-3 days depending on how hard we push and if any tames survive. If you get completely wiped just fast tech to crossbow and narcs, get a Argy and anky, make 10-20 forges, fill forges, make Indy forge bla
  11. I personally believe most of the challenge in transferring out is finding the drops. The beacons for the drops aren't as high as other maps, they don't even reach higher than a spino sail. So most people can't find the drops or aren't alerted to them. Also there seems to be a mechanic in game that the more drops you loot the more rapidly they spawn and vise versa. So because of being hard to find they are rarely looted and thus spawn less frequently. I've tested this theory on rag, Val and ab. I've sat in air and watched drop spawn rate slow if I don't gather, or if I do gather they continuous
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