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  1. Same here. Within 5 seconds of mission start for any mission ark crashes ever since the update to genesis last night
  2. Was it intentional to remove tropeo spawns? Since summer bash launch on extinction we have found 0
  3. To note not even a mana or gig(since mesh biting was fixed) can hit the head of a rock drake. Was on a mana and had full view of neck and head of rock drake but breath attack could t it it no matter how I aimed
  4. You can also put them in the forge as hinted by the community crunch. Here's some data I gathered. 4 Chibis make another chibi. 4 chibi of same quality make another of that same quality. Green is common, blue is uncommon, red and yellow are rare, not sure which is rarer
  5. Joeblow has never been a serious forum moderator. I challenge you to find a serious post from him. It's best to ignore anything he posts as his aim is to troll.
  6. Offer them to do what I suggested, they can see themselves since nobody stockpiles screenshots of their stuff and expects to get arked, it just happens.
  7. Its an admin command that server managers can use on private servers too. As long as the tribe exists they can insert themselves into it. It obv exists if there's a structure claimed by the tribe
  8. The plant x u can use fire arrows to burn it away quickly. Survivor only turrets can be soaked with some tames that show the rider but bullet pathing hits tame, like gasbag or golem. If you are bent on using cannons use a quetz/paracer platform saddle, or the mek Cannon. No place is unraidable. I'm also assuming this is unofficial cause calling someone alpha with that few turrets baffles me, but that's just me being used to fighting with too many turrets in an area. There's also the old trick of luring alpha rexes to the spam(yes they can destroy metal) but this is low and wouldn't reccomend i
  9. The only other option I can think of, assuming you can get wildcard to cooperate, is to have a gm come to your server to respond to your ticket. They can insert themselves as admin into any tribe they wish, even a 6 man full tribe on small tribes, and can see for themselves who is tribe leader. I have screenshots of a gm inserting themselves into my tribe then saying hi when answering a ticket so it can be done.
  10. So from my personal experience on small tribes Xbox, bee hives have fixed spawn locations, but it doesn't seem as if there is a collision check when spawning one beehive where another is already. I've found as many as 3 Queens in a stack of beehives and have found none. I've personally found 10 beehives stacked together. But to answer your original question, destroying the hives has nothing to do with the spawns of another, it's just based on spawn rate which I don't know the timer on. To respond about the dino wipe wiping bees out of hives, this is also untrue as one of the times I went queen
  11. If you have another active player in tribe have him take a screenshot for you
  12. You do realise this is the Xbox section of the forums right?
  13. Because they aren't broke? At least not on Xbox or pc. Remember if ur problem is low spawn it's cause y'all aren't despawning drops/veins often or doing them often. The spawn rate is partially dependent on how often they are despawned/completed.
  14. What platform u playing? Xbox and pc all dinos visible. I realise this is Xbox forum but some people still post in wrong spots.
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