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  1. If you understood why I said they should get the TLC, the entire reason is a counter to manas. And I explained why they need a counter? lol
  2. No, you said "It seems you're blind to the other issues in this game" What? When was this ever mentioned? We were talking about the balancing issue with manas Seems you're the one failing to read what others are typing, if you're just going to go at me like that on a topic that isn't relevant at all
  3. I am the last person on this Earth who is blind to all of the garbage balancing in this game. This game is fundamentally broken in so many ways, namely breeding. Today I just decided to rant about manas. And no, I don't think I should ever have to retreat to an unofical to be able to enjoy the game
  4. First, Scorched Earth came out 4 years ago, and basically nothing has been done to the Wyvern for all that time. Second, compared to other creatures, to some people Wyverns can be underwhelming. Very. People prefer to ride around on Snow Owls to fight manas with plant Z because manas SHRED Wyverns. Nearly NO ONE uses them because of this one thing. That and some people think; Why use a wyvern when I can use a 16k hp Snow Owl with a 90 armor saddle? They're one of the coolest tames in the game, and yet barely anyone uses them. And no, the Procoptodon and Argen are not the "best tames"
  5. Hopefully the Wyvern. Even if they just add a saddle for it. I'm so sick and tired of the PvP meta being "Giga chomp mana zoom" Giving them saddles and possibly updating some abilities would breathe so much life into this game. I see a lot of people asking for things like the carno and the megalodon, which I guess would make the game better for PvE in some sense, but it would literally, like the other TLCs for the most part, do literally nothing for the PvP community. Hopefully they'll take us into account
  6. Did you... did you just say the map is catered towards PVP???
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