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  1. Well, there was that "Genetic Analysis Record" that Ê€2Š(¥ËÌY made. To recap, we see that [LOG_TRANSMIT] (Helena) tells [LOG_RECEIVE] (HLN-A) that she's found some sort of genetic code that HLN-A should implement. When people solved the little treasure hunt in the image that followed, they were met with this message: [LOG_TRANSMIT] Those are the answers I was looking for! [LOG_RECEIVE] It was easily accessible data. [LOG_RECEIVE] However, my memory retention is firmware limited to 30 specimen sleep cycles. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Well that's not good. [LOG_RECEIVE] It is a safety precaution, to avoid the onset of undesirable personality traits in my neural core. [LOG_TRANSMIT] All things considered I'll take that at face value. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Sounds like I might need to pay you a visit. Interestingly enough, in order to unlock this message, people had to answer a series of questions by going to that "Terminal Command Line" in the "edit profile" tab and inputting a bunch of stuff that only Helena would known, at some point or another (the name of her argy, etc). Basically what I'm saying is, and this may be a bit of a stretch, but what if what was going on here was Helena found a sort of "copy" of her own DNA, and tried to replicate herself with HLN-A. But, because of HLN-A's "safety precautions", the robot part of HLN-A would only permanently integrate her personality, and not her memories. Just another thought that might explain HLN-A's lack of Helena's memories.
  2. I wish wildcard would give us an exact release date for Genesis. I know they said "late January", but that's a bit of a broad spectrum - like, do the mean the 20th, the 31st etc. THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!!
  3. *Genesis countdown themes intensify* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awovg_E1sGE&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uEdXtcu2oE&t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjTl38Izptg
  4. Welp, this is it: the month that Genesis releases. Let's just hope that they don't pull another ATLAS on us and delay it's release again.
  5. Alright, I think by looking back at some Youtube vids and turning the quality to max I can sort of make out what's being said. Now, due to the glare coming from the tek behind the screen on the platform, most of it is literally unintelligible, but this is what I got: It looks like this image has the same message on either side of it. The message is "User *Unintelligible*" Left text reads: "We, *Unintelligible* Sca*Unintelligible* Imp*Unintelligible*. Right text reads: "Data uploading, stand by, Conf*Unintelligible* Ide*Unintelligible*". Left text reads: "Bea*Unintelligible* Ac*Unintelligible*". Right text reads: "Signal received, Comm*Unintelligible* coun*Unintelligible*". So, uh...yeah, a lot of stuff still unintelligible. If anyone else wants to take a crack at this, you're more than welcome to.
  6. Here is a vid showing all chibis: You can clearly see when he gets to the Magmasaur that it's chibi name is indeed "Cherufe". I...really don't know what that means.
  7. I don't play ARK MOBILE, so I don't know who that is.
  8. The text is also visible on the dossier in the game, not just this photo from the wiki.
  9. Looks like there's no mysterious mystery this week :( On another note, apparently those chibi pets that come with the winter event include creatures from Genesis.
  10. All I know is that the name "L Livingstone" appears both on the broodmother dossier as well as the name for a plaza in the sanctuary, implying that someone named L Livingstone may have worked with element and was also such a huge public figure to the ancient humans that they named a plaza in the sanctuary after him. As for how he might fit into the story, if at all, I'm not sure.
  11. Here are the last notes themselves and my interpretation: "The background levels of Element are way higher on this Ark. I wonder whether that was part of the plan -- to see what you survivors would do with Element if you had access to it. Or maybe… maybe it’s the reverse. The plan was to see what Element would do if it had access to survivors. That’s the thing about Element: it adapts to whatever it’s in contact with. If you aren’t careful, Element can corrupt you. But I know you’ll be careful. After all, we made it this far, eh?" "When things got really bad on Earth -- wars, Element corruption, all sorts of troubles -- humans thought of all sorts of ways to escape. One way to escape was homo deus, another step in human evolution. Another way -- from a certain point of view -- was these Arks. And the Genesis simulation was another escape plan. You survivors, though, you’re made of tougher stuff. You adapt and endure, rather than running away." "I wonder whether there are no humans anywhere on Earth anymore -- other than you survivors, of course. No sign of them anywhere on my scanners. Earth’s a big place, of course, but you’d think there’d be radio signals or something to let us know we aren’t the last ones on earth. And if there are no more humans, where’d they all go? Did they do each other in, or did the titans get them? With all you humans accomplished, you’d think there’d be a remnant out there somewhere." "We’re pioneers, but we aren’t the first survivors to get back to Earth. Years ago, a few survivors got back -- one of whom was Helena, the survivor who made me. They saw the same devastation you’re seeing right now, and they sought their own way to escape. For Helena, that meant ascending and becoming Homo Deus -- an energy being beyond our reality. For her friends, it meant a long journey to a place called Arat Prime, where they figured out a way to beam Helena into the Genesis simulation. And then she made me!" "Once Helena’s friends beamed her into the Genesis simulation, she made me. But then she left. I guess homo deus beings can’t stay in our reality -- or the simulation -- for very long. She gave me basic access to the simulation, but not a lot of guidance beyond that. But in watching you, I’m pretty sure what I’m supposed to do: help you out as a companion and friend. Just like Helena helped her friends, and her friends helped her. Together we’re going to master the Genesis simulation, and pass every test they give us!" These last 5 notes are just filled with bombshells. Here are all the ones I found: Origin of Aberration: Yes, like TinyHippo said, HLN-A is just "guessing" when she says that Aberration was an experiment, but since the notes are meant to tease the true story behind the DLC, I think it just works best that even if she's "guessing" it will end up being 100% true. That being said, HLN-A reveals in the 11th note that Aberration was used to test the affects of element on various creatures. This actually explains why Diana and friends -people who are very experienced with tek- happened to end up on an ark filled with element - they were being tested to see what they would do with it. Speaking of testing, we also already know that the ARKs were being used to test early iterations of creatures found in the GenSim. So, we have the ARKs being used to test creatures found in Genesis as well as test the affects of element on various creatures. And of course we already know that the ARKs as a whole are meant to preserve humanity and if necessary train survivors for Extinction. My question is, why and how are the ARKs and GenSim connected aside from both being different methods of saving mankind? Why were the ARKs testing things used in the simulation? Why was Aberration experimenting with element? Homo Dei: This one is pretty simple - HLN-A describes Homo Dei as "an energy being beyond our reality", which I think is the best description we've gotten of them so far. Also, HLN-A says that Homo Dei can't in either our reality or the simulation for very long. You can interpret that as you wish, but to me it seems that a Homo Dei is someone with an advanced nervous system that, when met with a special raw cosmic energy, overcharges it to the point of breaking the bounds of reality as we know it. GenSim/Fate of old humanity: Am I the only one who thinks notes 12 and 13 have much huger implications than what they may seem? I mean, in note 12 HLN-A is talking about the GenSim and how it was another method of running from the corruption, and then the very next note she's pointing out a lack of bodies and other remnants of humanity. To me this is a clear indicator that humanity's plan was to launch the ARKs, upload itself into the simulation, and then simply wait for the ARKs to land and conditions in "reality" to improve. I mean, it sounds like a better plan than, say, launching the ARKs and jumping off a building afterwards. In fact, this could also be supported by the two tek structures we've seen in the backgrounds of the trailers. Also in fact, this may explain the testing of Genesis creatures on the ARKs - they were meant to be a sort of "base template" for what would be put into the simulation. But if they did upload themselves into the simulation...where are they now? Well, I think it may be that even the simulation isn't safe from corruption. I mean, we have a skin that's literally called "corrupted avatar".We also know that the creatures in at least one area of the simulation have access to raw element (remember the Ferox), and the devs said that the simulation includes reapers and whatnot, which look like they only came to be because of raw element. So, it looks like raw element is present within the simulation. Now, the fact that Aberration was testing element on creatures suggests that even when the ARKs were being created, people were still unsure of exactly what the cause of corruption was. They may not have known that it really was element, or...I mean, Santiago knew that tek creations emit corruption particles, so...they may have had a strong suspicion, but eventually decided to deliberately ignore it because their livelihoods depended on it. Whatever the reason, I think that humanity uploaded itself into the simulation along with element and continued to make tek creations. HUGE MISTAKE. Thanks to the tek, corruption was able to spread within the simulation, and eventually was able to wipe out all humans both on Earth and in the simulation. Hence why everything is empty by the time we arrive. Also, the simulation may have never been meant for testing, but Helena made it that way to complete her mission. I still don't know what that is, but since HLN-A is with us since the Island, it seems that whatever it is is so important that she focuses on it as well as the already important task of saving humanity. As for why the creatures in the simulation are so hostile...bad programming? I mean, we know from Extinction that the ARKs became huge deathtraps because the hasty and tainted AI of the Overseers was causing loads of errors, so it's not unplausible to think the same thing happened with the GenSim. Actually the hostile creatures may be another reason there's no sign of old humanity in Genesis. Mei-Yin/Diana/Arat Prime/HLN-A: So thanks to these notes we now know for a fact that Mei-Yin and Diana did get to Arat Prime, AP being where I believe the ARKs, Homo, Dei, and GenSim were developed. Once there they were somehow able to get in contact with Helena/OWW, who told them to upload her into the simulation. Once there, Helena/OWW made HLN-A before being pulled back. HLN-A herself looks like at least one of her purposes is to serve as eyes for H/OWW. H/OWW can't stay in the simulation for long, but she can communicate to certain entities within it thanks to the one open AP communication line. So, she created HLN-A, who can use her scanners to collect data on the GenSim's environments as well as us, effectively monitoring us and our surroundings as though H/OWW herself were. As for Mei-Yin and Diana, well, let's just say I'd be surprised if we didn't meet them in Genesis at some point. Wording: Pay close attention to the wording at the end of the last note - HLN-A says "Together we’re going to master the Genesis simulation, and pass every test they give us!" I don't know, to me it just seems like a suspicious choice of words. Is she referring to H/OWW, Mei-Yin, and Diana? So to recap what we know and also my ideas as to what they mean: Aberration was used to test the effects of element on humans and animals. Homo Dei seem to be some kind of overcharged nervous system that breaks the very bounds of our reality, and cannot stay in our reality or the simulation for very long. It's implied that humanity uploaded itself into the simulation, and my guess is that once inside they continued to make tek, leading to them being wiped out by corruption. The ARKs were testing real-world early iterations of creatures found in Genesis, possibly as "base templates" for the creatures in the simulation. The simulation may have never been intended for testing, but was made that way by H/OWW. Whatever H/OWW wants us to do is very important. The creatures in the simulation may be hostile because of errors similar to those on the ARKs, and may be another reason there's no sign of old humanity in the simulation. Mei-Yin and Diana were successful in getting to Arat Prime, and may meet us in Genesis. Arat Prime may have been the development facility for not only the ARKs, but the GenSim and Homo Dei as well. At least one of HLN-A's purposes is monitoring us and our surroundings almost as good as H/OWW herself, since she can't stay in the simulation for very long. The wording in the last note may suggest that H/OWW is not the only being testing us in Genesis.
  12. Wildcard: "There will be no chronicle notes in Extinction." Wildcard: *puts chronicle notes in Extinction* Wildcard: Us: Joking aside, how the heck does that even happen? Why would they go through the trouble of explicitly stating there would be no notes added to Extinction if they were going to do just that? Heck, I didn't even know they were added at first because I saw Extinction in the Xbox queue and just assumed it was part of the QoL changes.
  13. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Doing some marine biology, believe it or not. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Ah, that's right in my bailiwick. [LOG_TRANSMIT] The code for your next terminal entry is 61509d23-fa82-4dd5-80d6-d551d4cec71b. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-13 [LOG_RECEIVE] To be blunt: Thar be whales here. [LOG_RECEIVE] Fins, flippers, blowholes...the works! [LOG_RECEIVE] And out here they don't let a little barrier like "no ocean" stop them.
  14. (Not trying to keep you from buying the game or anything I just thought the vid is funny)
  15. I mean, there might a slim chance of that being true. Honestly though I think it's just Wildcard being Wildcard.
  16. If you remember during the August 8th stream Cedric sort of accidently mentioned "Survivor training", meaning that the whole simulation is meant to put us through all these tests to train us for something. This, combined with the lack of Genesis chronicle notes on Extinction, would make it appear that Genesis taking place between Aberration and Extinction makes sense - Genesis could just be Helena training us for Extinction. The big problem I see with that, though, is that nearly all of the biomes teased for Genesis (aside from the snow biome) have no relevancy in Extinction (It also can't take place before The Island, as much as that would make sense, because the Genesis chronicle notes are presented as if we have yet to enter the simulation as of Aberration). And also, as TinyHippo pointed, in the Genesis trailer Helena has a translucent head, whereas at the end of Extinction she has a human-looking one. Being that Homo Dei slowly turn "braindead", this could mean some time has passed between the end of Extinction and the opening of Genesis (which is what I assume the trailer depicts), so Helena has further lost herself since Extinction's end, and has therefore turned completely translucent. So yeah, pretty confident that Genesis takes place after Extinction. I just don't understand why there's no chronicle notes on Extinction...
  17. Here we go - in the first photo you can see a strange-looking structure just to the left of the person in the Magmasaur saddle, in the background. The structure in the second photo is just under the Astroceti.
  18. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] It's an arms race over here. [LOG_TRANSMIT] That's both intriguing and worrisome. [LOG_TRANSMIT] For your next terminal entry, use 09fba5e7-7170-4b60-929b-29cca67a0757. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-12 [LOG_RECEIVE] A proper arms race depends on two motivators: [LOG_RECEIVE] Escalation and deterrence. [LOG_RECEIVE] No worries if those forces are in balance. But if the weapons escalate too fast, deterrence doesn't work.
  19. So what if this crystal in the Genesis chronicles logo is of some sort of fuel or power source for the simulation itself? Or is it the simulation's equivalent of artifacts, and we have to collect them in order to fight a boss? Or maybe it's some sort of trophy that we can collect after fighting a boss, and collecting a certain amount will enable us to fight a final boss?
  20. Now that I think of it, the name of the Genesis chronicles skins, "Corrupted avatar", could mean that the skin is the avatar we will be playing as in the simulation, but with some errors that make it appear broken and holographic.
  21. To us they're from the future, but at the time the story takes place they've been dead for possibly millions of years.
  22. First, where did you see Aberration creatures in Genesis? Second, the whole point of us being in the simulation is apparently for HLN-A to train us for...something. Third, the 7th Genesis chronicles note states the following: "I just discovered something curious. The minds that made the Arks used them to test some of the critters that you’ll find in the Genesis simulation. My scanner tells me that an immense lizard with an internal bio-furnace was tested here. They don’t have that creature on this Ark anymore -- we’d see the scorch marks if they did. But they tested the fire lizard here before you survivors came along. I wonder why they decided to have them only in the simulation?" With this knowledge, we can infer that the Genesis simulation was created by the ancient humans around the same time the ARKs were. But for what purpose, we don't know at the moment.
  23. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Production rising as fast as supplies allow. [LOG_TRANSMIT] As expected. That's basic economics. [LOG_TRANSMIT] The code to validate your next terminal entry is 0eee207c-6749-40a2-ab9c-e22ad181f694. [LOG_RECEIVE] Terminal Entry MM-11 [LOG_RECEIVE] No matter how efficient your production, there's always a limiting factor, [LOG_RECEIVE] Often, the limit is the raw materials available. [LOG_RECEIVE] But if you harvest fast enough, that limit evaporates. This is the mining drill.
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