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  1. Also, here is just how I imagine the last 2 Gen 2 chronicles will play out: Extinction: Rockwell monologues about element, the corruption, the Homo Deus, Helena and her friends, the ARKs, and the wasteland that is Earth; HLN-A has another memory recollection episode and remembers the things that Mei, Santiago, and Diana did for her, as well as the Homo Deus; possibly some more extra Santiago notes related to Gen 2 or ARK II; possibly some hint as to Mei and Diana's fate after Extinction. Gen 1: Since Gen 1 doesn't have much of a preexisting story, it's likely that the last set of Gen
  2. Something that really catches my attention in this note is simply the fact that it exists - I mean, it's not like this note tells us anything that we didn't already know going into Extinction, so why include it, especially in the Gen 2 chronicles of all places? Maybe the point isn't to tell us something new about Aberration or the ARKs, but to reintroduce Santiago to the story? I mean, Santiago is a major character in Extinction - where the next set of Gen 2 chronicles will be - as well as ARK II, so at least then it would make some sense if they wanted to expand upon his character and story g
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/ARK/comments/kdn2m7/only_for_me_or_this_guy_wearing_a_shadow_mane_mask/
  4. ARK II: Rise of VIN DIESEL cave drawings, original vs brightened/enhanced:
  5. I couldn't find a clear enough picture of this to put here, but if you look at Santiago's Genesis profile in the trailer you can see it mentions his "Haplogroup". From the research I've done, I've found that a haplogroup is basically where your ancestors would have originated from in ancient times. My question is, why would the GenSim be keeping records of that of all things?
  6. Interestingly enough, these ARK II: Rise of VIN DIESEL skins look like they're made up of scraps of tek strapped to the end of a stick. This could mean A2:RoVD could feature wreckage of tek structures (like what we saw inside that cave from the trailer) dotted around the map that can be scavenged for scraps of tek (and possibly more?) to help craft weapons/tools. Think of it as a sort of cheap alternative to smelting actual metal ore. The wreckage I'm talking about more than likely comes from the colony ship. Also, if you go in-game and looks at the axe skin model you can see a little ca
  7. Looking at this list of characters, I feel like the animated series is going to be more of a spinoff rather than an a direct adaptation of the explorer notes. Here are some of the differences I found: Instead of being a weakling who also flinched at the mere thought of hurting another person, Helena is now competent enough to kill random people using an ARROW. Like, not even using the bow, just using the arrow. Instead of becoming evil like what we see in the game, Rockwell now appears to just be evil from the beginning, and now also appears to be fascinated with the occult for som
  8. On a side note, who do you think is going to play who in the animated series? Madden will play Helena and Tennant will play Rockwell for sure, but what about all the other actors?
  9. I had to do it https://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/2/2e/Sniper_meleedare08.wav
  10. "Even with Athena on my side, I prefer to avoid danger, not confront it. My aim's piss poor and I've got fists like marshmallows. If I want a fair go at actually surviving whatever happens when the obelisk activates, I'll need backup" - Helena "Fortunately, Mei-Yin's got more intestinal fortitude than yours truly" - Also Helena "I'm no pacifist. Death and violence are a part of life, that's just nature. Yet a gun still makes me a little uncomfortable. The idea of shooting at another human just seems instinctively wrong to me. I couldn't even fire at the New Legion back on the island"
  11. Things I personally noted from the trailer for ARK 2: Rise of VIN DIESEL: The dinosaur that appears actually looks more like a real dinosaur, thank god! The place where the cave drawing are also seems to show the same glowing rings and federation stasis pods that we saw at the end of GP1, just overgrown and surrounded by rocks. I believe it is the same room that we saw there, but it appears to have wound up on an alien world somehow and has become some sort of holy site for the humans of this world. This also opens up the possibility that ARK 2: Rise of VIN DIESEL takes place hundr
  12. My final ideas on what the reveal could be tomorrow (which conveniently happens to be the day after my birthday): Major teaser for GP2. Announcement of some major update for ARK; something that is important enough to be mentioned at the Game Awards but is less important than a new expansion. Announcement of a new game. The possible ones I've come up with are: 1) A game revolving around the events during and/or after the explorer notes. This could be possible since we've seen WC get more involved with the stories of the explorer and even hire professional actors to voice them.
  13. PERFECT GIF 1.mp4 "Ah! I love the smell of a fresh teaser from Wildcard in the middle of the night!" Also, part of the URL for that top image apparently refers to as "RedRoom_Silhouette_Center_04_LOCKUP_POSTER.jpg", which may give us some clue as to what WC is working on. Most likely a new game for sure.
  14. Thoughts on GP2 Chronicles 1: "Something weirdly nostalgic about this place. Reckon you must be used to the odd flash of déjà vu, with all those old memory engrams knocking about your head. Seems an odd thing for a bit of A.I. like me to be feeling, though…" "Funny that I almost remember being here. I don't mean just floating through the place, like I'm doing now. I'm talking toes in the sand, smell of the ocean sorta memories…" "I can remember meeting other survivors for the first time around these parts. Nerva...Rockwell...Mei-Yin...Did Helena leave me all her memories? What a
  15. Helena/The One Who Waits states in her 15th Extinction note that element was "carried across the universe like interstellar pollen", which rules out the possibility of it being from Earth. Although I think that part you said about element growing in Earth's crust could still be relevant, since I think it might answer the question of when it arrived on Earth. If it came down in a meteor or something in the present day then I'm sure it would of done a considerable amount of damage. Therefore, I think what happened was that a small amount of it arrived on Earth in a meteor millions of years ago,
  16. Final boss of GP2? The eyes and the Rockwell tentacles make me think that this is an important part of Rockwell's corruption. and maybe the glowing sphere is supposed to be his brain or something?
  17. David Tennant is such a perfect fit for Rockwell. One of the problems I had with Rockwell's appearance in GP1 was that his voice just didn't seem like it fit to me...like they trying just a bit too hard to make him sound supervillain-y, what with the voice filter and all (or maybe the filter was intentionally used to hide the fact that the voice didn't fit?). Tennant is much, much better because he sounds just like I think all of us thought Rockwell would - the appearance of a benign old man, but the mind of a supervillain, not the other way around like they did in GP1. As for Madeline Ma
  18. I believe at some point in the stream they said it would have a mission system, a more refined version at that.
  19. The stream starts at 10am PST, or 1pm EST in case you were curious.
  20. So, here are my final ideas and theories for Genesis Part 2 before the Extra Life stream...I was hoping to do a little more theorizing and lore-building before it, but this is what I have so far: Terran Federation Tek Suit: Obtained at the end of Genesis Part 1, this suit definitely looks like it's going to play a major role in GP2, based on how it appears in pretty much every teaser with a survivor in it. This particular suit appears to be a variant (possibly reverse engineered version?) of the URE suits we've seen in the past, and there are more than likely several differences - v
  21. You've only just noticed that? I thought everyone saw that their first time watching the cutscene.
  22. Perhaps the armor will work in a way so that it's relatively low-tier when compared to the creatures you'll be up against in GP2, and we'll be able to unlock certain upgrades for it - by completing missions? - as time goes on. That way there would still be some sense of progression.
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