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  1. I got my last couple levels running hard water cave on the island with an op basiliosaur. Sorry for the underlined text. It won’t turn off.
  2. I don’t remember what stats and such were used, but I don’t think there was any mutating. Here is a chart made by @TinyHippo https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CmXRYJuz-WB6PJhrbkY5Kcx-Y1a5l2wtVdU8XqnD9oo/edit.
  3. The Rex will be faster that you spino so kiting it with the army is probably the best option. The only time a spino can take on an alpha Rex is if it is imprinted and has a good saddle and/or mutation depending on the level of the Rex.
  4. What level is the Rex and what stats/saddle does you Spinos have.
  5. Quite a long time probably. It probably take a couple years to ascend off an ark. We know that the arks can also hold people as Helena and Rockwell went to scorched and showed up around the same time on aberration with Mei Yin. Idk how fast buildings turn to rubble, but it would probably take a couple decades. The Overseer could have also sped up the wind speed and rain fall to try and erode things quicker.
  6. I personally hope that they will an 80% weight reduction like the roll rat. I also hope that the mammoth is not just getting war drums on the back, but that they get a mini platform saddle.
  7. Wait. How did you teleport to Jacob. I thought there was no such command.
  8. Also, if on aberration val or crystal aquatic mushrooms will increase your water by (I think) 5 each at the cost of food.
  9. Scorched Earth Crashing Hi, I play single player split screen on my Xbox s. While on scorched earth, the game crashes within 2 minutes of player. It is impossible to play at the moment. The game works fine on other maps (at least Valguero and ragnarok). I am running the game on version 800.19 for the base game, but only 800.15 for scorched earth. It has been like this for over a month. Can I fix this? I bought abberation and I will try it tomorrow. Please fix this!
  10. I did about a month ago on single player. Bosses take 3x damage and deal 1/3 damage. My Rexs were 15k health, and 1000m. I also had a pig and a Yuty. The recession had 97 armor saddles and they all survived with above half health.
  11. I am playing on a scorched earth world and there are no babies there at all.
  12. Game still crashes on Xbox. Please fix it!!
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