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  1. It looks like wildcard fixed it. Thank you for getting this done in your first day back to work. Always good to have good devs in a game.
  2. One my Xbox 1 s it last about 5-10 minutes. Ended up playing Star Wars battle front again for the first time in a long time.
  3. I am fine for now but, this needs to be fixed soon. I hope wildcard can fix it by Monday, maybe Tuesday or else I’ll get really unhappy.
  4. We moved to scorched earth bowing we couldn’t try the tek cave and even with no base the game constantly crashes.
  5. Yes. Same for me on the island and on scorched.
  6. Issues in single player after update Hi, To start with, I love ark. I have been playing for over a year and a half. In that time my game has crashed no more than 10 times. I play single player split screen on the Xbox. Today was my first time playing after the update. When rendering in my base after an obsidian run. The game crashed. I redid the obsidian run and the game crashed again while loading the base. I rebooted the Xbox and the game trashed again after the run. Next time, I used the command saveworld before entering render distance. The other person I was playing with dropped out. I entered render and the game still crashed. I cheated in some cryopods and started crying up all the dinos around the base the game frequently crashed and I frequently saved. Eventually the game started to get stable, but it still crashed when loading the game with two people and when I went to hatch some Rex eggs. We were planning on taking on the tek cave this weekend, but now we are nervous. We really don’t want to loos all our stuff and Dino’s in the cave if the game crashes while we’re inside. Wildcard, this is GAMEBREAKNG! Please fix it ASAP. In the meantime, how do I lower the quality of the graphics? Is there any way to disable the event? Can I make sure the game doesn’t autosave while I’m in the cave. Thank you.
  7. Issues with single player when updated to summer bash Hi, To start off with, I love ark. This is not hate, I have been playing the game for over a year and a half and I love it! I play split screen on the Xbox and the update to summer bash broke the game. When we logged on, everything was normal, we went for a obsidian run as we needed some to craft some tek gear as we had just beaten alpha dragon. When we came back from the run and reloaded our base, the game crashed. The ONLY time our game had ever crashed before was when we were exiting the game, and then, that has only happen less than 10 times. We go back out, do the run again, get back and the game crashes again. We reboot the Xbox and come back in and do the run again. This time, I use the console command saveworld before entering render range. Game crashes. This time, my dad doesn’t join as we know that split screen causes many glitches. It still crashes! This time, I go in alone, and very slowly. I cheat in some cryopods and start crying up all of our Dinos. (As we play non dedicated cryos aren’t necessary, we just have a few to hold our Rex army so they level faster. The game is freezing every minute and I am saving after every Dino I cryo up. After many crashes, the game starts to get stable. Almost all our Dino’s are now in cryo and the game can run well. It still randomly crashes though, only very rarely. We were going to do the Tek cave tomorrow, but now we are unsure. If the game crashes in the tek cave we will lose all our stuff. Wildcard, I hope you are aware of this game breaking glitch. Please fix this and don’t toss it to the side like many other single player glitches.
  8. Any tips on how to line them all up? In a single file line or 2 wide? I already have the area around the volcano covered up with foundations and ceilings. Can I cryo up the Dinos in the cave to stop them from dying? I watched Syntacs soloing the tek cave video and there were 2 Gigas in the cave. I will definitely make some scouts though. They sound better that attacking the Gigas.
  9. Questions about the tek cave Hi I have some questions about the tek cave. It is my first time doing it and I want to do it on alpha, because I can clap any boss on the island. I already have all the items needed to enter the cave. I will be doing it with one other person. 1. How do cryopods work inside the cave? Can I uncryo my Rex army in the first 5 minutes? Can I only do it in the first half of the cave? Can I not do it at all? 2. What happens to my creatures/saddles afterwards? This referee to the creatures I bring to the overseer battle and the ones I leave at the end of the tek cave? 3. What happens to my character/gear after the cave? Is my inventory lost, and where is my character found. 4. What is the best way to kill the Gigas in the cave? I’ve heard that there are 2 on alpha. Is lesser antidote viable and how do you lure them into lava? 5. Where are the explorer notes located inside the cave? thanks in advance.
  10. We can try that. We only tried 3rd person. I will try it on my own. We were hoping to use it for tek cave. Also, the element percent is going down when worn.
  11. Tek helmet issues Hi, I play single player Xbox split screen. We recently unlocked the tek hammer from alpha brood mother and decided to craft one. When we put it on it just mad the screen light blue. I couldn’t see a thing. I tried powering it with element. Same thing. I am hold y and double taping it. Do I need a full suit? Is this a glitch? I am I doing something else wrong? Thanks I’m advance.
  12. A good mod hops on valguero can get 100 organic from a single Karkinos.
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