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  1. I only play single player too. I play split screen though so I am never alone. I find it relaxing and if the game glitches out you can cheat things back to normal. Just make sure all your rates are super bumped up.
  2. Hi, I am here to share my concerns about single player split screen. I don’t play on servers at all, but I play a couple hours of ark every week in split screen. I really hope wildcard still supports this in ark 2. Does anyone know if they plan on having it?
  3. A lot of youtubers use mods like s plus. They can place ceilings way out over the lava. If you play on pc, I would recommend allowing yourself to build over these.
  4. I don’t know, but otters give melee to keep you warm.
  5. I didn’t. I had 22 Rexes. I yuty, and a daedon. I had as much of the entrance covered with foundations and ceilings as possible. The yuty daedon and 15 rexes made it in. The daedon died, because he fell in the lava at the beginning and couldn’t get out. 2 of the 7 rexes who didn’t make it in decided to jump in the lava.
  6. I agree. Maybe spend half an hour talking about everything they did that week. Example: This week we finished the textures for the Rockwell biome, finished the ai for the noglin, and added 2 new death pits to the tek trench biome.
  7. Where is Kapro? Nothing like soloing the tek cave only to be killed by a suicide kapro who grabbed you off your Rex and hurled himself into the lava.
  8. Just checked the ark wiki and noticed the font is all messed up. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/ARK_Survival_Evolved_Wiki It is illegible and ruins the quality. I don’t know how to fix it, but I was hoping someone on the forums would. It appears to be site wide. Here is a picture:
  9. Valuguero probably. The small islands only has herbivore spawns. Build up some walls on the island and live out my life.
  10. Ocean isn’t that scary, if you have a basilio. I haven’t ever gone to the DEEP ocean without one. I used my barry to tame a basilio and then I took the basilio caving. Killed my alpha mosa and alpha tusk with it no problem.
  11. I am also hopeful that they will make structures edible.
  12. Hi, So I was wondering about the healing properties of the box of chocolates. When forcefed to a Dino, does it instantly heal them up to full health? That seems a little too good to be true even with a 3 hour cool down. I was wondering if I could get one from mating dinos and use it against alpha Rockwell to instantly heal my drake in the battle back up to full health. Does it work this way?
  13. I did it with 2 mate boosted 40,000 health 500 dmg basilious with prim saddles. The other person got swarmed the second time and lost 10,000 health in under 30 seconds. Megalodons have bleed now so it is probably harder.
  14. Hi, Earlier today I completed gamma Rockwell with one other person. Our megalosaurus survived with 85% health left and our reapers with 95% health left. I am not planning on leveling them anymore but the issue lies with us and our rock drakes. At point is the fight, our characters got below 60% health, and our rock drakes finished with 50% and 75% health. Our rock drakes already have ascendant saddles, and we have a mix of ascendant and master craft flak. Our issues arise when we have to stop and change armours. How do we do this safely? We have blood packs, med brew and cooked
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