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  1. Idk about extinction, but it helped loads on ab. I worried on the one s when doing a big rock drake glide as it would crash 50% of the time. Now on series x, I barely drop frames.
  2. Hi, I have a couple questions about ascension.I have heard the you should put items on you after the battle into a tamed creature. Do I still need to? I have transferred Chibis between arks before so I know item transphers can be done. I play single player on Xbox.
  3. No community crunch for 20+ days and this is what we get?
  4. Schwalbe. Very fun, and has a similar style to syntak. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWjPt3t9YfRELnF49qzMjPQ
  5. If you really need a charge node, on the way down to the rock drake trench, there is a bridge made of metal over the element you can’t build on.
  6. Me just trying to beat the bosses: Also, ascendant sword is way better then shotguns, much less expensive.
  7. I would recommend taming some high level ravages and breeding them. Wait till 90% night and head to the northwest surface. You can zip line up and your ravages should be able to hold off the reapers long enough to get to the obelisk.
  8. Single player is stable. There you can also learn to play the game.
  9. Never player non dedicated so idk. You can change settings at any time on single player though.
  10. 1. Only on different maps. 3. I think their might be a reset settings button. If not check this link. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  11. I don’t think so. However, if you play unofficial or single player, the admin might be able to give you any levels, tekgrams, and tribe structures if you ask them.
  12. That is like saying that you just just remove pve or pvp. The wonderful thing about ark is that it caters to so many people. There even have SINGLE player and SMALL tribes.
  13. The underside of the mesh can untextured. Also stops k modeing
  14. I know. It just makes meat runs runs more complicated. Also, rock drakes deal damage when that’s slam into the ground.
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