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  1. Hopefully we see those paratroopers again in v5.
  2. I am excited bu do you know what these Chibi creatures are? https://ark.gamepedia.com/Chibi-Creatures
  3. Because, there is still some much left for me to do. I started an ultimate ark play through (from syntak) and I am getting ready to fight brood mother.
  4. Canada is the best. Laughs in Canadian.
  5. @Joebl0w13 I wasn’t reporting a glitch or bug. I was asking for a setting that could be changed? Is this still the right spot?
  6. More imprint percent per action Hi, I was wondering what setting I can change to increase the percent of an imprint my baby Dino’s get per action. It is really tedious to raise basils when they give you 2% per imprint action. I am single player xbox.
  7. Aggressive Moschops While do stuff around my bass today, I noticed a wild moschops was inside my base perimeter. Just for fun, I punched him and he ran way. About a minute later, he ran up to me and bit me. He then preceded to run away and be devoured by my Rex set to neutral. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  8. I couldn’t put hide in the trough when I tried to today.
  9. I find it funny that you call the people who made the arks in our future “ancient”!
  10. I was on top of a boat base watering the crop plots, while my tribe mate was driving the boat. I randomly flew into the air, fell down, and died.
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