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  1. Head to the north western section of scorched earth and kill death worms.
  2. is the season pass a subscription or a one time purchase though?
  3. Hi, I have a couple questions about the season pass (not the genesis one). I have completely scorched earth and aberration after buying the dlc separately. When I went to buy extinction, it says this dlc was not sold separately. I looked an it seems the only way to get it is through the season pass, how does this work? Is it a subscription or a one time purchase? Also, is there a way to only buy extinction without buying scorched earth and aberration again. If I do have to buy them again, is there a way I can gift them? Hoping for some speedy responses as a sale on it ends in 6 da
  4. Can you grind up the duped tek suits on other maps with a grinder
  5. Maybe it should still require the tek grams to equip?
  6. Same on single player Xbox crystal isles. Primitive sword in a blue drop.
  7. Don’t even get me stated in alpha Rockwell’s tributes…
  8. It might be good online, but not in single player .
  9. Honey comb your base. Use fence foundations and make your walls as thick as possible. Also, make your outer layer stone as it makes you look worse off. Then make your next 5 layers of wall out of metal.
  10. A dedicated tek storage holds 1,800 item. He said a storage full. That implies all 1,800 slots will contain a generator.
  11. Might I ask why you needed 1800 generators?
  12. You will however loose any element you have on you when you ascend.
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