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Community Crunch 114: Dino TLC, Console Ragnarok, Sales, & NVIDIA Freestyle!


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Interesting how you guys just happen to have a little sentence at the end about the turret nerf, seems like you guys are trying to distract people with this tlc crap so people dont notice that there is no new information about this turret nerf that no one wanted. Oh and by the way if your going to nerf stegoes can you do it right, they are still over powered.

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all those dinos and mammals look awesome ! I'd like the same to be done on ther mosasaurus, the ichtyosaurus, the dunkleosteus and at the same time change the lieuploreudon mechanic so it could be a permanent tame, more present on the map as one of the top predators of the sea. And it would be awesome if there were an ocean food chain, with some creatures being other creatures natural preys. Also anthill, and better abilities for spiders and bats would be awesome. Thanks for these awesome news.

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On 1/13/2018 at 2:39 AM, HighFlyer15 said:

What an utterly silly comment.
1. The Rex isn't on Aberration so you literally can't compare the two :P
2. Have you ever owned a 20/20 melee and 20/20 hp Rex? Doesn't sound like it. So maybe don't comment on it in the future, buddy ;) The Rex is borderline broken with mutations. Hitting beyond 1k damage per bite if you focus melee more than hp.

20/20 is just the start too. Wait until you get 30 or 40 mutations in to Melee.

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I made a post like this in Game Suggestions but figured this would be a better place to share :]

Id like to see the Dire wolf look a tad more wolf like, with less of an eyebrow shape and more rounded less sunken eyes. Also the body feels a little tall in the under belly which makes the legs look short and the dire wolf look overall a little over fed, I would make it a little bit more skinny which will in return give it a more wild look and will make the legs look a more appropriate proportion.

The Phoenix needs some more love as well, I think it should have the ability to perch on fences, logs, and maybe even tree branches and stay there once dismounted since it cant land. It should also get more accent flame colors other then the yellow to bring in more appeal to it, and should be able to have a turret mode. It would also be awesome if the Phoenix could drop an egg once killed so it gets reborn.

Argentavis should get more feathers around the face and head, maybe even a little more slender as well. It should overall though stay away from a vulture style as that creature is already in the game.

Quetz could also use a slight rework, it's cowlick hairstyle is a smidgen out of place to its style.

Hyaenodon is a little roughly detailed in the face and should have more fur on the head.

Onyc should get an ability to cling to a players back and be used like a glider suit.

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How about incubation chambers where you place eggs or babies, when they are ready they hatch  it takes care of them. Placeing fireplaces n air conditioning needs improved. And the incubator could have a great visual look to it. I cannot wait for the improved building mechanics bevause i tried on single to create a kingdom me n my son could joustn such but things just would not place right. Also arch ways n stairs etc could be great.

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Hi Guys from wildcard,


plz show Some love to the pachycephalosaurus , Its just to weak

and to small, just Make it just as big as a raptor

and give it the ability to gather berries and just Make Its skull more visable 

and add Some Horns on that puppy Maybe remove the armor on the back , change the sounds too Make it sound more like a duck or a chicken 

and give it Some better stats plzz


And the Therizino needs Some care as well Make it have a longer neck and thinner head en Maybe do something with the beack ( and it should have been a lott taller , and add Some more feathers as well ) the Claws look diffrent as well the biggest claw should bee faceing outwards ( and also plz change the sound of this thing Make it sound more like a albatros )

thats just all that i want!

see ya!

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I love the way your revisiting the old dinos and from what you've shown us it's going really really well, keep up the good work. The one thing I've always wanted in ark is for the spino to be on its back legs like in Jurassic park 3. I've spoken about this will many of my friends and one of them came up with the idea of giving it the ability to switch just like the iguanodon.

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Everything looks great, would be really awesome if the rex got an extra feature that would somehow fit in with the monstrous bite force it had. 

Also I hope the giga is reduced in size and is more in line with other land dinos such as rex and spino in terms of damage when it's time for its tlc, they look ridiculously big. 

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About creature TLC.
My son Rickypedia04 and his friends would like to:

  • Give to Gigantopitecus a charged jump like the Crab

  • TRex Female has to to slightly bigger than male

  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Give to Spinosaurus statistics as TRex and to stand on only 2 feet, on 4 when running (as BossDragon)

  • Give more strength to Sarcosucus (enough for a couple to kill a TRex) and better movements and animation when swimming and running (Sarco is a little ridiculous). Give him ability to be invisible under water to both tamed and wild creatures

  • More weight and stamina for Raptor, less plumage and longer-tapered snout (head). As per wolves, give him a pack buff, ability scout like Troodon, ability to jump onto big animals, grabbing onto them  and giving them much damage. Pressing right level on xbox (C key) has to "roar" and his pack replies (as Allosaurus)

  • Change for Plesiosaurus his attack animation and give him a longer neck and ability to catch fish in surroundings (as Barionix)

  • Carnotaurus - add charged attack with horns when running (like Woolly Rhino), make it taller and his back has to be more straight = less curved, with many many spikes on his back, huge horns.  Change his calls and roar, roar played through right level on xbox (C key)

  • Give better animation to Argentavis (it seems to float on air), as it's very heavy, it has to seem to use much strength when flying; give him longer neck, thinner body, ability to locate dead or dying animals and to grab animals even when not tamed

  •  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Give to Spyder the ability to create and use zip lines, to create great web walls (same strength as thatch walls)

  • Sabertooth and thylacoleo: roar played through right level on xbox (C key), bite with right trigger and he harvests more meet. Left trigger scratches taking more hide (skin)

  • Give to Sabertooth statistics as Wolves

  • Ankylo should be 50% bigger

  • Give to Frog the ability to pull closer to him small animals (and humans) with his tongue

  • Diplodocus needs a secondary attach with his tail, strong as Brontosaurus.

  • Brontosaurus needs a secondary attach with his legs which stomp on the ground (as Paracer)

  • Paracer needs a secondary attach: pushing with his neck (as Diplo)

  • Give to Castoroides ability to create dams with various dimensions when tamed

  • Dilo and Packy need more speed and stamina

  • Packy has to charge (attack) when wild as when tamed

  • Questzal hat to attack dinos with low health and, when being attacked, has not to run away but attack too

  • Para needs more speed under water and please no oxygen bar (no limit)

  • Liopleurodon has to be bigger, has not to disappear when tamed (after a while) and I’d like to have no Loot booster, which I think it’s not fair, it’s too easy

  • Give more health to Megalania, more strength, speed, slightly taller and longer

  • Give to Deodicuros a saddle like Roll Rat’s

  • Re-design Mesopitecus like you did to Gigantopitecus

  • Piranha has to be less strong

  • Pulminoscorpius need stronger poison

  • Add to Trike a charged attack with horns when running (like Woolly Rhino), give him a better animation when running

  • Tamed Ravagers need to provide bleeding damage through secondary attack (scratch)

We are aware that most of these features can be activated trough mods, but for console users (like my son and his friends) they are not available.  They think that all these improvements would be very nice to be introduced in standard console game.

Thanks a lot!

My son: RickyPedia04 & Friends

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