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  1. OH i would love a rework of the titanboa, like give it a constricting ability
  2. I can think of a few awesome things you could do for the sarco that would make it useful. one would be give it a special attack for creatures (within reason) and people at the waters edge where like regular crocodiles it grabs them and drags them into the water. then give it a deathroll ability that could drain stamina and oxygen or cause beed. and finally give in an ability like with regular crocs it can sit with just the top of its head above water and the rest hanging down below and it could be a stealth mode making it invisible to wild creatures (they would think its a long or something) and harder for players to see, you could make it super slow in this mode so it has to sneak up on its prey. to balance it out you could make it slower on land. basically making the sarco a fearsome ambush predator like real crocodiles, but if it misses its ambush chance it looses its chance of attack. so it would be super strong near and in water but on land not so much. im sure you guys could balance it much better
  3. Community Crunch 100!

    Quick question, when the titanboa finally become tameable, will they be breedable? i would love to breed snakes
  4. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Can you let us in on some stuff you will be doing to rework the old dinos so they get more play and love. (for example, giving the sarco a death roll ability that might drain stamina and cause bleed, or drain stam and have the effect like salmon where ti drops oxygen?)
  5. there is a glitch going around that if a dino gets grabbed by another dino (such as a kapro, kentro, megalosaurus) that if it gets grabbed it will be launched under the map. and theres not much we can do
  6. Painting Problems

    quick question. how do you do it on xbox anyway?
  7. Sarco hunger glitch

    there seems to be a bug where if the sarco is swimming and takes a bite under water, it depletes almost a full 10% of its food and takes an oddly long time to refill, even if it has food in its inventory. i have had sarcos start starving during underwater fights when they have both tons of food in there inventory and had full food to begin with. its even resulted in there deaths due to both damage starving and being attacked.
  8. We need a harpoon

    We need a harpoon I feel the ballista needs a sort of Harpoon. Imagine a ballista with a chain on it. It would attach to a creature and if it was on land keep it from running or if it was in water it would keep it from going deep in the water and drag the boat with along with it. This would be useful for helping tame things like sharks, and hunting whales. It also would work well in an RP situation (because there are RP servers and what not) for whalers and things like that. The chain could have a durability that goes down with every shot and snap after awhile or like a bear trap it goes down when attached after a set time. either would be cool. just throwing out ideas
  9. You guys should seriously use this song in your future commercials when the game fully releases It would be amazing
  10. Any idea what date for the release?
  11. I want to know what other mods they are thinking of putting in, like imagine the genesis mod.