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  1. Anyone else excited for this upcoming evo event!?!?

  2. Thank you Wildcard for the new twist on Evo events, I think it's cool! Please don't listen to all the haters, you guys are great!!!
  3. Yay, finally a definite release date for TLC 2! Thanks WildCard! I can't wait!!!
  4. I can't wait for the TLC Phase 2 comes out for console, it's been a long time coming!
  5. I really hope the devs add the Immersive Taking and Saddle Emporium more to the consoles. They look awesome and would just make the game that much more awesome and in depth! Thanks again for all of the amazing work that you guys do Wildcard!!!

  6. I can't wait for TLC 2 to come to console! And I think the Archelon and the Stellar's Sea Cow would be awesome aquatic additions to the game!!! Thanks Wildcard!!!
  7. I love your positivity man! It's so refreshing amongst all the complaints:) You're right, Wildcard does do a really good job! Thanks Wildcard!!!
  8. This event looks awesome, I can't wait to enjoy it with my cousin! I hope it lasts at least a week.
  9. The new dossiers look really cool! Thanks Wildcard!!! When can us console players expect to get TLC Phase #2?
  10. The Parasaurolophus update is awesome! I love the Parasaur and an super excited that it's getting some new abilities!!! Thank you so much Wildcard! You guys are awesome!!!
  11. It's to make it look more slim and muscular, and not chubby. But I understand where you're coming from:)
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