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  1. I just got my raptor line to level 280 on birth now I have to start over lol
  2. Im a bit confused about the new additions to the enforcement. So does this mean (sausage) boating or (sausage) paracering is no longer allowed. Maybe I am just an idiot but the wording seems a bit vague. Can anyone clarify ?
  3. Why couldn't you guys make this color event last longer ? These colors were actually cool , unlike the last event that lasted a month.
  4. So are they going to eventually put some of these mods in the game ? I guess i don't see the point of paying these modders to develop these game changing mods for only unofficial and private servers to enjoy. Like structures plus alone would make the base game so much better, even if they had to tweak some things for balance reasons.
  5. What’s the point of these mod showcases and the mod program? You guys don’t do anything with any of it, so what is the point ? It’s cool the mod authors get some press but other than that the only other thing they are good for is showing that modders do a much better job at improving the game than you devs do lol
  6. Gravex

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Its still going to be broken when they release it , their track record clearly shows that lol
  7. Gravex

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    I thought that was obvious lol
  8. I on this server scouting around for a possible base location and noticed someone had built inside of the cave in the desert under the church. What was weird was i could see two bronto heads sticking out from underneath it. Then i noticed the names and they said cave entrance bronto. Which means these guys used a transmitter and downloaded two brontos in the small walk way leading down into the cave that is underneath the church. Now i am not sure if this is against the rules but i do remember there being something about packing dinos into small areas and this does seem to fit that description.
  9. I swear you devs are the biggest morons ever. You are just going to make things much worse because everyone will find out what the minimum is and just spam that instead. Also tribes wouldnt find a need to spam so much if you guys actually gave defenders more tools to use. Spamming is one of the few things that can slow down a raid or give some warning at the very least.
  10. You guys are going to get blasted on your streams and its going to be so funny. I hope you guys have a lot of moderators ready lol
  11. These mods are cool and its awesome that WC supports mod creators , but what is the real point of it , I mean we still don't even have S+ yet and i doubt its coming anytime soon.
  12. Another holiday event and you guys still cant give 2x breeding and incubation oh well. So what is the eta on the first bug fix/optimization patch ?
  13. So when does the next tlc patch get released ? or is there not a set date yet?
  14. Gravex

    Community Crunch 120 & Arkpocalypse Servers!

    When is the next tlc patch ?
  15. All this is pretty cool except for the silencer bs , the only ones who will enjoy that crap are aimbotters, you know that group of players you do very little about, everything else would be better if it wasn’t for the turret nerf, you will make it impossible to enjoy these new features because we won’t be able to even defend ourselves or even these dinos.