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  1. Wow! Very sharp model! I'd like to see a blend of the two models, having the sleek energetic feel of the custom raptor, but with a little less feathers, and vertical tail feathers.
  2. Overall the raptor is great, my only advice would be small adjustments to the head to make it appear more aggressive rather than cute.
  3. So never coming to Xbox? I had hoped we'd at least get structures plus.
  4. When you say crafting requirements, do you mean no resources are needed? That would be excellent. Also, would it be possible to enable creative mode without starting a new save/server, or enable it so only the admin has this mode? Thanks
  5. My little nephews play Ark, and I have to spend hours spawning in building materials for them (they love dinosaurs but lack the maturity to learn to craft.) Creative mode would be so awesome!!!
  6. New Pterandon textures please! They have a large seam and seem to be covered mucus.
  7. I would like if they offered the Mods as standalone (of course with basegame) DLC on the consoles, and that you could enable these mods for player dedicated servers. I do believe the admin command menu should be integrated into the base game though
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