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  1. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    I remember my first frog. Was back when the island was still the only map. Back then players thought the frog was the best mount. Had a lot of fun with that frog
  2. Manticore: Rexes or Wyverns?

    That's awesome now I feel more confident about fighting the manticore! Thank you very much
  3. Manticore: Rexes or Wyverns?

    Interesting. So I don't really need high stat mutated rexes to fight it?
  4. Which is better to use against the Manticore? Lightning Wyverns or Rexes? Any information from recent fights would be great!
  5. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Two Questions from me! 1. When are we going to see the kibble tree reworked? Is it included in the TLC pass? 2. Could the spoil timer in tek troughs work more like primitive feeding troughs during electrical storms on Scorched Earth and not act like a refrigerator?
  6. Preventing dino spawns

    Ah I see. Alphas are a pain once they focus on you.
  7. Main problem with ark

    I hardly see this as a "main" problem with Ark. Click bait!
  8. Turret change discussion megathread

    You know what they could have done? They could have made a turret count as a tame, then everyone would have something to complain about...
  9. Preventing dino spawns

    Foundations don't stop spawns they way they use to in Legacy. I noticed this when I moved to official. It's more so the tamed dinosaurs that stop dinosaurs from spawning in bases or where ever you put them. Spread your dinosaurs out in your base and you should be fine. But even if you stopped dinosaurs from spawning too close to your base, they will still wander to your base from somewhere else. Not to mention players kiting dinosaurs too. Build a fence! And use turrets for those pesky Argents
  10. No, why on Earth would it have changed my mind? I want a Rock Drake!
  11. Turret change discussion megathread

    Yet, game is not dead and it won't be after this update. Its the same story every time *sigh*
  12. Turret change discussion megathread

    The glass half empty masses are emerging but really, this update is going to happen. It does not matter what is said in this thread or the mega thread that is against the change. Change is happening and those heavily affected will need to change their defense tactics.
  13. Turret change discussion megathread

    Majority of masses see the downside of these type of updates. I don't expect to convince them
  14. What is your favorite tamed Ark creature!?

    They are a great early and late game tame. They could never lose their relevance!
  15. Turret change discussion megathread

    The update will not break the game. Like any other changes made to Ark, we will need to change the way we play a bit to adjust to the changes. We will get 50% more slots for ammo, so load 'em up! Increase your turret range if you can. Look at the bright side, better performance comes with this update! I am all for this because large bases are laggy enough with the high number of tiles and dinosaurs in one space. Downsizing the number of turrets large bases have will help. Don't worry guys, the glass is half full!