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  1. It's not a Utahraptor.... The raptor we currently ride in game is a Utahraptor.... https://ark.gamepedia.com/Raptor If anything it might be a Velociraptor
  2. Same thing happens to me. It would be nice to USE the tek bridge. It's an inconvenience that they cannot be placed within at least the area that that tribe owns...
  3. I can't place a tek bridge. Is green but won't place
  4. I think A structure needs to be so big before it blocks dino spawns... Maybe a 5x5 and larger.... then the minimum building requirement can't be a size minimum like a 3x3 (if that's one of their ideas). It needs to be a minimum total of how many walls, fence foundations, pillars, ect are snapped all together to the main foundation. That way at least players that will be spamming small huts to keep control of their land wont be blocking dino spawns. Everyone knows players are still going to try to structure claim land! And least make it more time consuming and costly to do so rather thsn s
  5. Devs have no idea the mess they are about to make with the structures change.....
  6. What does this mean for fences, gates, spikes, curved/triangle structures, large enclosed yards with pillars to keep others from building inside fencing....
  7. About the turrets, is that PvP only because of shooting down players as they spawn? or is that also reportable in PvE, even though those can't hurt players?
  8. Wyverns should appear more intimidating! Mainly the fire and lightning wyvern could use the most TLC out of the four wyverns. Poison wyvern could use slight touch ups to make the face appear more menacing but I love it's frills\fins and it's serpent appearance, displays "I'm poisonous". Fire wyverns should have a scorched/sooty look (or at least the alphas should) and I've never liked the "playful" look their face has. Wyverns should look dangerous. I have thought lightning wyverns looked strange with those weird fins on their heads, I love their white eyes though. They could l
  9. I would love to see a skin update for the Giga. Some stripes, waves, or patches in its skin and noticeable differences in its color regions would be great
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