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  1. BlueFox91

    Dinosaurs TLC #3?

    Really wanted Megaloceros to get a TLC. Was on the list during #1 or #2 but never happened. Hate the way it looks (*-_-)
  2. Scorched Earth is my home server. It has been since my Legacy days.
  3. BlueFox91

    Do you like Tek or do you hate it?

    Neutral. I am fine without using the tek suit or weapons for now but i do enjoy the tek dinos, tek saddles, and building in tek.
  4. BlueFox91

    Filling a cryo fridge

    I've put meat eating creatures (ex. Gigas, piggies, wyverns, drakes) that im not using for anything atm away in the cryofridge so i don't have to harvest as much meat when feeding everything. Put some mammal breeding projects I've put on hold away, left the egg laying ones out to collect fertilized eggs. Left most of my berry eaters out cause with 2 tail swipes from my bronto i get enough berries to feed them all. On aberration the roll rats passively collect berries and i use that to keep my herbivores fed there too. My tame cap is fine this way and feels like feeding everything is less of a chore so i can spend more time doing other things. Whatever works for you and makes you happy.
  5. BlueFox91

    Dinosaurs TLC #3?

    I have been curious about TLC 3 too since (as far as we know) there are no more big projects for Ark.
  6. BlueFox91

    Filling a cryo fridge

    Honestly, idk why you need validation. Put whatever you want in the cryofridge and make another when its filled
  7. BlueFox91

    I like the new pick up your construction timer!

    I know!! I love it!! But if we plan on building something tall we need to stand on a quetzal so we can pick up the misplaced structure
  8. BlueFox91

    Is the new kibble system implemented yet?

    The imprinting kibbles are different on every map. Its always been that way. Extinction was the taming kibble rework prototype and it makes sense that the babies would want the new kibble on Extinction. The WHOLE kibble tree rework for all dinos on every map is in an experimental beta branch. We will be told by the devs when it is ready to be implemented into the official branch. Every week look in the community crunch and patch notes for updates and changes.
  9. Same thing happens to me. It would be nice to USE the tek bridge. It's an inconvenience that they cannot be placed within at least the area that that tribe owns...
  10. I can't place a tek bridge. Is green but won't place
  11. BlueFox91

    Tek bridge bugged

    Placement doesn't work ANYWHERE for me too
  12. Megaloceros TLC please
  13. BlueFox91

    Download problems

    I am having the same problem
  14. BlueFox91

    Drake should be given a grab

    Drakes should be given a grab like the megas. Would help when taming glowpets in the blue zone and beyond.