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  1. It's not a Utahraptor.... The raptor we currently ride in game is a Utahraptor.... https://ark.gamepedia.com/Raptor If anything it might be a Velociraptor
  2. Thank you!! Finally someone who is down to Earth has spoken!
  3. I personally have a wonderful time playing with wonderful graphics and without lag... Don't know what your issue is but coming into the General Discussion to complain just makes everyone think "Oh here's another I Hate Ark post".
  4. Oh boy, another one of these.... What happened ingame to conjure up this rant?
  5. What cool structures and upgrades have you made since the Homestead Update? Post pictures of your "Arkitecture" here :)
  6. Ugh, I don't see why not. Official servers get more building pieces to play with now. I'm ready for another S+ integration.
  7. You can take whatever items you want except fertilized eggs that shouldn't exist on Aberration, non Aberrant varient tames, and most of the extinction tames
  8. Oh and offline raiders are afraid of retaliation.
  9. Cowards. Offline raiders are too afraid to risk their dinos and whatever they are carrying.
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