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  1. A Turret mode for Wyverns would help a lot with the Turret-Nerf also. Now that would be base defense lol
  2. Oh and will Turtles really be able to go in their shells? if so can that be a defense option to keep them in when they are idle also? plus the Doedicurus would benefit from being able to roll-up as a defense option because they don't ever seem to after being tamed? Leaving defense-mode Doedics around for mining would be a big help. Plus Turtles could act as storage also and the defense option would also keep your loot safe early game, like a 1st tier biological safe.
  3. Server Wars would be awesome! it would get Alphas out of certain servers and give them something to really do also! The Trilobites producing oil is a good touch too.
  4. Also! Can Giganto get sitting animation like the Megatherium so he can sit and guard my base like a Boss? You know? How Gorillas sit while they eat and what not? I think that would be a good little option in his menu when he's not being used. plus as I said... it would look awesome in the base. lol
  5. Adhesive Glowtail

    Can the glowtails stick to walls please? maybe to use them like the TEK lights? I just think it would make them useful (which they currently are not for looking so amazing.) I just think if they are not going to be made a little more useful in the field then as decoration in your home would be a good switch. Just make them stick to the wall you throw them at and we are golden lol
  6. Ok who am I fooling I have to Add in the Parasaur... LordMaxilos has the right idea... Biped/Quadruped stances, Base Alarm against raids and wild dinos. That would make them insanely useful. Pachyceph needs some love and a better knock out ability also just to throw it out there and Umber 0010 has a very very good question... This is a good idea... Just the trees is not to much to ask... And I know its one of the newer creatures and you guys are probably not planning on changing anything on it... but can the Phoenix land? Please can it land? Pretty Please LoL Just couldn't help myself had to get these last thoughts out. Thank you again for your Time!
  7. Oh and the Spiders... Can they please shoot webs and climb walls?
  8. Why would you have the Dino in the game that bears the name "King" have such a simple roar ability? It is an entertaining idea though don't get me wrong, but when compared to it's cousins the Giga, Yuty, Even the Allo, that ability still doesn't really put it on par... and everybody uses them end game so I'm begging for something a little more useful in the field... Maybe it stuns all the Dinos in a radius for 3 seconds of fear that makes them poop themselves? like a deer in headlights? Even Dinos your riding. That would be scary... It still should be able to pick up other Dinos like the Megalosaur also... As I said everybody uses them end game so that utility aspect I guarantee would be appreciated so we don't have to run back to the base to grab the Argy every time we see a good tame. Just assign the Roar to clicking the Right joystick and the grab to the left trigger. I just want the Rex to live up to its name is all... It has Gigas, Wyverns and Rock Drakes to compete with... I do love everything you have going on besides that, great ideas! You guys have really turned this game into something way more amazing than I thought it would be back in Beta. Some honorable mentions I'd like to throw out for some TLC are Sarco - When you work on him... please do something about his AOE... Anything! LoL +his Derpy High-Speed Run... Even if he has to lose his sprint on land all together I wouldn't be mad lol. +a straight upward lunge from the water to grab flyers along with the Shark would be AMAZING! Raptor - Please give it a Jump/Slash Attack of some kind... or let it hang on the side of large Dinos while slashing their HP. That just seems like what I Raptor would do... Although the Hanging on the Dino while slashing is actually more balanced because Jumping/Slash Attacks like the Troodons will have everybody being murdered on spawn in, while the Hanging Slash Attack is more useful for later game and harassing larger tribes on PVP. A Raptor Pack-Buff would also be nice. Can some water creatures like the Ichthy get a shimmy/waddle to get back in the water instead of just dying maybe? +hopefully being able to breach the surface and jump out of the water like actual dolphins do? Last thing I would add to the Ichthy is an Echo-Location ability to find resources/dinos underwater and collect pearls/oil/ammonites/etc. more quickly. Being an early game tame most are using Ichthys without SCUBA so being able to hone in on resources quickly to grab them and get back to the surface would be a giant help. Can Liopluerodon just be a Normal Tame please? and make it a little more battle-worthy? To not have the list drag on I'll say for my last entry... Trikes - Not as much their Model but Please make these fan favorites have something amazing like a ram for Wood/Stone Walls & Dino Gates(Not Behemoth)(Along with Wooly Rhino). The Trike needs a good charge attack honestly and to not make it to overpowered, making it more useful against structures would be great for raids and not be to OP for early game. Plus they are tamed on Carno kibble... so I don't think giving them a little bit of an edge/ability would be to crazy to ask for anyways. Oh... and can Bats please hang upside down now? LoL I BEG you to consider these! Thank you for your time! and the ARK!
  9. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I'd really like to see a Ravager-sized mount for Aberration with the Mobility of the Rock Drake.
  10. Fish Baskets and Tamed Fish

    Okay... Love the Concept for catching the Fish, Leeches, etc. with the basket. Great Implication. However I feel the force feeding method and them not really doing anything besides dying when you forget to feed them is a problem... I think a fun fix to this is all around fish food that all your tamed fish will swarm you when you dump in the water... or corpses for piranha, leeches and lampreys. I just think it would be a fun method of interacting with them and feeding them at the same time... Them actually producing items of value would be a great add also... maybe from feeding them? Just saying. love the idea though... Only being able to be crafted out of fungal wood on one map when it could just as easily be made out of wood on all of them is drag though... but I can live with it if some of those changes were made.
  11. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Really appreciate the work you guys! even with all the bugs and set-backs this game does make for a great gaming experience. I like the TLC designs! I like where you're going with the Rex and I know these aren't final but I'd mess his teeth design a little more and I pray you don't make him smaller! slimmer and more versatile yes but please don't shrink him to do so! Also Aberration really could use 1 or 2 more climbing mounts... some original ones would always be better... even just quick Ravager-sized ones. I like the Rock Drake but I really feel like it will get played out if it's the only end-game build, plus it being over-populated at the bottom really just takes it's uniqueness away. Love the game though these are more just ideas than complaints! Hoping Sarcos are on the TLC list!
  12. Xbox One Single Player Crashes !!! (Over&Over)

    My game is just crashed forever I guess...
  13. Xbox One Single Player Crashes !!! (Over&Over)

    Any Ideas how it could of been corrupted?
  14. Xbox One Single Player Crashes !!! (Over&Over)

    It happens every time I kill something for the most part. Just a ramshackle pike and an Argy. Soon as I start getting attacked the screen goes black.
  15. Xbox One Single Player Crashes !!! (Over&Over)

    There's no message the screen just goes black... I don't have a crazy amount of tames, gear or structures. Only thing different now is 2 players from local split screen passed out in the base but the game should be able to run that regardless right?