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  1. The smartest thing they could do is release all 4 Tek skinned Dino's they have left to release at once... Or at least all minus the Giga. Other wise it is another wasted opportunity.
  2. Wildcard, you really need to step it up...
  3. GhostCreep

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    I think they are smart for pushing the release date out instead of pushing it back multiple times and end up rushing an incomplete game out the door. If everything works well, and it adds to the core game mechanics enough to make the entire game more enjoyable from the island to extinction then im fine with it. I'm hoping for more biological rather than mechanical creatures (and actual dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures) and a TLC or something in between but if they can make all the dinos interact with you like that rex did (which I doubt) but if that is the level they could push the game to with 5 months then give it to them. I pray you hack the few mecha creatures and not dart-and-tame bcuz there is no logic in tranqing machines, EMP hand cannons that render them unconscious with a device to hack it while it is down would be awesome. That mechanic should be added to tek rex and other tek dinos also. I am not mad at all if they use that time wisely and deliver on that set schedule. More replay value in the end game so I'm not bored after taming everything and building my base and make it balanced for single player then I will be happy with the game. Solo player or local multiplayer being made more engaging would save the game.
  4. GhostCreep

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Tbh I feel the tek rex is not stronger at all and should of had some kind of unique taming mechanic like hacking it, or at least rocket launcher head shots like the titan. Yes it is a game but there is just no logic in tranquilizing a machine... Also instead of it just giving meat like a normal rex corpse I feel you should harvest metal and oil from it. My suggestion is to change the said Issues I've mentioned and make a pack of them enemy dinos in the tek cave. Rockwell could even summon one when his health gets real low. If you integrated it into the game INTELLIGENTLY and don't just throw them on the maps I think they could add a lot of character to boss fights and game progression. 1 spawning randomly at max level once in a while on random maps would be fun like it was sent to hunt you, but other wise I feel they could be used to give the game a lot more character and it would actually make something useful besides just those cryptic messages come out of this event. P.s. If Rex base hp is 1100, make the Tek Rex's 1500. And if the Rex's base attack is 62 make the Tek's 68-70. It will have a more obvious but not to extreme advantage. And make sure they can enter boss arenas.
  5. GhostCreep

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Never in my entire life have I seen this many people get so angry over some free poop!😂😂😂 Only WildCard.
  6. GhostCreep

    Grenade throwing Monkeys

    Do you think it would be possible to allow Mesopithicus to throw grenades at enemies like their crap when they have them in their inventory? Maybe arrows like spears? I think that would make them so awesome and even more worth taming... Please! LoL. It would be so fun. Only one stack if it really has to have some kind of limit.
  7. GhostCreep

    Grenade throwing Monkeys

    Do you think it would be possible to allow Mesopithicus to throw grenades at enemies like their crap when they have them in their inventory? Maybe arrows like spears? I think that would make them so awesome and even more worth taming... Please! LoL. It would be so fun. Only one stack if it really has to have some kind of limit.
  8. GhostCreep

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Pvp Tamer's Servers" with increased taming rates and 6 survivor tribe limit. "Pve Tamer's Servers" for increased Taming rates. "Pve Breeder's Server" for increased Breeding, Maturation and Imprinting rates. "Pve Architect's Servers" for increased Resource and Gathering rates. "Pvp Veteran's Servers" for Hardcore Mode with increased rates all around and 5 survivor tribe limit. "Pvp Novice Servers" for increased rates and higher HP for survivors and Tamed Dinos and 8 survivor tribe limit.
  9. You guys are mos def moving in the right direction gameplay-wise. Thank you for hearing everyone out on the 6 tribe member limit! Have Pvp and Pve and I believe this will most likely end up a permanent server type because survivors will most likely lean toward the smaller tribes and ×3 server settings over official servers anyway. Good move but Id add Pve small tribe servers as well. Beach and ocean fun is a wise direction to look to for the future of the game also. Great stuff.
  10. GhostCreep

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    "Back to Basics" Server No tribes. Everyone who works together will literally be based on trust alone. 150 structure limit including walls, ceilings, storage bins, etc. Forcing each player to make a small but efficient base. Likely what will happen is every survivor will be able to create a base but not walls to surround it. Now players would have to stay on the move, stay hidden, or build villages together. Both Pve and Pvp servers Same tame limit as normal and can craft all the weapons and ammo you can normally. With the same server settings as the new ×3 small tribe server settings with a little extra boost to ×3.5-4 to account for no actual tribes. I feel this would give an interesting dynamic to the game to try out. It would keep you in that sense of suspense early game keeps you in but through out the whole experience. It would really be you and the essential basics against the Ark. and maybe anyone you can trust to help you out... I think a 150 structure limit server would be a fun challenge and what can it hurt when if it is not popular it will only be up for 60 days? I think people would be surprised how fun and challenging the limit can be as an option to play with. It will really give the "survival" experience for sure.
  11. GhostCreep

    Game Re-balancing

    These are just some ideas I would like to throw out there. With Extinction looming on the horizon these could possibly make the game a little bit more enjoyable while keeping the base functions the game performs and giving it some real longevity after the game is truly finished. Any ideas to add are welcome in the comments... 1. Server Rebalance. Making feeding, breeding and imprinting less demanding for for survivors with a life away from their console. Just making it possible to get them done in a reasonable amount of time would be fine. Making imprinting less complicated all together. Having all the kibbles needed is hard enough without the stress of not even being able to make it to 100% imprint. It should just have time spans that reflect considerarion of the player's valuable time we can't get back. 2. Some kind of change to pvp. or an eclipse, hunter's moon, etc. Once, twice or maybe three times a week for raiding instead of having to check for raiders all through out the day. It would be something to prepare for and a fair chance for all survivors on the server. I understand this would not be popular at first but it would be much more widely appreciated with time. 3. A battle mode outside of pvp. Possibly an extra boss slot at the obelisks that are strictly for 10 survivors to tribe vs tribe or battle royale in an arena. Score board ranks would give tribes something to compete for in a less barbaric manner of destroying everything we create. Even if it was just an option to have would be great. I understand survivors can put this together on there own server and build an arena and all that but who is really going to go through all that? I say making it an in-game option with ranks to compete for in dino-size-devisions would just make your game a better experience with more replay value anyway so why not? Even as just an option for pve for tribes to train and compete for score board ranks. It could really give another exciting element to the game that wouldn't take much content creation. Just an arena. Weapons would be whatever you can carry and the 1 dino you bring would depend on the size devision you are fighting in. 4. Making an average allowed tribe limit for servers to 6-8. Would solve all the mega tribe problems and most people would rather have a fighting chance anyway. People can make their own servers if they have dozens of people that want to be in their tribe. Also making certain specialty servers permanent would make for variations in game-mode that would probably be well recieved. Especially the most popular specialty server-styles. I also suggest a pve paintball-mode server and capture the flag servers. Paintballs would not to damage but would mark the victim and enemy tribe dinos with shooter's tribe color. Capture the flag would be for stealth opportunistic pve'ers that still want a little competition. Just wanted to throw these out there! Thank you for your time!
  12. GhostCreep

    Happy Birthday ARK: Year Three!

    Happy birthday to one of my favorite games! The reveal was very well done! Didn't give to much info or over hype anything. Kudos. Still praying for the rest of the bug fixes and final tlc's but this is dope news! Thank you again.
  13. GhostCreep

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    My idea was every tribe member would ascend at once to the next map regardless of location. It does have a lot of holes in it but I thought it would be a fun PVE server for people that want to strictly play cooperative.
  14. GhostCreep

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Ascension Servers Servers that make you Ascend from one map to the next after defeating each Boss. To Play the Game as I think it was attended to be played. You would have to upload dinos and items before defeating the Boss to have them when you land on the next map. With 1 mega tribe (70 Survivor Limit) PVE servers resulting in the previous map and base/city being wiped for the new one. Having one giant tribe run a map and ascend together might make for a fun experience. Choosing their 10 warriors to face the boss for them and having every survivor regardless of location ascend at once. That would be movie epic. Tribes could even make up competitions in their servers to choose champions to face the boss. And it would be a community involvement to prepare them for the battle. Breeding, crafting, taming, could be done by the whole tribe to give their 10 champions the best chance of winning. That would actually be really fun. Allowing for a more fulfilling game progression for these particular servers. Maybe even an extra reward for making it to the next map in line. I think it would be a good challenge for seasoned tribes. And with Extinction around the corner, maybe making them line up with its release for some tribes and servers to Finally get a chance to play the game from start to finish.