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  1. Have you guys thought about making it so c4 can’t be placed on platforms any more ? That would change up the meta big time.
  2. There is a big difference between abb and extinction and that is allowed Dino’s. Abbs are hard to raid or wipe because the most powerful Dino’s aren’t allowed on it, but extinction is different. Once transfers open all you will see is sausage quartz destroying bases in high areas then you will see gigas that have bred for months coming out. Then tribes will just bring wave after wave of titans. If you think extinction servers will survive then either you are part of a huge mega tribe that can watch logs all the time or your very naive.
  3. It’s the end of extinction servers on the 15th , it was fun while it lasted
  4. Great balance changes but I feel like the enforcer needs more attention , they need something else to make them more viable for harder lvl drops and veins . Like maybe a saddle or crafting bonus when crafting then .
  5. Is fishing going to be fixed on extinction ? it’s really annoying to get prime fish meat.
  6. I meant other servers, and yes they have nerfed them already but to bad a lot of huge bases had been completely wiped already, and just so you know people had meks within hours of the dlc being released , they just went to get the engram then they made the meks on their home server. Kind of shocked i have to explain this lol
  7. You obviously don't play pvp so you wont understand spending months on a base and then watching some guys destroy it from across the map in minutes because the devs couldnt test their new content.
  8. Also found out that players are using meks and artillery cannons to destroy bases through the mesh!!!! Like f@#king really
  9. So two days after the release and meks are already way to op and game breaking. Tell me how are you suppose to defend against something that can destroy turrets from a safe distance. You guys had how long to work on this dlc and not one of you could think about the pvp implications ? You guys really should try playing your own game.
  10. so what happens to all the bodybags that were made ?
  11. It’s gonna be a tek trike , they are using dinos that have tek skins already , the only ones left are the gigs,quetz,trike,Moss, and most likely will be the trike since it seems like they are setting up a new kibble tree for extinction .
  12. As much as I want to totally crap on this digest there was actually some good information in this one , you guys should really do this type of digest more often.
  13. Are you serious ? You guys give us a tek version of one of the most useless dinos ever. Even as a radar dino there is no point to tame tek versions , especially since they are not even kibble tamed dinos. There better be a good point to these tek dinos in the extinction dlc.
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