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  1. Watch this video, a recent presentation of the T rex by an expert. The rex was more intelligent than you realise, it came 30 million years after the spinosaurus... It was a more evolved and superior predator. It had better vision than an eagle, and an incredible sense of smell to go with it. There have been skeletons found of herbivores where a T rex tooth has been broken off and embedded into their bone but new bone had formed around it. This is evidence of the rex going after live animals rather than being primarily a. scavenger.
  2. Man no offense but you really are against the general consensus of what would happen if a tyrannosaurus rex and Spino actually encountered eachother in real life. The t-rex has been shown to have about 3000lb more muscle force, it was far more intelligent, it had forward facing eyes which is a big advantage in itself. It had far better vision, and actually the complete opposite of what you say is true, it was a predator first and opportunistic scavenger second. T-rex would compete with eachother for prey, and take on dangerous prey, the spino ate fish... It was a specialised animal for hunting fish, the rex was specialised for biting through the bone of giant herbivores with crushing power.
  3. Rex has good hp and that's it, the damage is pathetically low considering the rex had the highest bite force of any land creature on the history of the planet.
  4. I think the rex, spino and giga should be on par with each other, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The spino was the biggest out of all three, rex had the most bite force and the giga most likely had the most stamina as they hunted large sauropods for days at a time. I know the game isn't based on realism, just annoys me is all lol. Not every creature will stop and poop, will have no effect on 'creatures higher level than itself.'
  5. Argent and spino model look good, as do the rest. I feel like the rex's roar causing dinos to poop is a dumb idea though if I'm honest, seems very gimmicky. Happy to hear that it will be able to manoveur around terrain easier. I understand the rex is used in boss battles but it needs some kind of ability or dmg buff to make it more of a threat in pvp, it's a t rex for crying out loud why does a dire bear have higher base dmg, I should feel equivalent fear seeing a rex, spino or giga ingame as they were all apex predators. Wolves are getting some sweet features that I'm excited for as well as the gigantopithicus. Please make it so my wyvern can actually defend me if left on neutral, AI for wyverns is terrible as is the landing mechanics.
  6. Everything looks great, would be really awesome if the rex got an extra feature that would somehow fit in with the monstrous bite force it had. Also I hope the giga is reduced in size and is more in line with other land dinos such as rex and spino in terms of damage when it's time for its tlc, they look ridiculously big.
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