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  1. As a guy who's favourite cenozoic creature is thylacosmilus, I absolutely adore this!
  2. So for this entry I think something from the Permian era would be great. As a whole ARK needs more Paleozoic fauna, they are weird and dope and need to be included. But anyways, the creature. Gorgonopsids are well known and beloved by dino-lovers and paleo-nerds everywhere so I figured adding one in would be great. But instead of going for Inostrancevia or Gorgonops the most well known and common suggestions, I thought of something more underrated and underappreciated. I always got excited when a new creature in ARK was added that was not well known and I could read up on it later. It's a nostalgic sensation I wanna bring back. So that's why I'm going for Rubidgea. It's one of the largest members of its family and has a unique look. Ark at one point considered adding a Gorgonopsid to its menagerie so this could work with a few tweaks. It will be a mid to late level tame, it has a saddle, but also has a harness that is cheaper to make and available to craft a few levels sooner. In the wild this creature will roam around in the grasslands, redwoods, snow, and mountains. It will frequently get into fights with other predators of the map as it bullies other creatures out of their food. Thanks to their saber teeth and large claws they are quite adept at killing prey and fighting other predators. In fact, they seem to get a sort of high from fighting other predators, especially if they are larger than themselves. They are so fearless that even the fear inducing roars and charges of Yutyrannus and Tyrannosaurus have no affect on it, and they retaliate the attack thanks to their abilities. Their first ability is an elastic yet extremely thick hide that allows them to soak up all manner of attacks without sustaining any damage. In fact, this skin allows for the Rubidgea to attack creatures that pick it up by twisting around in it's own skin and attack the would be kidnapper. So be aware that picking one of these up with a flyer or other creature will not work well and tranq-taming won't work because the arrows won't affect it. Taming requires the player to passively feed the Rubidgea spoiled prime meat and honey. Their second ability is a bleeding bite. Not the most creative but it is fitting seeing the saber teeth. Its saliva contains an anticoagulant which makes the prey or predator bleed profusely and and a primitive neurotoxin that causes great pain and shallow breathing in large creatures, and outright kills small animals. Antivenoms can be made from collected saliva as well as a concentrated poison... because why not? Their third ability is digging burrows. Not the most useful ability at face value, but it does have great uses. If a player has some neat loot they want to keep secret from raiders, they can get their Rubidgea to make a burrow and stick their loot in it for safe keeping. The best part is, the Rubidgea doesn't have be anywhere near the burrow as it will be marked on the hud for the player ONLY. Additionally, if a player is in a hot situation and need to escape for a bit, They can ride their Rubidgea and hide in a burrow. That said the player and creature need to pump points into their oxygen stat. While they can be ridden, Rubidgeas generally prefer not to be mounted so the harness item is available to use. Plus, thanks to it's hardiness and short temper it is a good tame for a survivor to have at their side in combat. So yeah that's my creature suggestion. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Wait, does this mean they are reskin-ing creatures from the Additional Creatures Mod and adding them to the game?
  4. I have a lot of ark fanart, but I dont have twitter so my DA page is undiscovered.
  5. Compy needs some TLC like this... They also need more feathers like this...
  6. I don't understand why they did this, but it looks Ok.
  7. wow, now I can get the game on my phone, when I get my phone.
  8. Well about time they fixed up the bugs. Also I don't see any visual changes to the parasaurolphus.
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