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  1. I don't think that they will do another TLC reskin of their dinos (Rex & Spino) as they were already TLC-ed. But I do agree on the other aspects. I cannot for the life of me sleep well at night knowing that the pteranodon in ARK looks like this The therizinosaurs needs a longer and thinner neck along with a smaller and thinner head. But its alright. Giga REEEEALLY urgently needs a reskin, its f***ing disgusting at this point. For the Carno I agree it does need a touch up on its model, but I want them to keep it overall the same. I will be so pissed if the Carno gets massive arms that don't do anything. I like the tiny useless stubs! Also make it suUUUUUuuper fast, like a cheetah. But with bull horns.
  2. Wait, does this mean they are reskin-ing creatures from the Additional Creatures Mod and adding them to the game?
  3. Has anyone thought about bosses yet? cuz I do have some weird, cool, and possibly outlandish ideas for bosses.
  4. I have a lot of ark fanart, but I dont have twitter so my DA page is undiscovered.
  5. Interesting idea, I have one that is very similar, but has various differences that make it a bit more mine. I have some creature concept drawings, but I don't have dossiers. Here is a link to my version which I call ARK AIROS. >>> https://www.deviantart.com/speculatimsauru5/journal/Fanart-Friday-ARK-Arios-736898297
  6. What if they added a giant Camel-Spider/Sun-Spider/Wind-Scorpion/Solifugae to the sandy dunes for the desert. It would be a super fast mount that can run as fast or faster than a raptor, and be as equally lethal. It could also shred through a victim that it grabs with its pedipalp arms, and maul them to a pulp with their powerful chelicerea jaws. It would be a neet edition I think.
  7. Then they would be the mortal enemy of the phoenix (lore accurate!), that would be cool to see!
  8. Adding normal saddles for the wyverns? I mean they would increase the armor and protection of the creature. Plus, imagine what the Pimp-My-Dino or the Saddle Emporium mods would do if they could play around with it!!!
  9. Some more ideas I had for Ark SE would be to add a new boss like an Amphisbeana or something like that. Maybe they could add some other creatures like Protoceratops or a giant Frilled lizard, or a fennec fox that can tellyou were it hears stuff, or something of that kind to keep SE a bit more alive. For some TLC ideas I'd say give the Morellatops a more ceratopsian model update. So make the head and crest/frill a bit bigger (I mean add them on they're missing), and make the humps a bit unequally sized. Maybe give them a speed and stamina buff or something when they are full of water? The Lymantria really, really, REALLY, needs some TLC!!! its a giant moth! there are numerous possibilities. For instance (just random ideas) there could be: (1) A 45% buff on stamina, speed, health when night time arrives. (2) A really potent gas cloud that can knock you out... coming from streams of gas expelled from both ends. (3) It could become aggressive at night and attack players who aren't in a base or tent, or have a tame to protect them. Then it would attack and take the clothes of the players away to eat and convert into silk at 1 cloth item to 4 silk(s). Thus if you want to make silk you would tame it and make... 20 sets of cloth items and feed them to it. (4) It could have a stinger in the abdomen to paralyze attackers for 15 seconds to fly away or attack as a tame. Mantis really needs some TLC and model overhaul. Make it look more like a real mantis, but a cool and obscure one like the Dragon Mantis. Also fix the arms so that they have a more mantis like look to them (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/35/MantisLegGBMNH.jpg) have the grasping hand like part at the end of the arm so that the tools are angled downwards so that the swinging of the weapons gives it a bot more power. Also let them use their wings to fly for like 40-60 seconds, they have wings for a reason right!? Rock elementals... nah, Vultures... nah, Jerboas... nah, Wyverns... Remodel and improved firing attacks, left click = single blasts, right click = continous stream + both have cross-hairs for accuracy and slight (15%) zoom in. Also make them more erect walking/standing to not take up so much room and have their necks reared back a bit. Like this...
  10. Exactly! they are underrated and undervalued... don't you wanna keep dis guy happi?
  11. I do feel like the Thorny dragon and the Death worm really need some TLC For instance: )Death worms come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. They have the ability to grab, rag-doll, and throw players and creatures depending on their size (No head butting!) They can make a trap, pit, thing similar to a bear trap or Plant Species Y trap and spawn nearby to kill you (but you can see a bit of it so as to not bee too OP). Also make them look like a bit like bobbit worms, more jaws less horns. (sexi face right? ) Throny Dragons can have a slight reskin so they have more spikes on their body and nicer looking scales. They could fire much more spikes, mush closer at a target with a target-pointer for accuracy (they b shotgun lizards!!). A tail slap attack that stuns and bleeds a target so they aren't vulnerable from behind. A crazy supper-boost run on its hind legs like some lizards do (like dis guy ), with a stamina drain to not be too OP. Other ideas might come later but this is all I got right now. I really like Scorched Earth, I would rather buy it before the original game. It was really a good DLC and I hope they give it the attention it deserves.
  12. I never liked the Nameless or the reapers that much. (Well the reapers were actually cool.) I've thought that if I knew how to make Mods on ARK, I would make a mod for abberation that would add some creatures, a biome, and would make the nameless juvenile reapers, and change the reapers into reptiles or insects. Preferably a dinosaur-like digging wasp.
  13. I would suggest remodeling the Dunkelosteus by smoshing a Bichir... with a real dunkleosteus...https://www.deviantart.com/bangboodoragon/art/Dunkleosteus-760344181 and it should have a suction bite that drags prey into its mouth from as fart as 10 feet.
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