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  1. Will we get an option for single player to allow flyers' speed upgrade anytime soon?
  2. Nope, don't even know who that is. Anyway, I completely agree with what you said. Let's just hope they listen! I'm on PC but I don't use mods (prefer not to) so that would be really good.
  3. Well, at least those things have been implemented. I just hope they do implement this option as well and have not completely forgotten about it.
  4. Hello! So a while ago, back in 2017, in this Q&A (https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/mysterious-mysteries-introducing-ark-digest-51-community-crunch-107-r581/) the devs said that an option would be added for single player and private servers to handle flyers in whichever way you prefer, either pre-nerf or post-nerf, and that was supposed to come in the Dino TLC. But dino TLC has come and gone and sadly this option hasn't been added. I only play single player and I'm eager to use an option like that (I don't like using mods). Is it still coming or was it ditched completely? Has anyone heard anything about it recently? Would be really sweet if I could get an answer from official channels! Thanks!
  5. Yep, you can see it in this thread: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/articles.html/mysterious-mysteries-introducing-ark-digest-51-community-crunch-107-r581/ It's the 15th question under the Q&A section. At least we know it's coming
  6. Someone probably had already said this, but anyway: I think dimetrodons really need a visual improvement, something similiar of what you've done with the spinosaur in TLC phase 2.
  7. They said it was coming in the TLC, didn't say in which phase though :\
  8. Looks great! But what about the option to activate classic fliers for singleplayers and private servers that was said to be coming in the TLC? Will it be in the next phases?
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Well, anyway, that's cool. I just hope in the meantime we get more stuff like Ragnarok.
  10. Yeah, I think you guys are right... they might end the main storyline in the next DLC, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't do more paralel stories, or even expand the main story somehow. And yeah, from an economic view, it makes no sense to end so soon a game that is profiting, especially being like ARK that has such a great potential for stories and more content.
  11. So, I see a lot of people saying that the next DLC will be called exctinction and I also see them saying it'll be the last. So is ARK actually ending this year and no more DLCs are coming after this one? But if so, will there be another game eventually? Has anyone heard any word of the devs about it? I was kind of hoping that would still be a bunch of DLCs in the soon future :\.
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