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  1. Megaldons should be much stronger and bigger and should get a buff when a dead body is near by (blood lust or something).
  2. I think that the sarco should be a lot stronger but still slow on land and fast in water. It should have a lot more health (after all it is a big slow prehistoric crocodile). It should also have the ability to give people the broken leg debuff (it fits its creature) and do more damage (in real life crocodiles have the strongest bite force of any non-extinct animal). You could also give them a secondary attack (which could give the debuff mentioned before as well as a lot more damage but slower attack speed and more stamina cost).
  3. I would love to see some work on more early/mid game underused mounts that would considered combat mounts but not useful and over looked in place of late game dinos. Ark has a lot of a lot of dinos many of them could become useful combat dinos with small buffs and new utility, unique abilites for both PvP and PvE that stronger more popular dinos (rex etc.) could not provide. I feel like that put a lot more attention on the early to mid game and give starting players a chance to have more fun and survival chance and change the meta of grinding up to high level and only tame the essentials as well as a change of pace to big tribe raiding adding more strategic and freedom and choice in what big tribes tamed and used in raids and defense. Btw love what you have done so far with the TLC!
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