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So what did you do in ARK today?


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PS4 - Single Player - Rragnarok

Didn't have much time to play last night, as I really wanted to watch the Minnesota Wild beat the Dallas North Stars. But I did manage to take my new wookie Hairetta out for some leveling up. Wow, is she amazing. She was knocking dinos all over the place, and even took down a Level 100 Rex. I did remember to put a helmet on her before we left, so I finally used a ASC Chitin helmet I got from a drop.

When we first left the Big Butte base to level up, we got attacked by a couple Argents, and I noticed one of them was a 145, so I managed to knock that one out while it was focused on Hairetta, who was tanking. We then went out to level up, and when we came back about an hour later, I tamed up the Argy.

Then I took the new Argy out for some leveling, and I spotted a 145 Hyenadon. So I picked it up and was flying it back to one of the empty enclosures, when I flew too close to one of my "guard" Argies, who is follow-tethered to a passive Phomia. Well the guard Argy would not stop chasing me and the Hyenadon, and since I had it on "Ignore Group whistles" I couldn't get it to stop. I then tried to land, and quickly spyglass the Argy to stop, but before I could it killed the Hyenadon. :( 

Finally got that Argy changed to LOW agro range and put it back on it's guard post.

Then I noticed that 4 Dung beetles were walking all over the inside of my base. They must have rendered in before the walls, and escaped. So I put them all back in their DUNGeon.

I then took one of my Fire Wyverns out (can't remember which one) and we went look for Beaver dams to raid on the southern half of the map. Well we found like 7 of them and ended up netting over 1200 CP and some pearls. However while we were doing this, I came across a 150 Allo female. If you have read my stories before, you know I am a sucker for Allos. So of course I tried to tame this one, but between the beaver it kept aggroing on, and it running all over the place, I could not seem to knock it out, and I finally gave up, flew back to the base, to grab the materials to make a trap. Flew back to the area with the Allo, and it was no where to be seen, but there was a level 130 Rex all of a sudden. I wonder if the Allo finally collapsed as I left, and the Rex got a free meal? 

With that plan foiled, I decided to keep flying on the Wyvern to the south, and eventually came to a chain of islands in the SSW corner. As I was turning to head back home, I noticed a Thylacoleo (I love these too, as I bred hundreds on The Island) And I had yet to tame one on Rag, because I hadn't seen many, and they were always low level.

Well this one was a female level 145. no chance I was going to pass it up. So I picked it up and flew it back to camp. It was tricky as I had to stop for stamina once and of course that meant re-grabbing the Thyla. But we got it back and I dropped it in the empty enclosure. I crafted up some shocking darts and went to KO the thyla. Well that almost ended badly, as I slipped off my ledge into the enclosure with the Thyla. Thank Dog for my ASC rifle, as I was getting shredded and just when I was sure I would die, the Thyla dropped. I checked, and I had 97 HP left!!! I always bump up my HP, Weight and weather resistance with my points. This time it saved me for sure.

At this point I realized I was missing some of the hockey game, so I grabbed a timer app on my Iphone and every 7 minutes I would pop back and feed narcotics and biotoxin to the Thyla while I starved it. Finally it was ready to be fed, and I filled it with Cooked Prime. She tamed up at 99.6%

Grabbing the ASC thyla saddle I got from a drop weeks earlier, I put it on her and got her placed next to some of my other dinos. I then checked all the food bins and logged off to watch the Minnesota Wild win 5-2!


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Even though I was tired after work I was also excited to participate in my first event on an official server, so I hopped on as soon as I got home.

Refresh timers, feed everyone, then decide what to do. The issue I have is I wanted to tame lots of event color animals, but I'm still working on my base. Plus, I have no kibble yet. But I decided to press forward anyway and at least get one Easter spino. This would also be my first spino ever tamed on official, the first for the Blue Spino Ranch, and my first post-TLC. I've been very wary of them because of the changes, but I want to give them a chance.

Seeing all the cool animals did get me super hype, so I decided to check my "secret" spot--the swamp spino spawn. It has the advantage of being relatively local to my base too. Cleared out the barys, rerendered and found a gorgeous, very blue Easter female. Low level, which is actually ideal for me because I have no kibble. I was very, very surprised by two things: how fast spinos are now, even more than they were before, and they are much more persistent, at least away from the water. By the time I got her kited to my base Cadbury was hurting quite a lot, and his movement speed is base so he couldn't outrun her if he tried.

I have no taming pen but I improvised and got her KO'd on the beach next to my base. Raw prime is less effective for sure but if it's all you got it's what you use, it wasn't too bad really. When she stood up I was very happy, my first spino tame is always the most exciting part of any new server. I haven't named her yet but here she is, my new ranch mascot:


I swiftly decided I need some Easter argents to provide eggs to tame more spinos, but I also desperately need to get my base going. So before I logged I started working on my secondary gate. Once I complete the outer shell of that wall I can start laying the foundations for my base itself, and then the real work begins. So I'm compromising with myself a bit there, because the event animals I tame are also important since that's my kibble farm and the start of my breeding lines.

Either way it was quite late by then so I finished up for the night.

Today's overall goal is building and taming. Also lots of narc crafting to keep my stock high in case I come across another spino to tame.

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Very busy day yesterday for me.

First I completed my secondary gate exterior. It's by no means finished but it's "good enough" for now.

Then I really got to work, laying the foundations of the new Arkanus. It's a very large base design, 21x24. I wasn't as careful placing the foundations so ended up with pillars and ceilings over a much larger portion of the floor. That's ok, though. I'd say at least half is still foundations, very solid. I also built a single room which I will live out of while I set up the rest.

Building on this scale is frankly exhausting, especially when it's a design I've used and built before. But with the main foundation laid it should take a lot less time for the rest, it's just a matter of balancing my will vs. my impatience.

I did take breaks to go taming and have started a very nice egg farm full of event color animals. It's tough to stay focused when I know how important it is to get my tames sorted out now before tame capping is a high risk. With the event all the bored players who transferred in to this server are going on massive taming sprees for animals even they admit they don't need.

And with the changes to the spinos it's more important than ever I have enough argents to produce kibble for taming them, raw prime is fine for a low level animal but it won't cut it for a high level, and I have no theri or annoying seagull to pick up the slack on raw fish prime harvesting. So I also need beetles, a garden and fridges. So much to do, so little time.

My tribemate M would come and help but Ark no longer loads for him since the second TLC patch and he can't figure out what the problem is. Sigh. Always something.

Today will probably be more of the same, taming and building. I must remain content with one event spino for now.

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Today in Ragnarok I farmed some metal and bought a wyvern. 160ish (I think) unleveled lightening beast of doom!! 


Other than that I did the usual stuff... got a couple of my pteras killed and was sad about it... Flew around and searched for some more easter dinos... Nothing high enough level to tame. Plus the dino cap keeps going off mid tame and its super annoying.


Hopefully tonight I can find some fun colours to add to the collection.

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Having spent most of yesterday building, I decided today would be good for taming.

Unfortunately I did not foresee a rogue theri getting into my base and killing 7 freshly tamed farm animals. It was a 100+, there was no chance to save them. I was very frustrated and took a break for the afternoon. If it had killed my spino I honestly would have quit. I don't know what it is about official servers but I've lost more animals since I started official than in my last 6 months on unofficials. Crazy.

Came back and have made a very good recovery.

Not counting what I lost, today's tally:

2 turtles

3 dilos

2 dimos

1 lystro

1 pachy

1 ptera

3 raptors

1 stego

2 trikes

2 argents

3 ankylos

I'm actually still taming one of the turtles, as soon as he's up I'm done for the night.

One of the reasons why I'm going so crazy taming: all of these except the ankys are event colors! If I'm going to stare at butts, they better be pretty, you know? One of the raptors is actually an extra, only tamed because he was trying to eat one of my turtles while it was down. I'll probably try to sell/trade it for something I actually need.

Also since I have the ankys and can now generate sparkpowder in bulk I am starting crops and will be doing an oil run soon for jerky. Don't have power yet but soon enough.

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I went out with some fresh Argy kibble and tamed two Spinos. A 145 male and female respectively. While I was doing that, my brother attempted (hilariously) to tame a green and purple Gigantopithicus. 

Finally, after many mishaps he tamed her, and brought her back to the base to meet our new Spinos. 

Went on an egg hunt, came back with a 190 fire Wyvern egg, bred our new Spinos and my two best Rex's, and called it a day. 

Saw an awesome looking max level Argy with a red head, blue body and yellow wingtips. Will be looking for him tomorrow after work. 

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So that Level 140 Giga I talked about last week. Well Friday after work I went back and tamed that bad girl! not bad for my first ever GIga tame!

I built a funnel of stone gates, then narrowed down to a enclosure of metal gates. I also build a tiny outpost near this taming enclosure with a bed and storage for extra narcs, tranq arrows, etc.

I then kited the Giga with my high level Thyla, that I had bumped in speed and HP just for this purpose. After many failed attempts to lead the Giga (it kept getting distracted) I finally got it into the funnel and into the enclosure. I then parked the Thyla just out of reach, and ran around to place the final metal gateway. The Giga never even noticed me. Then I just stood back and shot tranq darts and tranq arrows at it for what seemed like forever. I brought 200 darts and 200 arrows, and I feel like I used over 100 of each! Then the hard work began, as I wanted to starve her, before feeding her the Quetz kibble. I went thru hundreds of Bio Toxin, but finally after hours of waiting, I tamed her up. Holy crap, I was not prepared for the drastic drop in stats after taming. But I spent the rest a very late night leveling her up, and then went to bed.

Saturday, I realized that it was pointless to try and walk "Destructa" all the way back to the Big Butte Base, so I decided to try and find a spot in the ancient city ruins in the desert. I located a tall Silo looking building along the the cliff on the river, and the Giga fit in just fine. I then spent some time grinding out the resources to build a Behomoth Gate and 2 Dino gates to close off the openings in the building. Crafted up some food bins, and then filled them up. The rest of the day was spent exploring the ocean with purpose of taming a high level Angler. But they kept dying on me, and I kept getting attacking by high level sharks, so I ended up taming 4 over them. I did also make a mental note on a level 130 and a level 145 MOSA I avoided. Might try to tame them later, but I think I will build an underwater trap for them.

I didn't play too much on Sunday, but  I did spend some time beacon hunting, and desert loot hunting. I came away with a ASC flak helmet BP, an ASC Pteradon saddle, and some other goodies. I still haven't found a ASC pick or axe, to replace the ones I lost a few weeks ago. But I do have JM or MC level ones.

I need to breed up my rexes some more, so I can transfer to the Island and do some Boss farming.  From all the videos and posts, it sounds like doing the RAG bosses solo is impossible.


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Surprisingly productive, short day.

Hopped on in the morning just to get fertilizer for the crops and found a pretty male lystro in my yard to replace the one who was killed by the rogue theri. Tamed him up, then went to work.

Got home and built another chamber of my base and laid out a large part of the floor layout. It's similar but different from the original design, in large part to accommodate an indoor egg barn as part of the aviary.

Then I went out to tame. Basically right now my deal with myself is I have to do something to contribute to the base build before I do the fun stuff.

No wild and crazy day long adventures here. I tamed a male trike to finish one herd and a female ptera to go with the male I already have. I did look for argents to add to the flock but didn't find any. Did come across a new player and chatted/helped him out for a bit before moving on. 

Then I went back to base, did a couple small tasks and logged for the night.

I think I want a couple more dilos because their kibble is so useful to have.

I'm already thinking about expanding the ranch to including specialty breeding of a couple other animals besides spinos. But there's just so much to do it's a little overwhelming. Trying to take it one step at a time since I really can't do too much during the week normally. Priority right now is split between base build and kibble farm. TBH though the farm is mostly because I'm trying to construct it entirely out of event color animals. I'm more than halfway done with collecting, but some of the remaining ones are tricky to get, like gallis and dimetrodons. Really missing PVE pickup right now lol.

Also I found a really cute purple snail I would have loved to tame but no cakes. That's something else on my ever growing list...

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PS4 - Single Player - The Island


So lately I've gone back and started to re-watch the entire NEEBS GAMING video playlist for ARK. They are the reason I ever got into the game. Well I was watching the very first few episodes, and just shaking my head watching some of the Noob moves they made.  but I also starting remembering how exciting it was back then, being afraid of all the dinos and not having the proper defenses. unlike now, when I can pretty much kill any dino I want at will (exception of Alphas and Golems and Gigas) 

So I decided to create a totally new character, under a different log in account and start fresh. That isn't a huge change. the BIG thing, was that I went back to using the game's default settings. For the last year +, I have used boosted setting for resource gathering, taming speed, hatching, maturing, and slowed down the hunger and thirst affect.

HOLY DILO! I forgot what a pain it is to have to eat/drink like every 2 minutes, instead of every 30 minutes. And resource gathering ... OMG the grind is real!!

I played for about 3.5 hours last night, and all I managed was to tame 2 parasaurs, 2 dodos (killed the others for hide) and a pteradon. Sure I can't even build a saddle for another 20 levels, but he landed right next to me, and was a level 24,  so I bola's him and clubbed him. Sadly a dilo jump scared me, and got in a few licks on the Ptera before I could kill it, so it only raw meat tamed out to level 30. But at least I will be ready to fly. I've already crafted up a bunch of narcotics (that meat spoil rate!) and am just waiting until I can unlock the tranq dart.

I also have to figure out where to get crystal. Since I am starting out in the South central part of the map, the mountains are waaaay far away, so I have to try and remember if there is a cave nearby. I did notice a Spino not far away, so I need to be aware of that when out gathering.  There are a bunch of turtles on the beach next to my peninsula base, and I've killed a few, but I saw last night a level 32 appears to be trapped in some rocks. That is the highest level dino I've come across thus far, and she would offer me some water transport. I could get oil with her.

It was also funny to get killed by low level dinos again. I got killed by a frigging flying pego bird level 4! As well as a couple turtles and a trike that I accidently hit. But I got revenge on them all, except the Flying ichy. Damn those pesky bird demons.

I have not given up my other ARk characters, but I just wanted a change of pace for a bit.  I'm sure later in the week, when I get frustrated by the extreme grind, and the time it takes to tame animals, I will switch back to RAG or SCORCHED characters.

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Yesterday I did basically the same thing as Monday. Built one chamber of my base, this actually completes the bottom third of the first floor aside from a few corridor ceilings. Worked a little more on the floor layout as well, I think I have it mostly in my head now.

Then I went out hunting, some bad luck meant I didn't really find anything. Did get a stego but the tame took forever ugh. I don't understand why they didn't leave x2 on for the event but whatevs. But that herd is complete so barring any unforeseen circumstances and more rogue theris I won't ever have to do that again.

Now I'm trying to decide what I should prioritize in the base build itself. The aviary will take the longest because it's the single biggest part of the entire base. It is very important and I would feel a lot better if I were able to move all my farm animals inside. On the other hand the other rooms in the base will be more immediately useful because I can't set up most of my crafting stations until the second floor is done. One of the problems with such a highly integrated base design is that the base basically needs to be built before any of the interior can be set up.

I guess I'll just do as much building as I can stand to do today and see where that gets me.

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This week in Ark was weird. 

I did a lot, had a lot of hunts and adventures but overall it doesn't seem like it based upon what I brought back to the base.



I had an extended break over Easter only going to work one day so my plan was raised centric. I don't care about having pretty dino colors more than stats so knowing a tame cap was coming at some point I did my normal wake up early and get my eggs hatched. I do that because Quetz's and Yuty's are 18 hour baby timers too so I like to get a jump on things. 

Most of the hatches were not good enough to keep around but I did find a few. 


The Quetz is a male with the food mutation that i can now pair with the female. I will breed them 10 to 12 times and then see if i can't auction him off since he's a muted Quetzal with awesome stats. 

The yellow bird with pink crown was an egg I traded for. Not great stats but I wanted that pink to add into my yellow bird/blue limb. The egg popped a female so going to be some extensive cross over since the yellow/blue line is also both females.

The yellow crown is a new mutation on my line. Food mutation. Hatched with the 9900 hp (instead of the 10.3k hp) and the 2184 stam, and 331 melee. Both of those are a blander yellow than I currently have so I'll give it a shot into the yellow/blue line but I think it'll look bad however I believe that yellow into the blue fur line will look pretty nice. All of these were at 61% when I came to work today.


I also hatched several Theri eggs but no stats mutations on mine, however I did finally hatch the 408 melee eggs from the trade for the boss run 2 weeks ago. They both popped male with the 9.2k hp, 408 melee. That works out well since the 1710 stamina is on 2 females. They were at 96% when I came to work. They'll be done by the time I get off and I'll start breeding them right away for a Sunday hatching. I am raising a Quetz for a trade so I'll be up for it anyway. 

I hatched a lot more but got no Quetzal weight mutations, no other Yuty or Theri mutations and still haven't got an Argy male with the 1300 stamina 768 weight combination or any weight mutation, no mutations at all actually. 

I'll keep breeding to stockpile some more eggs for another Sunday go around in all these. 



The Easter event (still going on) was a big success for a lot of people. Very cool combo colors. I did get out and I have K.O.'d a bunch of dino's but I look for specific stats on most of the tames so didn't tame a lot even when the cap was available to do so. I did spot a lot for my allies to tame and helped them out some. They also go for high levels and are very active in the trade market. 

Personal tame wise I did grab a 145 event mammoth. I needed a mammoth for the main base so I figured I might as well get one with some color. I'm not going to breed mammoth's so strictly a utility tame. I also tamed up a 140 event terror bird. I replaced one of my current terror bird eggers with this one to add a little more color to my kibbler's. I may go out the rest of this week and find replacements for my current egg tames just to add a little color in the base. 

I also did a lot of Megatherium hunting both event and non-event. In a 3 day period I probably knocked out 20 130+ Megatheriums but it was my first one that made the cut. She tamed out with 325 melee. The male has 6.3k hp. There are certainly better stats out there but it's a nice start to the Megatherium line. The rest didn't have pre-tame stats I was looking for so I just ate them. 

I knocked out probably as many 140+ Megaloceros. I kind of want to breed a nice line but am very specific that I won't tame unless it has 2500 pre-tame hp. That is 36 points and I think a strong base line. 

I also tamed a 150 event rhino. That was a gift for my one ally. I was actually on my way to a 150 Yuty when I came across it. It was on a cliff side bordering the snow and desert. I placed some large bear traps but it kept running right by them, and gored me off the ledge. I was on very little hp but it got stuck in a crevice so was able to put it down. My other allies have a base right there so they came and picked me up and took me up to my Wyv. 

The rhino tamed out alright. 307 melee. Nothing phenomenal but my ally liked it. He immediately went out and found a female 145 event Rhino and that thing was sick. Tamed out with 4.6k hp and 370 melee. Nice colorful mating pair there. 

I did lose the Yuty to some wolves. They are so stupid. I tried to help but every time I got close to bite a wolf the Yuty would focus on me and the wolves would get in some shots so finally I backed away but it got overwhelmed. 

Finally I K.O.'d several Yuty's and found one to tame. A 150 male, non-event. I led it to a trap at our mountain base so an easy tame. When it stood up it had 351 melee. Yay! A new stat to breed in. I already mated it with my females with 10.3k hp, 2184 stamina and 331 melee. Once it gets transferred over it'll condense a mutation side as well. I'll breed them up a few more times and hatch all of them on Sunday to see what we get. 



So i did a few builds this time off as well. I am not a builder but some things need to get done. 

i finally constructed one of our new Golem traps. The gates have been placed for awhile but I never built the cannon platform. I went over to our original trap and snapped some SS to replicate it. I built it up but the cannon was sticking out to far, then when I got it where I thought it would be protected it still took damage from the Golem. So I built an additional protection extension but now the Golem doesn't keep aggro. I built something to house a small tame hoping to keep the Golem's aggro but that didn't work either. I may just need to resign myself to replacing the cannon every few tames if I want to try and solo tame Golem's. 

I also added an enclosure to half of my Rex barn. The Rex barn doubles as a Wyvern trap and while I feel I am done with raising Wyvern's, that could always change so I decided to keep that intact. I killed off most of my breeding Rex's so to reduce clutter at the main base down the hill I moved the Yuty's up to the barn and didn't have the same confidence to leave them out in the open for Wyvern's to attack. 

Moving the Yuty's did help lag in my main base and it gives me a nice area to breed them in now. That was a simple build. I just built the walls up higher, placed a roof, and added a behemoth gate in the center to be able to walk the Rex's out to tank Wyvern's if I need to. 

I didn't get done a lot of the things I planned on. My tribe mate stayed almost exclusively on Abb during the event with his new tribe mate over there. One of my allies on Rag had a tribe mate just starting on Abb so they teamed up and they got a lot done. A lot of high level tames, event tames, and an amazing 9.8k hp Megalosaurus tame. That's an awesome male to have and I think they'll want to use Mega's to eventually fight Rockwell. 

I feel hopeful for the base game with some of the improvements announced/implemented so it may get to the point that I finally buy Abb and it'll be nice to have an established set up if it ever gets to that point. 

We didn't run any boss fights. We had plans to last night but then the update hit and some people had crazy download times plus the one guys internet was acting up all day. We're all pretty good on element to keep things running for a few days but they need a fight since they build more with element than I have so far. We'll get it done in the next couple days. 


So my results this week are a bit torn. I had fun. I never really got bored. It was very nice having that open ability once the babies were eating out of troughs but I didn't get done everything I set out to and i missed my tribe mate a bit. 

My old tribe mate did reach out to me finally. It was good hearing from him. He wanted to know if i was looking at Conan coming up. I heard some things about it so I went to YouTube to watch a few video's.


No dinosaurs. lol.

I did tell him I'll set up a boss fight if he wants to jump on and at least experience it since he never got a chance. I shared some of the stuff we've done and then we went back to our things. I liked playing with him so I may get Conan just to play with him but Ark is the focus. 

On the docket;

Boss fights, continue looking for wild stats for my current lines, and a few raises. Standard arkage.

Until next week. 

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I have played Ark on PC (limited experience), PS4 Pro (limited experience but plan to run a second story-line on it next to my) XBox One X Ark account, which is my main playing one.  Today I was experimenting by taking a pteranodon up into the sky to see how high its ceiling it.  I soon hit that mysterious multi-coloured ceiling mesh.  I then jumped off of my pteranodon with a parachute and floated down to the ground, with my bird following me.   I then went up again and this time I turned off the bird's follow me and I jumped from the ceiling mesh with no parachute, over the sea.  I was surprised to find that I survived the fall. This time the pteranodon stayed up there, out of sight.  I climbed onto my second pteranodon and started to make my way up to the where I thought the first one was.  I made the mistake of logging out of the game during the journey.  When I logged back in I was in the air with no bird below me. I fell.  No I had two pteranodons stuck up there, out of sight from even the telescope, so couldn't call them back down.  So off I went to find and tame a third pteranodon.  I eventually found my other two just hovering where I left them.  I whistled for both to follow me and I lead them back home. I had great fun. >.<


I love this game.

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PS4 - Single Player - The Island


So yesterday, I continued on with my new character back on the Island with default settings. Man the night comes quickly and often! I forgot that with my other characters, the daytime is maxed and the nighttime is minimal. So it was weird to have nightfall come so often.

I did some more grinding and build a forge, smithy, added a few more pestles and got 4 crop plots going, so I can start making kibble for taming a better Pteradon. 

I then built a raft, and decided to travel over by the bay in the SE corner of the map, so I could grab some crystal, pearls and obsidian. I loaded up the raft with my best Parasaur to help carry the resources I would collect. We traveled tight to the shore, but were attacked by a Sarco, that killed me before I even knew what was happening. When I first start a new character out, I pump up weight and melee points, but leave health for later. So the Sarco got an easy snack. I then I realized that I had forgotten to build a bed on the raft, so I had to spawn back at base, and run/swim all the way back to the raft. Finally the raft rendered in, as a piranha killed my Parasaur. 

I jumped on the raft and got out of there, making my way around the "stonehenge" island and as I did, I saw trapped shark. I thought about taming it, but it was only a level 3 and I didn't really want to waste time on it at this time. Good thing I kept going, because about 100 yards later, I came face to face with an Alpha shark that would have killed my shark in a heartbeat.

Finally made it around the penisula, and back west into the bay. As I made shore, I saw a level 20 parasaur, which was by far the highest level parasaur I have seen on this setting. I gotten it trapped in some rocks, and armed with my newly made crossbow, I put it down. This time I took my time, and was able to get a 99% TE on it. 

Then nightfall came, and so I huddled on the raft with the parasaur and two dilos I tamed when they tried to mess with me on the beach. crowded around the campfire we waited for dawn to set out again. But in real life, it was time for bed. Until tonight.

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Quite a day, whew.

So I'm off of work for the rest of the week recovery after a surgical procedure (am fine for the record) and decided to use my time to get a bunch of stuff done. I built and I built and I built and...


I apologize for the terrible image quality, but that's basically 1/4 of the new Arkanus completed, the entire bottom floor. The bird's wing is obscuring the split level on the left and of course you can't see the chambers under the ceilings. There's 6 main rooms all connected by interior corridors, not including the open space in the middle. That core part of the base is the aviary/egg pen. I haven't yet built the exterior landing pad/ramps so I only ended up moving the smaller animals in. It's a bit messy right now, which is why I appreciate a relatively clean in progress shot.

Having spent most of the day building, I decided to use my evening hours for hunting.

Came back with a new para to begin a new herd after the previous one was completely destroyed by the rogue theri. Also tamed a pachyrhino, oof those are not fun tames. Also found two Easter microraptors and happened to have some flowers from raiding dams earlier, so I got both. I used to breed micros actually, so I'm happy to have them. They are no joke, one of mine even got the kill shot on a 130 theri on the walk home.

Spent some time moving animals around to a better configuration now that the weakest/smallest of them are safely protected by large, very thick stone walls. I won't relax entirely until I can move all the farm animals up but that's still going to take some time. For now they are ringed by my stronger animals as it will be some time before I completely secure my perimeter.

At the very least tomorrow I would like to get the workshop enclosed so I can start working on building all the necessary crafting stations. I still only have forges, a smithy and a mortar at this point. Ideally I'd also like to get power hooked up and at least one fridge built to accommodate my rapidly growing egg collection. Even without an oviraptor (the biggest downside to this event) my animals are still producing fairly steadily, which is nice. I'd also like 2 more dilos to get more eggs faster--the ankys I already tamed just aren't good enough for my purposes. At least I can keep two for eggs and I'll try to sell the other male off. Also two more argents, the faster I get a good spino the happier I'll be.

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Aside from more cave runs looking for a Rex saddle BP, I moved my main base from storage boxes to vaults. I really hope I never have to move again in real life . . . unless of course I win the grand prize in some four hundred million Lotto game. Then, I'd make an exception.


P.S. Anyone else think they might have hoarder tendencies in Ark? I'm not asking for me, of course. It's for a friend....

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Quick blurb;

We ran the Alpha Rag fight last night. 

Mixed results. The technique for drawing the Golem's when they popped up was great. I discussed with my allies how/where to move their Rex's as I moved by with the tanks to grab them up. So that worked fairly well. 

My ally did lose a Rex. Rex's got stuck on themselves and he took a direct impact from the dragon. It's Alpha level and even with reduced  impact damage, the DOT attack after significantly hurt his Rex. I don't know if it was a Golem pop or a Griffin hit that did that Rex in. 

My tank Rex's performed great. 12k hp loss on the one I rode, 18k loss on the unridden one. No Yuty buff this time. I told my tribe mate to stay with the group. 116 armor saddles, mate boosted, 100% imprint. 40k hp. It works. 

Same as before I stayed on the edge, no harassment from anything. I just sat there and fired off rounds at the Dragon and then the Manticore. The only time the Manticore messed with me was after I pulled all the Golem's. 

Think we have the dino's, resources, and know how to farm Alpha rag now as an alliance which is significant with the amount of element we get from that. I think a few more fights and we can start selling the fight. It's highly sought after for the tek transmitter and to a lesser degree the transporter unlock. 

Edit: Forgot to mention a new milestone. My tanks took down two of the Golem's this time. They still have level's to go and sit 647 percent melee in addition to the 40k hp. They'll hit 700 soon enough. Just thought that was neat since I've wanted to kill a Golem in the fight. 

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