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  1. Wild Tropeognathus spotted on my (Island) server today! Server Name: [EU] Brune Park UK Small Tribe XBonly 5xT&H 2xXP
  2. Out of interest, which version of Xbox are you playing on? I play on the XB1X and have experienced no crashes since the last update. I'm not even sure if the type of Xbox has anything to do with it, but I am curious.
  3. Downloading the latest fix on my XBox. But, strewth, it’s a slow download. 50 Mbps internet, but it’s coming in at less than 1 Mbps.
  4. I thought I saw the devs say there’d be no more rollbacks for this.
  5. Why? It's not Nitrado's fault? They are not obligated to give you anything back.
  6. Then you are either blinkered or very narrow-minded. The Frontier Development devs, for example, who make Elite Dangerous; whenever they release an update there will be a flurry of posts on their forums from unhappy players shouting "You've broken this or that with your update. Don't you test before you release?" I am sure you'll see the same on the forums/`twitter feeds of many games developers following the release of updates.
  7. It’s because people are starting new threads about this without checking the existing threads first (I confess I’m guilty of this too). When this happens the mods just move the posts from their original threads into this one. As a result it looks as if multitudes of people are adding replies to this thread as if they were the first to post.
  8. But it’s not like it’s always crashed every ten minutes. It’s only started to happen since the Summer Bash update. If it had happened ever since Ark was on Game Pass, I’d understand. Hopefully Monday’s fix sill be a fix for the crash.
  9. I’m confused. What, exactly, have MS apologised for?
  10. Bruh! There are several threads referring to this, with the main one being “Summer Crash 2020”. Is this happening to anybody else on XB? Yes! ALL of us. A fix has been made but won’t be available until Monday.
  11. Conan Exiles XBox Hi Any players of Conan Exiles on XBox here? I’m considering purchasing Conan Exiles when it next is in a sale on XBox store. What are your thoughts on this game? Is it a game that Ark players tend to enjoy too? Thank you.
  12. 21.52 Giggerybytes!!! Strewth!!! Soon it's going to be just as quick to uninstall and reinstall the entire game whenever a patch is released. I'm reading that this patch has not fixed the crashing. Well, with 21.52 Gb to download I'll find out for myself, in about 200 years
  13. This is something that really annoys me about Ark on XBox. An update comes in, downloads, installs and then you think “great, I can now play.” You launch the game, the splash screens come up, and then suddenly it says “Aberration needs an update” and the game closes and downloads the Aberration update. When that’s done you go to launch the game. But now it says it wants to update Scorched Earth. The exact same thing happens next for Extinction. Why can’t the game just download all the updates at once, rather than this stupid way? Playstation downloads all updates at once.
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