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  1. Then why do Ark updates always appear to download as such a slow rate when compared to other games?
  2. Could it not be due to the way WC build/pack the updates that makes them so slow to download?
  3. I am not convinced that super fast BB is always what it's cracked up to be. Now I will admit that I do not know much about how download speeds work, but as I see it, you could pay several hundred for a 2Gbps (yes, Gbps just for the sake of this post), yet if the server you are downloading from will only give up its data at, say, 500Mbps, then despite your fancy 2Gbps internet speed, you'll only receive that data at 500Mbps, tops.
  4. My issue with Ark updates is not the size, but the speed. Of all the games I have on my Xbox, the Ark updates always come in at a crawl. I have a 70 Mbps connection, but if I am honest most game updates come in at around 55 Mbps. However, Ark updates always come in at a slow crawl. Not sure why.
  5. If the server is down/offline, your babies will not be dead. An offline server goes into "pause mode" as far as I am aware.
  6. This occurred yet again yesterday, but with a double occurrence. I was on a wyvern and I went to the side of the volcano (Island) to collect another flying creature (a tapejara) I had left there earlier on. I whistle for it to follow me, which it starts to do. As it flies past the volcano it suddenly disappeared. I am thinking it touched the volcano or some other object as it flew. Luckily I had a transponder node on it which, when I activated it, showed me that my tapejara had been teleported almost 2000m away. I flew to it's location where I found it hovering just above th
  7. Yes, I see what you are saying regarding the misuse of the transmitter. I agree that the player should not get anything back in these circumstances.
  8. I don't see how this is "cheating". It's a genuine part of the game, an ability that is built into the game. How is it cheating? I use it to transport heavy items from one base to another using tek transmitters.
  9. The problem with the advice to uninstall/reinstall, particularly with Ark, is that the game is so big, especially if you have all the DLC, that it can take a donkey's age to download again. Especially as Ark downloads (at least on Xbox) always download at a very slow rate compared with other games.
  10. Yes, I have noticed this too even on private servers. The worst I am experiencing is on Crystal Isles, where I have an underwater base. I log in and half of the base is missing, though no water comes in. As I stand in the base and look outward the water outside the sea appears not to be there. I then step out of the base through where there should be vacuum compartments, and then the sea appears and then the rest of my base. It's strange and annoying. This is on Xbox.
  11. I understood that they could only be tamed in deep water.
  12. I guess I am not the only one who experiences this, but I am interested in hearing from those who have had disappearing tames, only to find them again. In the past week I have lost three tames, one on Island and two on Crystal Isles. I play on a private (PvE) cluster of servers on Xbox. On Island I had a wyvern located in the volcano crater. He was away from the lava and set to passive. I had left him in there whilst I did some obsidian harvesting. Due to external factors I had to log out and leave him there. Two days later I went to collect him and he was not there. There was
  13. I just purchased Genesis on Xbox. I've got the HNLA and I have equipped her in my off-hand slot. I can't interact with her. I am stood facing her but I get no Y options as I would when looking at a tame. She often follows my turning, so that I find it difficult to look at her. Also she keeps disappearing, and I have to keep un-equipping and re-equipping her to make her reappear. I have tried re-logging and using a bed to transfer to another bed, but still I cannot interact with her.
  14. I just would like to say how awesome this cluster and community are. Everybody is incredibly friendly and helpful. If you are new to Ark, this is a great community to be part of. Likewise if you are a seasoned player. I’ve been a member of the Hive Community for a little of one week, and I’m having a lot more fun in Ark now. Come join!
  15. Agreed! Though the rain and its associated weather fog annoys me at times. You can play for hours, doing not much, and no reduced visibility. But as soon as I decide to go looking for a specific object, it seem the rain and fog comes rolling in. The game knows! ?
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