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  1. If the server is down/offline, your babies will not be dead. An offline server goes into "pause mode" as far as I am aware.
  2. I just would like to say how awesome this cluster and community are. Everybody is incredibly friendly and helpful. If you are new to Ark, this is a great community to be part of. Likewise if you are a seasoned player. I’ve been a member of the Hive Community for a little of one week, and I’m having a lot more fun in Ark now. Come join!
  3. Devoid of life? Not on the servers I play its not. In fact, I am sure there's a bug that is over-spawning Leedsichthys and megalodons; there seems to be bunches of them spawning together.
  4. Wow! Finally! A private server that doesn't give you such fast experience/level up rates that there's simply no fun or challenge! So many private serves I have checked out are so ridiculously boosted, that there's no sense of achievement and no challenge. When you say x2 I guess that is x2 the NEW base rates, meaning it's actually x4 according to the previous. Therefore it's 4x XP according to the previous system. Still a little too fast for me, but I guess I don't have to apply the level ups as quickly as I may receive them. I will be checking you server out today for sure! I don't have Discord, I hope that is okay. ?
  5. Accidentally deleted my own character when using the admin command destroytribeplayer. You're supposed to make sure your crosshairs are on the thing/character you want to delete. My crosshair must have been slightly off so that it was focussed on my foundation rather than the player I wished to remove. Next thing I knew my structure around me disappeared and I was taken to the respawn screen. Praise the Lord for Nitrado rollback saves. ?
  6. I built my first heavy turret to fight against those pesky Ichthyornis (how I hate them!). My base seems to be right in a spawning location for these pests, and they were really getting on my nerves. Constantly stealing stuff from me. So I built a tower, put one of these heavy turrets on it, set it to attack all, and now those annoying birds just get blasted out of the air. What a Godsend!
  7. Wow. Let’s hope none of them join the Fire Department ?
  8. What is this “GM appointment”? Do you mean that for WC to help you, one of their devs/support team have to enter your server and meet with you? And it’s going to take them SIX WEEKS to do so? They can’t help you without having to “play”? ?
  9. I had trouble logging into my unofficial server this morning. Two other unofficial servers too. Seems fine now. Not sure if it’s related.
  10. I don’t see how the moderators can help with server outages. As I understand it, they are moderators of the forum, not support or developers.
  11. Favourite Servers not Listed Hi On the server list page there is a drop down menu where you choose types of server (official, unofficial, etc). One of those options is "Favourites". However, though I have three servers marked as favourite, when I select the Favourites option from the drop down list, nothing shows. It's blank.
  12. I have noticed this recently on PS4, with Argentavis and Pteranodon. I followed my Argentavis when it walked away the other day. It walked toward the sea (Island) and when its feet got wet it took off and hovered.
  13. Good work! Rex can be quite dumb. If you manage to attract their attention when you are looking down at them from a safe height, they will come to you and just stand there looking up at you. You can then shower them with tranqs and they stand there and take it. When they turn and run that's when you know they're close to sleeping and you can chase them down on foot, firing another couple of tranqs before they go down.
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