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  1. You need to get yourself on Twitter. Three days ago a WC employee mentioned it in a Tweet. If you're on Ps4, we're working on it.
  2. True. I can understand, to some extent, why the devs themselves do not come here and comment publicly. I am sure they are extremely busy, and if they started commenting on here, you'd get people here complaining that the devs are wasting time by chatting on here when they should be "fixing the game". It's a lose/lose situation for them. I think that the absence of devs on a game's official forum is not unique to WC. I am sure it's a common theme. It's also worth bearing in mind that not all people who play Ark come to these forums, or are members. Many submit bug reports/complaints via other social media outlets, such as Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter there is a WC employee (@notdollie) who does occasionally respond to players' comments.
  3. They do to an extent, but I don't think the Devs themselves visit the forum. There are moderators, but not all of them, I believe, are WC employees. I guess some WC employees are members as they make the official posts. It would be nice if we did get official response to the bug reports submitted here on via the Gooigle docs method, even if it was simply an acknowledgement.
  4. To be honest I think the only way we are going to found out of it works or not, is to wait for the day in question. I doubt you'll get an official response from WC on this.
  5. If the same people make the same post every day, you may run the risk of having the thread locked. Your best bet is to submit bug reports which go direct to the devs (though don't expect an answer from the devs as a result of the bug report).
  6. I have a PSVR headset, and though playing games such as No Man's Sky can be fun in VR, the graphics are poor. It's like playing the role of a short-sighted explorer who has lost his spectacles. PSVR would have to improve dramatically before I pay for another VR game.
  7. Ah, thanks for the explanation. I like the idea of buying your own server. Not sure if I’d be able to do that as 1) I play on PS4, and 2) even if I could get my own server, I’d have no idea how to set it up. Anyway, sorry to have gone OT on your suggestion. I’ll shut up now.
  8. Apologies if I have misread your post, but as far as I am aware, unofficial servers are third party private servers. In other words, they are not owned or run by Wildcard. If you want the servers to be faster you’d need to contact the third -party that own and run the private servers, such as Nitrado.
  9. I have noticed this too. Fliers walking away (not flying) when I dismount.
  10. +Night time speed.......... = 0.00001x+Day time speed............. = 0.00001x Does that not make your days and nights incredibly long?
  11. Why don't you fix it then if you can do any better? If a bunch of monkeys can do better work than the devs, then you should be able to fix it, unless you are even worse than a monkey. Why not contact the devs with precise instructions on how to fix this problem, and where in the coding the problem lays.
  12. I guess they considered other fixes to be more of a priority. As annoying as the resetting bug is, it does not stop you playing the game, it's just an annoyance. Whereas other bugs did have an adverse effect on gameplay. However, I do think it is time that the devs got on top of this one, and judging by what Dollie of WC said on Twitter yesterday, I think it was, this bug should be squashed in the next update.
  13. I can't account for why your update stops, as I have not noticed that at my end. I am wondering if the slow download of updates could be simply due to the fact that, because of the current lockdown, a lot of people are stuck at home (people off work, bin lids off school). Perhaps there is a lot more people playing the consoles and PCs at the same time, so when an update drops a lot more people are downloading it at the same time. Perhaps the servers on which the update files sit are just having to deal with a lot more download requests.
  14. I am not sure whether WC can make your internet speed any faster. The size of the updates is what they are. Either we get the fixes or we don't. I'd rather have large slow downloading patches than none at all.
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