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So what did you do in ARK today?


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6 hours ago, Griffin998 said:

Why a pistol? Wouldn't a sniper and assault rifle be better (I understand the reluctance to use shottie though)?

Cheaper to make than assault or sniper from the BPs I have, so no big loss if it ends up being lost. And I used fabricated pistol, so it's a good amount of shots anyway.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded wyverns. Hatched new drake and put him with the wyverns. Hatched last time's wyvern egg, too - triplets, all also put with the rest for some raising.

Checked spawns, 85 carcha still on the spawn near the loot cave (I forgot to mention seeing it the last time. But now you know - an 85 carcha was there. And yeah, it's definitely the same - female, dark back, dark magenta belly, no way another one spawned exactly same as one I saw).

Went back, grabbed 4 podded baby rexes and a sanguine elixir, befriended, mounted, things were good...

Thing is, I forgot that 2 gigas (or giga-like, giga spawn-sharing creatures, now that that's a thing) can be there at the same time. OF COURSE I forgot! It's rare! I've only seen it happen, like, 3 times tops in all my time on the map!

So I didn't check.

Imagine how unpleasant my surprise was when my carcha started bleeding. The giga that appeared, as if out of nowhere, would have been very pleasing to my eyes, with his light gray (or maybe even event Dino Albino) back and body and maybe even belly of the same color - I didn't exactly have the time to take a good look - if he wasn't absolutely wrecking the carcha I was taming.

After a few bites, which made the giga slightly bloody, I managed to get away a bit and made the decision to abandon the carcha, which was down to about 80% effectiveness.

I dismounted, flew a bit away on my sino, and noticed that with carcha no longer under my control the giga was now interested in ME.

I lured him away, he decided that brontos nearby would make a much better meal than some scrawny human and his not-exactly-bird, so I decided to return to the carchar.

Remounted, rode away form where the giga was hunting, and continued taming. Got her to over 70%, used elixir, BOOM! Another carcha for me. 115% melee, that's 19 points, not bad for her level and effectiveness, if it wasn't for that damn giga, maybe she would have ended up with 1-2 more points. Still, as it is she's no better than anything I already have.

Podded her and returned home.

Older wyverns were a bit hungry, so I logged off and on to

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles). Found a level 15 tropical, netted, tranqed, harvested, killed. 2 crystals wasn't exactly perfect, so I found another of the same level, netted, tranqed, harvested, killed, and with 4 crystals I went to upload them.

Uploaded, returned home, fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed hungriest wyverns. Bred the adult wyverns, both eggs staying - one's good, and the other has a mutation, I want to see it.

Filled a maewing and tek troughs, hatched carchar and put him with the maewing for raising.

Podded drake and younger wyverns, oldest three are staying out. For now that's all, will check on the wyverns later.


(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) netted, tranqed, harvested and killed three wyverns: 2 level 20 and one 50. Uploaded crystals. Spotted a level 130 female tropeo nearby.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed wyverns. Should be good to stay out until adulthood. Uploaded an empty pod, 6 kibble, and an elixir. A bit of an overkill considering current rates, but I didn't feel like checking dododex, so just went with what felt right.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Downloaded the stuff. Trapped tropeo, regular-bolaed, hurt until she was only barely alive, chain-bolaed, and after two feedings she was mine. She is lime-green with red mane. Bit bright but okay. Podded her. While on my way to green ob saw a level 50 male - not great, so I didn't get him right away. As I was flying to the green ob, I spotted my old female, one I previously deemed only good as a sidebase dino, and decided she'd be of more use on main. So I uploaded her.

The pod with new one wasn't ready yet, so I went back for that male. Lured, trapped, bolaed, hurt, chain bolaed, tamed, brought to the green ob, uploaded him and the podded female.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Got tropeos. Unpodded the old, really low level one, too. Named them (lime one is Acid, really low-level female is Cronch, other female is Meatgrinder, and the male is Maw). Exported their stats, and looks like I can make a semi-decent tropeo with them: Acid has 34 HP, 30 weight and 34 melee, Meatgrinder got 31 stam, and Cronch can give me that sweet, sweet 5 points oxygen so that I won't have to tolerate it being higher than anything useful (max levels, due to bad starting stats and me being a very lazy breeder who won't ever get there anyway, don't concern me. But "you could have had those points in something good, but did you? NO!" does).

And that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Checked on the wyverns. Doing good. Imprinted carchar.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Harvested two wyverns (a 20 and a 55), uploaded crystals.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed the older three, unpodded the younger ones and fed them too - they're staying out.

Checked spawns, nothing in the snow, just giga near loot cave, giga and carchar on Weather Top.

Carchar was male, 85. Had some hope that he'd get better melee than what I already have (my best is 20 points. It's not hard to beat that. Not supposed to be hard, anyway).

Lured him away form the giga, tamed with no trouble whatsoever... 18 points. Ew.

Well, in that case I have no use for him! if he had good colors I maybe would have kept him, but he didn't. He was bland, and not in a cool, "nice grays" way. If he was a female I would have kept him, but he wasn't.

So I didn't even bother naming him and bringing him home. Instead I podded him and put him in one of the refrigerators in the community center. Someone might be happy to get at least that.

Returned home, put baby rexes back in the fridge, fed dinos, killed a super turkey that spawned in my base and killed my guard arthros (but they got it nice and bloody before dying). Guess I shouldn't bother to replace the arthros until after the event.

And that's all for now.


(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Got more primal crystal. Spotted a 130 male tropeo. uploaded crystals.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded crystals, fed wyverns, imprinted carchar, uploaded an empty pod and 2 kibble.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Downloaded kibble and pod. trapped tropeo, bolaed, damaged, chain-bolaed, fed first piece of kibble, some dude on a mana decided it's time for a chat (by actually talking to me instead of using the text chat. Are we cavemen, grunting at each other? Is that what we are?). Distracted me, so I got grabbed by the tropeo when he got free. Thanks for wasted time.

Punching the tropeo wasn't an option, he only had 45 health left. Had to let him kill me. Respawned, my tropeo trap is literally just a few foundations away from my base. Dude picked my bag up. Gave me my stuff back, but thanks for wasted nerve cells when I walked out of my house and saw my bag isn't there.

Re-chained the tropeo, finished tame, podded, uploaded.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the tropeo, unpodded him. Named him Grayback (he literally has LightCement on his back stripes). And he's a good one! 42 stam, 31 weight.

Went to check spawns for carchars, no carchars.

Returned home, bred tropeos, one egg bad, other (form Acid) is literally perfect - her melee and HP, Grayback's stam and weight. And female, so that's a future breeder on first try.

Oldest wyverns are nearly grown, next carcha checking will be with one of them instead of the pathetic wyvern-shaped worm I'm using at the moment.

And that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Oldest wyverns adult now. One of them will be y new carcha run one.

Speaking of carchas - imprinted one I'm raising. Needs just one more, if I recall correctly.

Speaking of carchas again - went to check spawns. Rexes and elixir already on me, in case I find something too good to leave alone and hope to find again still wild.

And found a 145 male.

Tamed, with 2 rexes. By the way - seems like rage-dismounting isn't necessary for effectiveness preservation - looks like just manually dismounting a few seconds before timer's end and waiting for it to run out works just as well - he was at 96% effectiveness before that, he was still at same after. No massive hit like with getting timer end-dismounted.

So. Was that carchar THE ONE? The "finally, something better than my best"?

A 145, tamed with very good effeciveness.

LOL, nope.

ARK loves me and expresses it by ARKing me frequently and passionately, and this time was no exception. The great level tamed near-flawlessly only has 18 points melee. His highest stats are oxygen and food, 38 in each. He only stays for color (he's got a few that might look decent in combination with what I already have) and he damn better be grateful he stays at least for that instead of going for a swim with the jellies which seemed very tempting when I saw the stats.

And that's all for now.


So, to get the last of the event I went and looked for carchas again. All I found was a level 25. Tamed anyway, 3 points melee, at least colors don't suck. Also, thanks AGAIN, naming prompt, for causing me to fall to my death as I was getting post-tame launched off the carchar's back. Funniest thing is - last I checked, if you ride a tamed carchar and remove the saddle without dismounting, you stay seated despite not being able to mount a tamed unsaddled one. Would it be so damn hard to make it so that if you tame a carchar while riding you also stay seated saddle-less?

Anyway, respawned, went back, got my stuff, got my carchar, checked for more, there were none, returned home.

Hatched a tropeo and put it with the maewing, gathered mats for arrows for a great big gacha feeding, but notification appeared about restart in 15 minutes, so instead I topped up gens back to 30 in each from vault, and gacha feeding will wait until next time. That's all for today.

I suppose all in all the event wasn't too bad - I raised some things that'd take forever otherwise, got tropeos again, learned that no, crystal wyverns are not too hard to raise off CI even if rates aren't high enough to do it with no feeding, got to ride dodorex (and was disappointed, but my disappointment is besides the point)... Honestly, the only actually bad things were the way my arthros got killed, and the way I never got a carchar with at least slightly good-ish melee. Despite taming a bunch. I mean, I've only ever tamed three gigas. THREE! And got lucky on third, with 36 points. But carchars? 10. TEN! And highest was 20 points melee.

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1 hour ago, Griffin998 said:

Massive animal feces. A fitting way of saying "ouch". Very poopy circumstance. #ARKed? Or #RNGed?

Definitely ARKed. Considering how literally none of the carchas I tamed are above 20 melee (and even that i only got on one), it starts to feel like ARK actively trying to mess with me, rather than just random not being in my favor.

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Started a new playthrough a few days ago on Ark unofficial server because I could not and still cannot join any official server now (the unofficial one is down right now so I try again), tried many many times, but always connection timeout-joining failed. 


This is the first time I play on an unofficial server and I chose the closest which is Singapore and ping is like 60ms sometimes less or more. For where I am, it is really much better than official servers which are too far from my place and with ping above 200-300ms, but I still prefer official servers because there are always people online other than me even though I pretty much play solo, but I can buy dinoes from them, using ingots, polies or cement paste or whatever materials they need.

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(Official PVE, Fjordur) Finally got venom for my drakes. Uploaded it. hunted, fed dinos, put the chainsaw away.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Unpodded drakes, downloaded venom, fed drakes.

Checked spawns for carchars. nothing, nothing, nothing... All I managed to find was a level 15 giga stuck on some rocks. Killed it with my wyvern. Took a while.

Bred wyverns, rexes, tropeos and gigas. One tropeo egg stays because female and good, rex stays for carcha bait, rest no good. There was a new mut on a giga egg, but it was on food, with ugly color and mutated melee not inherited.

Fed gachas a lot.

Podded some of the dinos I don't need, including my 19 melee breeder carcha male as 20 melee one will be ready sort of soon.

Unpodded three arthros instead of the ones I lost during Turkey Trial.

Repodded drakes.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Lost Island) Fed dinos.

Didn't do anything on Ext sidebase because I decided to abandon it. And that's all for today.

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13 hours ago, NikolasMD said:

Trying my best to think of a good base layout for pve/singleplayer. i want so bad to be creative but its hard XD (hurts my head)

Well, I've got a nice base layout for a factory on herbivore island. I think it's 6x5 foundations, three walls tall, and then make a ceiling/roof. Then, add a hatchframe onto a corner, extend a ladder from there, and you've got a roof. A more or less optional bit is sort of a small hut on the opposite side of the ladder (or on the ladder if you prefer), and then a couple greenhouse roofs extending from the top of that, supported by a couple of wood foundations. Put your plants and a couple of water reservoirs on top and you've got yourself a base. Oh, and add a dino gate onto the wall that your entrance is on, it should fit perfectly. The top hut part is still more or less a W.I.P, but it should work. You can put your bed in the hut, have a couple flyers on the roof as well, and have your workshop inside the main building.

Cheers, good luck base building, and happy ARKing!

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Turns out I forgot to turn mating off on blood wyverns last time I bred them, so I had 4 unplanned eggs. Kept one (clean female, mostly good stats).

Carchar is nearly adult. Good. Named him Carcharles.

Checked spawns, no carchars. One giga, 15, on Weather Top - took my main one there and killed the wildie.

Spent some more time clearing and checking spawns, nothing.

Bred rexes, no luck again. Only stays for carcha bait.

Fed gachas, 9 ele split between gens, 10 went into the vault (ninth stack almost finished!). That's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Lost island) Fed dinos. Uploaded the pods I had since my amarga failure.

(Official PVE, Fjordur) Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Crystal Isles) Base nearby decayed. A while ago, I guess, I just haven't noticed, judging by the fact that the only vault there was ready for breaking. Destroyed it, in it were some tranq darts and 2 rifles, 190+ damage and 240+ (I don't remember exact numbers). Now, the 190 is nothing special. I can make that and even a bit better. That 240, though? Can't make anything like THAT. Uploaded them. Fed dinos.

(Official PVE, Valguero) Downloaded the stuff. Moved Carcharles to the others, bred carchars and gigas. One carcha egg staying, clean 20 melee female. Had one new mut on a giga, but it was on oxygen and color wasn't worth keeping.

Bred tropeos, 2 eggs staying, males, nearly same stats (1 point difference in weight). I'll hatch both and then keep one I like more.

Bred blood wyverns, one egg staying for now, just to see if the mut looks good. Might stay for real  if it does.

Fed gachas for a while.

And that's all for today.

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(Official PVE, Valguero) Hatched eggs from last time. Put carcha with the maewing. As for the tropeos and wyvern - killed the wyvern, mutation not even visible (as for stat - it was a food mut, so color would have been its only redeeming quality). Tropeos - one egg yielded twins, other single. Not looking different enough to make a choice based on color, and, as I said before, their important stats were near-identical. So I kept one whole level I liked more. 208 is just neat. Put him with the maewing, too.

Bred carchars and gigas, one carchar stays (or not. But I'm pretty sure one egg was 20 melee, female, and I kept it).

Checked carcha spawns, nothing. Again - nothing. Grabbed two Raptor Claus presents, nothing good.

Hunted for a bit.

Checked spawns again. 145 female giga on Weather Top spawn, otherwise nothing. Tried to tame her, since I have higher chances of achieving that than of killing her.


I like to think that some of that running was torpor running.

Good thing I didn't even really want her, just wanted her to go away in some way. Not that I achieved even that - didn't chase herl all that far away form the spawn. Someone will probably tame her by the time I play next, so she'll be gone and hopefully replaced with a nice carcha in any case, so it's all good. As for why I didn't drown her - never had much luck with that on wyvern, and by the time I realized that sino-hovering keeps the giga's attention pretty much glued to me, I was too invested in shooting the damn thing with shock darts.

Returned home, put the rifle away, put more meat into tek troughs for carcha, podded tropeo (I want to get him to 100% imprint, and with how long it sometimes takes me to remember about ARK, it's better not to leave relatively-fast growing things out if I intend on 100%), and that's all for today.

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