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  1. Damn, Joe. All these forums are dead. You could have said something. I suppose I'm the most entertainment you've had in years. You're unbelievable Joe.
  2. Boring day-Just raised babies, collected tributes.
  3. I swear, if it's only you in these damn forums I'm gonna be pissed.
  4. I bet this forums breeding section isn't even worth it. We'll see eventually.
  5. If you're into the base building and survival part of it, ARMA III has some great mods that got me into the genre, and if you enjoy the collecting part of it Pokémon.
  6. Yeah, silly forum rules when i have ten discords on hand that can handle spammers with ease.
  7. Basilo. I don't need to be in the ocean much so I might as well have a safe ride when I go.
  8. What counts as a post? I know I've made more than 9.
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