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  1. I didn't understand here we talk about Arena? With tribute and 20 Dino, different of Survive the Ark mission..
  2. Yes, this. I quoted you for repeat your answer to OP, sorry ..yes but is not in Dragon Arena and is not at first round of Survive the Ark
  3. Idem with Net.. Low level Ptera can be put to sleep with good Narcotic longnek rifle, but the rider can to see Ptera's torpor and release you, but if you have a grappling hook...you can to try
  4. Doedicuro: easy to tame, don't to be killed from wild dino. Dimorfodon: a swarm can to be very strong. Moscop: like Lagonbreezey said up. Dillofosaur: Dillo Dillo Dillo Dillo Dillo and...another Dillo!! Carnotaur: I love they in early game Megaterium or Bear: for me they are the TOP as soon as unlock tranquilizer arrows, good health, good damage, good speed and stamina, very good weight and as a bonus they have a little bit of thermal insulation which I don't mind, plus you can stand on them even without a saddle and move with whistles. both omnivores and good foragers. (I love Megatherium even in the late game, for me they are all-rounders) PS: aslo the Rex is easy to tame.. aslo in early game.
  5. I play Official and had no issues, I'm pretty sure I logged out and relocated while they were near the Maewings, but for any pet I raise I use more than one stacked and full Maewing (300 flesh slots at at least 2 stacked Maewings) and with efficiency around 160. This weekend I have to make 3 more so I could do some tests to grow 1 always staying with me on 1 Maewing and another with the same amount of meat on a server where I won't be online, in case there are problems I will write it here. PS: actually a doubt I've always had about almost all Dinos is that they eat less when they're out of Rendering. Specific exception for Gachas
  6. The Troodons can to defeat a Rock Element...Stamina-Vampire!!! Have some utility... not easy to tame but we can use baby dino. In past I've got problem with Giant Bee (sometime bugged) and with caves creatures (Artoplusa Megalania Onics Araneo), but now many dinos require specific metodic or specific traps for easy tame. At this moment I have difficult to tame Liopleurodon Annoying? Hmm... notthing!! The difficults is exciting
  7. Titanoboa. Beetle. Giant Bee. And some little: Leech Lamprey Coelacanth Piranha Salmon Trilobite Special: Stryder. Liopleurodon. Titans. Titanosaur. Other dino are not tamable.
  8. Depends of your equipment and dinos. The caves of Artifacts for Broodmother is easy and the trophy are simple to found. Megapitecus Boss is more easy of Broodmother to defeat but the Artifact's caves need some preparation, and Trophy not easy to found (es. Megalania Tossine can be founded only in the caves), but Megapitecus is very simple to defeat and give you more Element of Broodermother. Dragon is other story..you need good equipment for underwater, cave and trophy are difficult without a goog preparation and the Dragon is hard Boss. shortcut: if you have access to the Cristal Isle map, you can very easily get all the Artifacts useful for the bosses of The Island (but this takes away the beauty of facing the caves) and they can be transferred between maps, while the Trophies are not transferable and you will have to then get them on the spot, at this point Megapithecus becomes even easier because the only small difficulty that remains is to obtain Megalania Toxin.
  9. Sometime the Carcha have problems to eat when the trap is too little.. I think it depends on the terrain
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