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  1. Hi, yes the chat in XBox-S is super buggy, but I found a method (very inconvenient..) to make it work: surely you know that when someone has just written and the chat appears at the bottom left you just need to press the back button and the squares, while if you want to open the chat at a time where it is not displayed you will have to press the same back button and hold down the button with the dashes, well when the chat starts not staying open (in both ways) you simply have to perform the two operations together, i.e. hold down the back button then hold down the button with the dashes and finally press the button with the squares; at this point the chat will allow you to write but when you press to send it will seem that everything is deleted (and you should be on the pause/console commands screen or with the map open; simply go back by closing the menu or map normally), a At this point, press the back button and the square button again and you will magically see your message appear in the chat. It's a very inconvenient method but at least it works.
  2. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/5-changelog-patch-notes/
  3. the "Dino limit" number for Tribe in Official is 250, however this does not affect the fact of being able to build on Oasisaur, the "Dino limit" would prevent the possibility of taming anything but not being able to build on the platforms. Additional info: the "Structures limit" is 5500 pieces in a certain (spherical) radius whose central point is calculated each time from the point where you want to place a new piece, so it is possible that it will not let you build on the Oasisaur because it is close to your Base which is very structured, move the Oasisaur away from your base and try to build again.
  4. ...a Ferox-Cat... Pretty much agree (..and WC knows it) if it were integrated, but there will be a wallet to deal with (besides: harmlessly useful in PVE, but P2W in PVP? For now we're just speculating). In any case @TheMoschopsGuy's argument would certainly stand up
  5. 20:00 PDT (Pacific legal Time) 4th June 03:00 Europe (Greenwich legal Time) 5th June
  6. Hi, just for your information: that's not how it works... Dino puppies will only inherit the basic Stats points from their parents (therefore the same Stats they had immediately after being domesticated), the points added later with the experience will NOT be inherited. To clarify: if a pair of Rexes both had 1000 HP points as soon as you tamed them and then added points to reach 2000, by mating them a puppy will be born that will always and only have 1000 HP, you can increase the HP points of the animals as much as you want at parents but their children will continue to be born with 1000 HP which is the Basic Stat just Post Tame. The same goes for if you mate children who have obtained Imprinting, the Stats increase will not be passed on.
  7. Hi, have you already tried emptying the Cosmetics page? (they shouldn't affect but...) Could it also be a bug with the Mods, have you already tried uninstalling and reinstalling them?
  8. 88 points... However I think OP wants to continue playing at the level he had; he was trying out the level change, and in the meantime he was using it to speed up the leveling of his Dinos, and then returning to the previous level.
  9. You have good intentions and it's nice that someone is so interested in them! I'm afraid there isn't an "official" answer and (alas) it all depends on the interpretation a GM would have at the moment he receives a specific report from someone on the Server. My personal opinion would tell you that Trading is certainly part of war but, since we humans have the habit of using "lawful" methods to violate the rules, little by little these rules are taken to the extreme and therefore even "benevolent" actions are tolerate little (understandable: grant to one person.... and the rest of the world will demand their reasons). What I would like to tell you: if everything is done with true honesty, the Server Community itself would be united in the cause in any problem there may be; the risk comes only from those who want to forward an official report (out of spite or malice) but they must have concrete and well-founded evidence... if you do everything for the good of everyone and in a fair way, I doubt that a Troll's attempt can prevail against the united opinion of the entire Group. Just try to be impartial and fair
  10. hmm... is it possible that you have set the Feeders to Exclude or Include specific Dinos? In any case, try placing a new trough, every now and then some objects are fixed by removing and repositioning them. PS: Are you using modified tariffs ot Mods? Yesterday on a Server with QoL+ Feeder I saw my puppies drop to 0 food but after a couple of minutes the count was updated, on this the Server there seems to be an increase in food loss/recovery and I think this disturbs the display in Stats.
  11. I'm on the XBox-S, and I'm convinced it's due to the "file format" as I've also noticed this flaw in two other games and only on images/posters. For example: when I tried Palworld I saw the same blur in the attribute printout, the one that indicates which attribute causes more damage to another. My theory is that some photos on the XBox-S are displayed at reduced resolution resulting in that blurriness. PS: in reality in ASA I also see the clouds quite blurry but obviously that is an adaptation due to the reduced power of the XBox-S.
  12. Young or Baby? Any hatchlings will NOT eat from the feeders as long as they are below 10% maturation and you need to put the food in their inventory (or use Gigantoraptor or Maewing), when they reach 10% they will start eating from there.
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