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  1. allow us to be come a Villain in the ark story I think it be funny if we hand 2 story sides
  2. I know it can but if they add it to official would it still work you do know how lazy wild card is with some dinos
  3. I agree and both should be on abb and I cant wait for the new spider my lil bo will play as long as that thing is involed
  4. I agree at first it looked like a portable tek water abase
  5. for giga it says it can not destroy tek but that should be false due to it just destroying metal foundation unless element is like sea prison stone for one piece it should at least do half damage same for chailco
  6. allow mus to pick the song from original ark that was played be fore so we have custom music
  7. hope wild card admins and friends stay off I got globally banned for running at them with a club in evolved I knocked them out and killed them
  8. once some people saw me trying to get a max lv reaper on gen 2 and when I got it low with out light pet they came a killed it and they keeped doing it until a admin told them to stop and this was in unoffical
  9. you try spawning or getting it then
  10. I think they are a scraped item but its been seen when genesis first came out so It might be a PC only
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