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  1. i found a max lv reaper queen on unofficial so i used my damaged cap shotgun with my riding my rockdrake shooting at it weakened it engoth for a child it missed the first time the 2nd did not it was green white and cyan? yes a weird reaper it is but at least i got a whooping 95 points in melee max lv was 350 so its a beast edit: it was event colored so that probably why it is those colors
  2. who was wyvern king?
  3. does anyone ever think they will fix the drops that keep going in to mesh i have reported this before but still no changes where made
  4. i hope they fix the drops in ground glitch i have lost too many good drops cuz they are in mesh
  5. lol the gamma king titan just stepped on my friend on his charcha and he died because the charcha he was riding was not lved nor imprinted it was the perfect breeder now i have to get another clean male fricken wonderful
  6. i finally finished my carcha they own my max hp mutation stego that has 1m health after leveling it was a epic battle it took 5 hours then the admin summoned in the king titan on me cuz i was at the terminal by accident it flattened me like a pancake my caracha ate it then i ate grute
  7. it should automatically pick up tame dino eggs and slowly incubate them it would take twice as long if humongous egg
  8. i been testing it out and the best melee i keep geting is 80 and stam is the one i need
  9. oh god image a lv 5000 reaper queen i am scare of how much topr it be doing and its attack damage
  10. i loggon abb and i found my reaper king dead so i ask the admin what happened and he said it was lagging his town from across the map and i was vary sad i built the grave for him and left the server i was upset since it was my very first reaper king that i earned i keep killing the reaper queen and dieing to radiation cuz of my hazer was primitive and it was a pain lv 450 dead lv 500 dead lv 200 finally got it low and not killed it rip first reaper king died to abusive admin
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