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ARK: Survival Evolved Stomps onto the PlayStation 4!


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We know it’s been a long wait for PlayStation survivors, who have always been very vocal and supportive of the game and finally, today we can proudly announce that ARK: Survival Evolved will be launching on the Playstation Platform this December 6th! This would not have been possible without each and every one of you, Sony heard your roars and together we were able to work together for this special winter release!

ARK: Survivor’s Pack will be available for purchase in both North America and Europe, this bundled offering includes both the base game, ARK: Survival Evolved, and the massive desert-themed expansion, ARK: Scorched Earth together!

The ARK: Survivor’s Pack gives PS4 players an up-to-date version of ARK: Survival Evolved that includes the previously released content, plus Scorched Earth -- ARK’s first Expansion Pack. The Survivor’s Pack adds extra PS4 content including a Bionic Giganotosaurus skin plus an entire Manticore armour set for male and female characters. 



The bundle will be available for $54.99 USD in North American regions, or €49.99 in Europe. European survivors will also have the opportunity to pick up ARK: Survival Evolved as a standalone game for €34.99 and its Scorched Earth Expansion Pack for €19.99. Unfortunately, we were not able to release the content as two standalone items for the North American regions, until Spring 2017.

PS4 ARK players will, of course, receive a constant stream of major updates packed with new dinosaurs, weapons, armour, mechanics, and lifestyle improvements, in approximate tempo with the other platforms, until the game releases as a final product in Spring 2017.

Welcome to the ARK Tribe PS4 Survivors, we’re happy to have you join us on this wild ride and hope you’re ready for the next few content-packed months! See you on the 6th! ;)

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK: Survival Evolved Team



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First off, congrats to the PS4 community, it's great to have some fellow console survivors joining us in our struggle on ARK. I'm happy they got the game, but I like others am not happy that they're getting exclusives that we helped to provide feedback for & help make the game better from both PC & Xbox One. Let's face it, without help from the Xbox Crowd, ARK wouldn't have done half as well as it has.

I'm hoping these are just timed exclusives & Wildcard will do right by the Xbox crowd and send both those items our way.

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