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  1. Hey, I was interested in joining your tribe. I just wanted to confirm, you're a PC tribe?

  2. Tai

    ARK: State of the Game

    This makes me happy!
  3. Tai

    Welcome To The New Forum!

    The 'new and improved' Tribe system kinda saddens me to be honest, it feels like quite the downgrade. In this version we can't make custom ranks that match our ranks in game, nor can we actually delete forums that have been made.
  4. Tai

    Reverse the changes to the flyer nerf.

    Shall have to drop the robe in the mail.
  5. Mmmmm that Manticore armour tho!
  6. Spent a few hours on this server and I've got to say I really enjoyed it. My little hut is nothing compared to some peoples buildings, but hopefully soon! P.s. It'd be great if this server had that mod which allowed for place able plants/trees/foliage etc.
  7. Tai

    Sneak Peek: Tek Tier!

    That tek armour looks amazing! I'm already kind of just envisioning how to dye that in my tribe colours!
  8. Tai


    Really do like this shot, the way you've used the lights to light up the waterfall but keep the room nice and dim +1