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  1. disabling -sm4 in launch parameters makes it glow again,
  2. this was also noticed in that one cave where you have to press the button to make the door go up, its like a forest cave but i dunno, it has a water pit you can fall into where you find the artifacts but yea we thought it was tied to using the velenasaurs in the caves but as he's pointed out, the attack lag happens with a spino in the aberration's radiation area. pretty much everything is close to vanilla, the only things that aren't are mating, and we removed the dino nerf, but didn't give dinos any kind of buff that i know of, heres the mod list for our server https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1137849422 EDIT: the chasm and valguero map extentions was added yesterday and not related to the situation that's been gong on for a few weeks.
  3. you type bad and you should feel bad, xD!!!

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