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  1. AoW ARK Cluster Dec12 - DAY 0 INCLUDES Aberration Members of The ARK of War The resurrection of AoW to the TOP OF THE CHARTS is about to begin! TUESDAY DEC 12 - Will be DAY 0 on the cluster (Island/Ragnarok/Aberration) Get in before everyone else, know the server IP, be ready to go, before those tribes that fumble around servers wondering if it's worth staying on it. You can tweet and post the following URL wherever (future normal website to be made) http://AoWAD.TheARKofWar.net (Dropbox account NOT needed to view or download) off the mainsite http://www.TheARKofWar.net Ask yourself the following, and if you answer yes, to any of them, then . . . JOIN !! Do you Twitch stream, need a smoke break? Run this AD Need to goto corner store for snacks? Run this AD Want something to VOD play on Twitch on your channel ? Run this AD Need to eat breakfast, lunch, or supper? Run this AD while away Want your friends to join you on Day 0 ? Show them this AD, and JOIN !! Want PvP ? But can't find any good competitive tribes out there ? JOIN !! Feel the need to have tribes on a cluster and transfer stolen goods ? JOIN !! I mean come on AoW ARK servers have been running since 2015 (24+ months), if that's not commitment to having a server up 24/7 @ $140/mth on professional hosts, then what are you looking for? Official, with no admin support? (Donations welcome, and needed, but not demanded) The possibility of an "Event Server" (stand alone) where your prime character, tames, and items are not at risk, could reward you with prizes for the main cluster. Tribe Wars, Amazing Race, Search/Destroy and Capture are events that could be run. A videographer to capture a "Survivor Series" show that can capture your tribe attempting a Cave Run, or Boss Battle (able to be watched afterwards to the tribe participating) OR a prearranged real Tribe War (with approval from both sides) The Videographer would be independent and unbiased, providing NO INFORMATION to the server as it happens (video available post battle to the server, or parties involved) - Are these things you see on other servers? If not, get it here! THE ARK OF WAR - - - DEC 2017 - - - ABERRATION RELEASE - - - ON CLUSTER What are you waiting for ?!?! Only acceptable answer. . . "The DLC to release" PS - You don't need to have Aberration paid DLC, to get on, Island and Ragnarok will need tribes too! Aberration items and creature CAN be brought out of Aberration ______________ Longevity requires a high population, and that's why I made the AD which needs to get circulated by any means. More Bobs, more big tribes, more everyone. If we ALL / EVERYONE, friends, foes, allied, bitter enemies , and goats, PROMOTE the AoW Cluster, then we can expect a robust population. With that big population, and more engagements, the trickle effect will be slowing down advancement to heavily defended bases, or Boss battles, and TEK. That's a GOOD THING! Am I nuts? No, and the reason is if no one can advance faster then anyone else, then no one can become dominant and able to wipe RETWEET for more awareness, and more population (Dropbox account not needed to view or download)
  2. The TEK Skyscraper !! ACE JOB !! ARKlove :ARKlove:
  3. Nemesis851

    Your Guide to Painting Dinos with Admin Commands

    Closest I can find to WHITE is 92 Also on Griffin, seems like "white" isn't white on different parts
  4. took 3-4 weeks but my hearing came back
  5. Took about 3-4 weeks, but my hearing came back
  6. Thanks for the concern. I have already contacted a certified audiologist and they suggested a boxed product first incase it is a wax build up (which I've never had in my life). I will have to pay out of pocket for their service as it is not covered by healthcare. Cheers. PS - I used to be a weekend race car track official/marshall. The loudest car I think I ever heard on track was the Panoz LMS. Panoz LMP-1 Roadster-S
  7. Tried extra virgin olive oil (room temp/should have been warmed), but it did nothing (incase it was just wax build up, which I've never had in my life). Today I'm trying Murine (boxed product), and then looks like I may go and see an certified audiologist (already called one, no health care coverage for them), and would have to pay out of pocket. Thanks for the concern, but it should never have happened. 3700 hrs, and this would be an awful reason to have to stop
  8. I'm quite serious. Concerned my eardrum has collapsed, or something. Trolling or not, just tell me if you're serious, and what source you have for indicating that would work. I'll google it myself, too Thanks
  9. I played it on the weekend too, and with desktop speakers, and it was MASSIVELY loud to the point I thought my speakers may be damaged. Turns out, I actually may be suffering from perm hearing loss now, in my left ear with that speaker located 30" (2 1/2 ') away from me. Currently 95% hearing in left ear gone.
  10. Nemesis851

    Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

    Hello. First I don't own XB1, but do have my own PC servers with cross ARK capabilities, so here are my findings, and hope they relate to your situation. Single player mode is isolated from any official / unofficial dedicated servers. The character progress and item collection or deposits into a drop/obelisk performed in single player would not be visible anywhere else. The reason would be, as a single player (offline mode) you have full admin/god/spawn anything capabilities, and can not use those items in an environment where other players are at a disadvantage. Now if you are on unofficial dedicated server (online to the world) AND have admin rights you could spawn in creatures, gear (as in single player), but as for BX1 cluster and cross ARK character/item transfer, I can't comment. But what I CAN say re character transfer (on PC) is this; on any server that you've been on, and want to 'import another character' from another ARK then FIRST; As an example... If you have a developed character on TheIsland (level 50), take it to a drop/obelisk, and upload the character profile (for saving and use later, on any connected "clustered" ARK). Next go to the ScorchedEarth server and then upload that character (level 10) at the drop/obelisk (note, transfer your items and armour first or it will be dropped like a death bag). If the two servers are on the SAME CLUSTER (eg. Cluster ID = TW34M for TheIsland and Cluster ID = TW34M for ScorchedEarth) then you can grab the character/items on the other server. NEVER EVER EVER ...... just kill yourself and download a saved character (with exception below) If you are running around TheIsland with your level 50, and drown just to access the spawn character at bed location / download saved survivor, then choose to download that ScorchedEarth level 10 character, you will have just deleted/overwritten (no access ever again) the Island character. ALWAYS upload you the "Going To Map" character before attempting to bring a different character you've previously upload from another (same Cluster ID) map. The exception is, if you are scouting a new server with a level 1 Bob/Jane, then decide you want to go there. Then who cares about a lost Bob. --------- IF somewhere in the XB1 settings for dedicated server setup, there is a Cluster ID option, pick a unique ID number, and use it for all YOUR personally administered servers, then it "should work", Also the servers in the cluster also need to be running, so the data can be pulled from the source server. If you were to use the Cluster ID I showed earlier (TW34M) then my servers would be accessible in addition to yours for cross ARK travel/transfer. So make your Cluster ID unique and private. Now if you know someone that ALSO runs a permanent dedicated server, you could do the ScorchedEarth server, provide them the Cluster ID and they use it on their TheIsland dedicated server, and then you can both admin your server, and have cross ARK travel (possibly, as I can't test or confirm that would work on XB1), and may save the additional price of another XB1 console. I hope this helped (from a clustered servers PC Admin). Heart this if you feel it helped, or explained the right way to do it. Nemesis851 N851
  11. Nemesis851

    ARK: Survival Evolved Stomps onto the PlayStation 4!

    DO you PS4 and want to @SurviveTheARK ? Thentml/ark-survival-evolved-stomps-onto-the-playstation-4-r354/ celebrate in a week. Welcome from an ARK PC Survivor. #N851
  12. Nemesis851

    ARK: Fear Evolved 2!

    Wonder how many tribes will be wiped, and ARK lose players Tough it out Survivors !!
  13. So I've found a Explorer Note, but it disappeared before I could examine it (Rock Elemental nearby). How do we review the Explorer Notes, we've found?
  14. There have been a few BIG updates that actually took 3 hours to actively roll out. So even it's out, there is always the potential for a rollback, or other misc. things that happen. This is one of those BIG updates, considering the whole new mechanic of Random Generated ARK maps.
  15. Nemesis851

    Intro to Tribe Rankings!

    Fill their bellies with food, and surround them with wooden spikes, or foundation, and walls. Remember you can bust down a wall or two to get them out next time you're on.