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  1. Characters should get a different level for each map. I am not talking about serves. But if I get a character level 100 in The Island, if I go to Scorched I should be level 1. We should have The Island Level | Scorched Earth Level | Aberration level. This would mean that if I want to get objects or creatures from that maps, first I should to live there before transfer. And not just transfer my character + resources, craft/tame and return. This means that first day of Aberration all players would be level 1 inside that map, no matter if you transfer or create a new. But at same time, this would mean we don't lose our character. Also, if someone wants to have the perfect character should experience all the maps. PS: The Center and Ragnarok should use The Island player level.
  2. Sometimes I think Ark is still early access...
  3. Nerf griffin

    Giga is difficult to get, Griffin NO.
  4. Fortitude

    I used to play with 6 fortitude in Sorched and 0 problems
  5. Nerf griffin

    Griffin is almost as easy to get than an eagle, but it is overpowered. Seriously, in all the servers I read people saying that a griffin is killing them, continuously. It is faster than the petera, with more stamina and in addition can fight. What's the point of having a ptera if you can own a griffin? I don't understand why you nerf all the fliers and added this one. I think it is being a big problem, is faster even than autoturrets. You should nerf it as soon as possible or a lot of new people will stop playing. In my opinion Raganarok has been the worst addition to Ark: -You can get Wyverns/Rock Golems without the problems of Scorched -You can get overpowered Griffin. ...
  6. At least you have a queue.
  7. Sap

    There are joshua trees in Raganarok? Or we can only get sap from redwood?
  8. Pvp

    Run far away or... change server.
  9. ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    So we need to play months just to start in the new map? No thanks
  10. ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    Since the ark is broken I wonder if we will be able to transfer characters... I think it is a information we should know it because it is not the same play to have a character to transfer there or not.
  11. Is session search broken? When you press refresh, appear a lot of servers and suddenly the list is shortened.
  12. Esta empresa se ríe de nosotros

    Compraste un acceso anticipado sabiéndolo. Se equivocaron diciendo que no borrarían los servidores antiguos, pero es lo que hay. Realmente no podemos quejarnos porque lo ponía bien claro, "acceso anticipado". Puede que moralmente parezca un poco feo ciertos comportamientos, pero si lo analizas bien por unos eurillos has jugado muchísimas horas. Más que al 99.9999% de los juegos. Da rabia perder el "trabajo", pero no deja de ser un juego. Disfrútalo. Ahora ya no es acceso anticipado. Si quieres soporte y derecho a quejarte habrá que meterse en servidores oficiales.
  13. Helena note 30????

    I found it. Helena 30 is near the door, just before the last boss.
  14. Launch Update

    No worries