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  1. I asigned F13 to talk and still it does random actions. (Like show crosshair when walking, highlight first action bar slot or open chat when looking the menu) Anyway, were can we find a list of all the ActionMappings? Maybe binding keys to all the actions would avoid this problem.
  2. Nameless queen? Disapointed . I expected a new one. :-( And no information about the release day? Tomorrow is October.
  3. So we need to play months just to start in the new map? No thanks
  4. Since the ark is broken I wonder if we will be able to transfer characters... I think it is a information we should know it because it is not the same play to have a character to transfer there or not.
  5. I still can't understand why someone uses am/pm instead of 24h system that is much better.
  6. Sounds much better but still a joke if you try it.
  7. Well, true, anyway the point is that this 5% is just riddiculous
  8. No, it isn't. If you want to get 1, you have to mate 20 times. If you want to get 5 (for example, just the haircut), you have to mate 100 times If your tribe, composed by for example 5 people, want to have it, you need to mate 500 times If your tribe want to have all of it, then they have to mate 1500 times. All of this in one week and having good luck.
  9. Does this means aquariums? Would be awesome to have aquariums .
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