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  1. They won't fix bugs unless they add all content... But is there any list of features they want to have in game? I don't think so. During GDC 17 speach they showed very generic list of key features they want in game. There is no roadmap of content. If they want to add something they check if it fits in. They can add more content constantly, because there is nothing that would show them that's enough for 1.0 version of the game. What we see for over half a year is a "Feature Creep". They ought to hold their horses and finally decide the final list of features that need to be added and stick to it. We can't stay in EA forever, because sooner or later players will get bored of it despite of shiny content updates. We will become tired off lackluster gameplay mechanics, because everyone has his tolerance limits.
  2. Not really, but when community manager says he would post Digest soon and in next crunch there is none, I'd like to know why, especially when a month passed since the last digest.
  3. Game without flyers will be quite tedious in long run, when you would have to deal with pathetic dino AI and its pathfiniding if you wanted to take more weight carriers for metal farming. And it will make the game longer artificially similar to what a few-hours long taming and grinding do. I would prefer WC to focus on one PVP / PVE mode than doing a bunch of them and then ignore their development totally. That happened to SOTF, game died, because WC had not been polishing the mode since early Summer 2016. They thought players would have kept mode alive on their own.
  4. ARK is in deep alpha. They have no detailed roadmap of features they want to add. You can find out about it from watching their speach during GDC 2017. There are only 3 slides of very generic description of the game. Nothing else. When they want to add something they look at this and check out if it fits. So in practically they can keep this game in alpha stage adding more content, increasing the hype with sales forever. There is nothing that will tell them: "You are done with adding content. Focus on bug fixing". What we see in ARK is "Feature Creep" There are sooo many areas of the game that need to redone... AI, Kibble Tree, CrossARK transfers, some dinosaurs models that they were shipped with first versions of ARK, character models that looks very badly in 2017... The list is so long... But what we get? Another a bit less useless shiny dino with the same bad AI. Maybe one day, they would run out of money to pay artists to create more content and then maybe they would focus on bug fixing and QaL improvments. Also, people. Stop believing they would ever post an answear to those threads or any kind of thread on this forum. Jat admitted he uses this forum only for posting announcements and media related matters, He claims the team read those froums, but don't reply to anyone, because using twitter instead is very convenient... However, he promised he would make bigger effort to reply to people here actually, let's see if it won't be empty promise.
  5. It's even more irritating, because their offical ARK twitter account reminded us 2-3 times to post questions in Ask a Question threads...
  6. It will be delayed I'm sure. I heard the next "Release Date" is for Summer 2017, but there was no official announcement about it. With the ratio they push content updates and a pile of bugs they have to fix yet (Good they started working on disappearing dinosaurs finally), it is highly unlikely they would have released this game within 2 months to say the least. According to GDC 17 Vault recorded from their speach about their Early Access, you can find out they have no roadmap at all. There is only very basic and general list of what they want in game, very generic list. So they can keep adding new shiny stuff (they keep doing this) and delay the premiere further, because there is no point in development that will tell them: "This is amount of content for 1.0 game. Let's focus on bug fixing and optimising". Annnnd after some time you have Forever Alpha Game.
  7. What was the case that made dinosaurs disappear? I curious about the origin of this 1,5 year old bug.
  8. Where is the digest? @Jen You said you would post new one soon @Jat. it has been over a month since you posted last one and the thread with questions is already 20 pages long. I think we deserve to be treated seriously.
  9. We will find out sooner or later. On the other hand I don't see why they wouldn't open new and sperated cluster of servers, because they have money to pay for them.
  10. There is no win-win choice to the "The Wipe" matter. Some customers wants to keep things they already have due to hundreds-hours effort. They want Wildcard to respect their time and they have all right to be irritated if their progress would be deleted. There, as you said we have new customers who would like to have even chance on official server. Also don't forget Wildcard plan to release more DLCs and old playerbase may be the most willing people to buy it. (It's cheaper to buy DLC than buying launch ARK price + all DLCs) There is a matter of chosing the lesser evil.
  11. If you want to keep the game alive you need new and already established playerbase. Otherwise the game will end up like Evolve. Game had terrible PR and publisher only cared about players money, not their opinions. Money it's not the only important matter. If you did something stupid that destroys a good name of your company, you will earn much less money anyway and scare potential customers off. To be honest, I don't believe this game will gain much more players during the launch. This game is on the market for 1,5 years, who could have bought it, had already done that. Well, we will see.
  12. They would have only delay the rage of playerbase. It is not a question if but when. I guarantee a lot PVE players would leave making sure to tell other people to not buy this game with huge review bomb. They did mistake by not saying once and for all if game will be wiped at launch. There are some areas of the game that cannot be improved without restart, such us increasing performance of The Island map and fixing its all bugs. I can't wait for their lackluster "A message to community" saying how much they love us and how sorry they are for making our months worth progress completely pointless. I would cringe as much as I did when I read their "A message to community" about Scorched Earth DLC.
  13. In my opinion, by wiping the servers Wildcard and playerbase will gain nothing. Wiping server is not ultimate solution to alpha tribe abuses, duping and all gameplay desgin flaws this game has. Wiping servers will only make a lot of playerbase angry, because all their effort would be wasted and it will kill their desire to contuinue playing this game. It would be disrespect to players time. Server are wiped, you have a period of full war between players trying to reclaim the same spots on the server before the wipe. Alpha tribe restablish quickly due to their experience. Lots of furious PVE players making threads shouting at Wildcard and a huge review bomb. We would be at the same spots as we are now, plus a lot of angry players who would make sure to tell other people to not play this game. They did said during GDC 2017, they have enough income to open new servers at the launch and they would repurpose low populated servers. So why not doing that? They can make those new servers seperated cluster so new players can establish peacefully and then after a month or two, they can open that cluster to older servers. This compromise would please new and older playerbase. Edit: On the other note, I wonder how do they plan to optimise The Island map without redisgining it completely. The performance comparison between The Island and The Center, proves The Island is just done poorly.
  14. What's the point of taming dinosaurs in this game? To avoid Wildcard's grindfest that this game is. Except for that it's not really worth taming all creatures or mejority of them. AI is so primitive that almost does not exsist, so it is really hard to keep your suspension of disbelief when critter wants to go through rock or stands in the same place in your pen forever.
  15. I assume there is a big chance of The Island map wipe anyway. They cannot optimise it in beta stage without serious redesign, The fact The Center runs better than The Island only proves orginal map was made poorly. So, unfortunately we have to deal with bugs and other things till whenever ARK reaches beta stage. I wonder how they would handle 1 year old bugs.