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  1. Community Crunch 112 and Dino TLC Preview!

    Where are other parts of Dino TLC like kibble and abilities overhauls? This new Trex looks silly with its monster like long teeth and exaggerated spikey eye ridge. The side of the head looks ok, but the front is simply bad.
  2. WOAH Server 82 2 1/2 hour rollback

    There is something really bad in game code that saves become corrupted so eaisly. It happens quite often, don't you have any assumption what's going on?
  3. Let's be honest. ARK is still late Early Access quality game for 60€. However, that's side topic.
  4. The change called "we will release it earlier, so we could get feedback from you guys" ought be done on public experimental/beta branch, not on entire fully released game.
  5. Making heavy turret which was suppoused to replace standard turret in 1:1 ratio and then set it level requirements of 100. Oh, and it requires standard turret to repair heavy one. #WCLogic. Are you serious Wildcard? You enjoy listening to pissed off players apparently. A lot of people's bases will be ruined in matter of hours from now. Also, why do you not experiment with this change on public experimental branch before some overlooked aspect of this change will affect playerbase negatievly and ruins a few houndreds hours of people's play time? This is not Early Access, where you could such changes on entire playerbase population at once.
  6. Lack of polish in every mechanic that was created by Wildcard. (except for Gryphon flight mechanics) Rubberbending, framerate freezes, server lags, lack of optimisation that chokes 2000 euros + PCs. Overbloating the game with redundant gameplay mechanics and dinosaurs.
  7. RIP ARK? More Content or More Fixes?

    On the one side without releasing new content ARK becomes extremely repetitive, build, tame, breed and repeat, which leads to players leaving the game, because they have nothing interesting to do. On the another side everyone can admit the game feels unfinished, lacks Quality of Life updates (some of them were pushed back after DLC premiere), it's laggy and servers and client performance is terrible. You cannot expand the game on bugged fundations and outdated, inefficent code, because problems would only accumulate. Personally, I could not care less about upcoming content when server rubberbands me every ten seconds, game freezes when world is saved or my framerate drops by 30 fps for no reason on 2000 euros PC. It simply kills my enjoyment and reminds me constantly this is still Early Access quality game for 60$.
  8. Turret change discussion megathread

    This is caused by low tick rate of the server. TheRightHand said on some servers it is only 1 Hz! 1 package of data sent between your cilent and the server per second. After the fix the server tick rate may reach 4,5 Hz. This. Is. Unplayable. BF3 server tick rate in 2011 was 10Hz. Current minimum in any PvP game is 30Hz.
  9. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    How on the Earth can servers run with 1 Hz and after band-aid fix 4,5 Hz tick rate to begin with? This is unplayable completely. For example BF3 severs tick rate is 10Hz and that's a game from 2011. To have any fair pvp experience there must be 30 Hz server at minimum. EA learnt about it in hard way during BF4 premiere. However, what makes me irritated a lot that everything had to reach this severe situation to get any reaction from WC. This game crossed the line what can be achieved on current hardware long time ago and it blew my mind up, game was not designed keeping those limitations in mind. Also, you cannot fix reduced level protection of bases by increasing turret damage. You have to redesigned a lot of things at once to compensate reduced amount of turret only. DPS of turrets, tamed and wild dinosaurs HP, special damage reductions of trikes, turrtles or stego. This cannot end up like (in)famous Flyer Nerf, which only scratched the surface of the problem. This high time to create experimental branch of the game you talked about to test such drastic changes.
  10. Turret change discussion megathread

    It is another proof the game has severe desgin flaws in its core. People crafted ridiculous amount of turrets for some reason.
  11. What if someone placed lots of turret on a boat and moved to someone's base (thus hitting turret limit in that area) and that would make the game to choose, which turrets need to be shut down randomly? Have you thought about it Wildcard? I could imagine game shutting down turrets of attacked tribe.
  12. 19 mods. It takes 3 min 40 sec to load mods and join the server sadly. (HDD disk)
  13. I'm not insane enough to attempt using bronto for mining metal. Regardless what WC said regarding flyer nerf, it did not make land creatures more appealing to use.
  14. You know what? People couldn't care less about longer flight if there was toggle walk/fly button, which Wildcard did not feel like or forgot to implement. It's annoying to be forced to hold one button for 2-5 minutes to fly from one side of map to another. (No, 10 sec breaks to regain stamina has little to none influence on this problem)
  15. What exactly Is happening with legacy

    I'm more than sure more legacy servers will be wiped before DLC premiere, so WC could host Abberation on them.