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  1. Are Crypods suppoused to solve or help with the problem with server cap? Are you serious? This idea is flawed for a few reasons and it creates other problems. Firstly, this is what will happen. People will put their dinosaurs into crypods lowering the server cap TEMPORARLY. People will see they can tame new dinosaurs finally and within short period of time server cap will be reached again. At that moment any dinosaur that was in crypod is stuck inside forever. I'll give it a week or 2 and situation will be the same before crypods. Secondly, you play around with people's time investment by putting dinosaurs in risk that their crypods will break as soon as cryfridge power supply is out. Not to mention technical server issues that may disallow joining servers. You do not address this issue seriously, Wildcard. The problem with server tame cap lays in your kibble tree and taming system due to their quite shortsighted design. Your game encourages and force you to hoard dinosaurs to get eggs for kibbles literarly. People tame many dinosaurs to get eggs in reasonable time, because they do not want to make ARK their second job (Plus the drop rate of eggs increases with number of females) You need X dinosaur's eggs to tame Y dinosaur. You need Y dinosaur's eggs to tame Z dinosaur. You need Z dinosaur's eggs to tame... And so on and so on. That. Is. Why. Servers reach taming cap. Players have been telling you this since early stages of Early Access, but you have been ignoring it. Replace eggs as ingredient for kibbles with something that will not require taming dinosaurs. If you treated your customers seriously, you should start working on QoL update of taming system and kibble tree shortly after Exctinction premiere. Tho, give your employees time to catch their breath too, because you admitted they're in crunch time. No one should suffer due to crunch, because of a failour of managment.
  2. Lewiatan

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

    Meanwhile For Honor (it reached 15 mln playerbase recently) and RS6 are flourishing thanks to devs commitment to bug fixes and QoL patches... I agree. Wildcard could not care less about community concerns and bugs. It is clearly visible. Latests diary was them admitting their defeat and complete ignorance of playerbase. It disgusts me. After the release of Exctinction they will do as you said. Move to another EA sandbox game with the same spaghetti code (aka Atlas) and leave skeleton crew to maintain ARK with the lowest effort possible. (Btw. Did you know those dinosaurs skins that came around Fallen Kingdom were not made by them even?) Such beautiful concept with huge potential wasted by incompetent developers. They will only react when people decide to stop playing their game, but to do that player would have to realise they're prisoners of stuff they own in game.
  3. I expected more serious approach undermeshing issue like what is planned to address it. If your Exctinction map can be undermeshed so easily as others, that will be beautiful disaster. People should not recommand this game to anyone that is interested in PVP aspect of gameplay unless undermeshing is seriously addressed and solved by Wildcard.
  4. Lewiatan

    Best GPU for ARK?

    I have I7 6700k 4.0-4.4Ghz, 32 RAM DDR4 3000Mhz Hyperx Savage, MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X, motherboatd is also top gaming model from MSI. This is not unoptimised gaming pc build. The performance of the game varied depending on if I looked at tree line or a river. When I looked at tree line barerly 30fps in 1080p epic, when I turned to river I had 45-50 fps. The point is not to play around settings to hit 60+ fps,the game should have been optimised enough to not force you finding band aid solutions. I haven't changed anything in settings , I played vanilla ARK and performance was underwhelming to put it mildly.
  5. Lewiatan

    Best GPU for ARK?

    As far as I know there is none single GPU on this planet that can run ARK on epic settings 1080p in >=60 fps all the time. Maybe new RTX cards will be able to handle this unoptimised game
  6. Lewiatan

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    You claim you created a pvp mode that won't have problems that are caused by megatribes which dominate official servers. At the same time you enable alliences for 25 men tribes here. So what's the difference here? None. Excuse me, are you that short-sighteted? This mode will have the same problems with megatribes like official servers. So far you proved you are not able or want to moderate your official servers in reasonable timeframe, thus I highly doubt you are competent enough to fullfil your commitment this time.
  7. After a month of waiting you answeared 6 questions... This is utterly disappointing to put it mildy. It looks like a students homework done durung 10 min break before the next class. Honestly, I bet it took you exactly 10 minutes to deal with this Digest. I have no faith you'll ever improve.
  8. Well, their commitment to weekly bug fix patches has lasted for 2-3 months at most. It's not likey they released patches every week during that time anyway. It doesn't say well about developers, who abandon their commitment without explaining why... Perhaps they don't care buntly. It must be fun to develop the game on broken core game code and see everything falls apart WC just finished. I wonder how much band aid fixes they have to implement to finish probably the last content update for ARK, Exctinction.
  9. It's seems they don't even pretend trying to have correct communication with playerbase. They have bi-weekly live streams.Why do they not organise live Q&A sessions with people who watch the stream? Why do we have to wait a month to get some answears about highly requested features and when they come they give no real answears? I'm looking at S+ that they have no clue what they want to add from it after 10 months since the announcement.
  10. Lewiatan

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    Been there, done that. It only delayed getting bored of ARK's grindy gameplay loop, which is taming, building, breeding what you want, doing some dungeon exploring here and there and then you have nothing else to do. Mind you I don't feel like making ARK a job to defeat bosses.
  11. Lewiatan

    Community Crunch 145 & ARK Digest 53!

    Onl It baffles me that after almost a year since the announcement of S+ integrationto the main game WC has still no clue what features they want to take from mod and add it to the game. It was really cynical to bring that mod up during "awsome" Abberation delay announcement and did literarly nothing for S+ implementation for months. It feels like WC only told that to lessen people's anger. Stop announcing stuff and do nothing with it for months. What's more now I can see you're preparing us for cancelation of the kibble rework which is one of THE MOST requested Quality of Life update. It doesn't matter you had spent lots of time of current the kibble tree when it's the source of many issues within the game such as: overpopulation, lower server tick rates uneccessary and tedious grind (players are literarly forced to tame useless animals to get eggs for animals they want, thus useless dinosaurs just stand and do nothing forever). There are many mods that do taming much better than your system. I look at the forum from time to time to figure out if it's worth installing 120GB+ of this game again. So far it's still not worth it.
  12. Lewiatan

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Been there, done that. True, Unofficial servers make this game playable for someone who doesn't want to dedicate whole life to it. However, mods and unofficial servers only delayed the bordom of ARK's gameplay loop for me. They do not solve severe core gameplay mechanics and server flaws.TLC types of updates came way too late and they should have been released in EA, not 5 months after premiere. I will not let that sIide. I uninstalled the game 7 months ago. Promised features such as building and AI overhaul never came. I only want to see if WC is serious about fixing the game in weekly patches. I doubt a lot of ARK's players will be excited about ARK2, which will not avoid being called as "fixed ARK 1" by players. WC fell into the trap of feature creep, thus the ARK2 cannot have less content than previous game. Now, 100+ dinosaurs will be hard to achieve for the sequel. Everyone knows WC has a bad reputation in playerbase, so WC would have to change for better for real this time if devs wanted to count on old playerbase of ARK to buy ARK2 when is released. By the way, currently devs are so silent, the game development seems to be in limbo thus it makes me wonder if they finish the life cycle of ARK very slowly. The future will give the answear.
  13. As far as I know it was cancelled.
  14. Gotta love how over a month ago they tell us "Mid-April" then at the last minute push it back to the end of April 2,5 years on the market and they still have no clue how much time they need to have things done. No one treat Wildcard and their ETAs seriously at this point.
  15. Overall, I agree what you said here. However, you ought to use punctuation, because your comment is hard to read without it.