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  1. TheRightHand said in the interview on twitch 6 days ago that they are still not happy with flyers and want to adjust them further and he asked players who watched that interview to forgive them the delay on that. There are simply too much things going on at the same time. The patch 258 will be the last content update in Early Access. With that patch released we enter beta stage where all gameplay mechanics are going to be changed, because as he said there are many of them that they are not happy with at all. He said the beta stage would last several months. Also, the oldest dinosaurs will get Qualit of Live improvements, maybe some special aoe effect, or additional armor ( He gave an example of making plates of Stego bulletproof). I hope this game will stop being a grindfest finally.
  2. He also said that keeping his hope that people play the game, because they like entire gameplay mechanics , not because of things they achieved in the game. If there are more people who stick to the game, because of what they achived and don't like gameplay mechanics much, Wildcard will lose a lot of players after the wipe. I agree what he said there will be enormous amount of angry players regadless what they are going to do. Also, the one thing that made me say "Finally!" was statement that 258 will be the last content update in Early Access. We are entering beta phase.
  3. Owing to the fact how many things needs to be improved in this game, adding a toilet is damn insulting to me. We have been waiting for bridges for almost entire year and it so delayed that certain modder is about to achieve the same result, but... We will get a toilet instead... It will not make this game better at all, so why bother adding such a thing now?
  4. Those new achievements are pretty generic.
  5. So far it is a product placement.
  6. The sound designer work is really disspointing so far. Every dinosaurs foot step sound like walking AT-ST from Star Wars, raptors sound so damn awful, quetzal got old distress call for its new idle sounds and old honking sound was added in every sound it makes, trex roar sounds weak, pachy and parasaur make no idle sounds, carno's new sound just do not fit, ptera flapping wings sounds like a wet plunger... From a person who worked on Ori and the Blind Forest I expected something much more better than this.
  7. In my opinion this game is based on time sinks way too much than it should be in general. You cannot deny breeding and imprinting is an optional activity in the game, because breeding and imprinting it is the only way to defeat bosses in caves and get element so you could exprience Tek Structures and gear and after that Tek Cave. Taming, building, breeding, boss battles and Tek Progression, Tek Caves are core content of the game. There is nothing "optional" if you want to enjoy this game fully, due to how lackluster taming and building are. Without imprinting and breeding, you won't defeat bosses, Without bosses, you won't get any elements and tek engrams. What's more you can completely forget about ascension unless you spend rdiculous amount of time on breeding and imprinting high level T-rexes. In the end people who have jobs, university lectures, etc and want to have healthy sleeping habits are denied or have very restricted access to all game content, because how time demanding breeding and imprinting are. If game set up such barriers you are left with very repetitive content such as building and taming which grows old very quickly. How many times do you want to stare at dinosaur being tamed for 2 hours again and again? People will get bored of the game rapidly. People do want to play on official server, because it provides stability (server won't disappear out of blue, because the admin feels like doing it). There ought to be find balance between casual players and hardcore ones. It would just be healthy for the longevity of the game in the end. Also, the access barrier to end content of the game is not wise during Early Access when gameplay mechanics are suppoused to be checked by players so they could give developers the feedback. Due to how the progression curve, breeding, imprinting are, people are really discourage to even try. From my perspective, I will never bother doing boss battles, if the only way to win them is to have more summed up hp and dps from your imprinted dinosaurs than the boss. This way of winning implicates a lot of grind... Imprinting should have changed intervals. Instead of 3-4 hours ones to something more managable, 9-12 hours ones. Change kibble requirements for imprinting so it makes more sense, so the baby will not ask a kibble from the animal that would never see in real life or feed on when it grew up. Imprinting should be a tribe effort, so if someone needs go to bed/work, his tribemate could take care of the baby. By the way, imprinting wouldn't have been such a problem, if boss battles had been improved or had not required a lot of imprinted dinosaurs to win the battle.
  8. As far as I remember that was serious issue in SOTF. People just put ground clutter sliders to the lowest settings and they were able to see everyone in long distances. Devs noticed that problem and forced settings for that, but owing to the fact how crappy this game is optimised, it made people quite angry, because in one patch the game became unplayable. Unless developers find out how to make grass/foliage and ground clutter performance friendly, there is no way to solve this issue. The same issue you can see in Unkownplayer's Battlegrounds or in Battlefield games.
  9. Sounds like what you can see in lvl 100 Tek Cave. It seems Wildcard has no idea how to make caves difficult without overfilling it with ridiculous amount of hostile dinosaurs.
  10. Mk3 was a Wildcard's PR bluff and wait complains out tactic. There will be no more rebalance of flyers in nearby future. Meanwhile the playerbase numbers slowly decreases with over 100 000 players subscribed pre-nerfed flyers mod.
  11. @SBaker When I join the game the music you hear when you wake up is stuttering.
  12. This game is unoptimised mess, thus you have lag spikes, low framerates etc. What is more Xbox One is pretty weak console anyway nowadays. Textures and meshes are too detailed in long distances, too many creautres to load on the map at once (I read there are around 26 000 dinosaurs on the Island), you get server rubberbending, because in one tick of CPU AI has to calculate the movement of all dinosaurs and sometimes it is too much... As it is now the game was being made so everything could work somehow. It's fair to say with 258 patch for PC, we enter beta stage of development, because optimisation was announced in the patch notes and it can be done only after all content was added in game.
  13. There is not much to debate. You block spawnpoints? Be ready to have your base wiped by admins sooner or later and if you kept blocking spawpoints anyway, there is a big chance you would be banned.
  14. What I get from this fragment and previous ones that they aware it is a pain in th butt to make complex AI, but not impossible to do so. They need only time and resources to make sofisticated AI and they won't ignore that issue. They just don't feel like doing that now owing to the fact they have huge pile of bugs to fix, entire game to optimise and release the final missing content. However It is quite unfair to challange modders to make better boss fights owing to the fact they would have the same primitive AI to work with. All in all this is a matter that would have to be solved sooner or later. It would have significant influence on people's exprience when the game is released.
  15. As far as I remeber they said better AI for bosses will be very difficult to implement and will take some time thus they focus on other things, but I don't think they said it would be impossible to change. I talked with author of ARK Survival mod about AI the other day and he said Wildcard was using out-dated version on UE4, which does not support dynamic navemeshing thus AI in ARK only sees the mesh of the landscape as obstacle, but nothing else. It can't see other obstacles like trees and rocks. It was fixed in the newer versions of UE4, but updating from older version of the engine to the newest one may be problematic and takes time. They must redo AI anyway, because current AI will decrease reviews scores significantly on well-known gaming websites after the premiere. It's not time when people turn a blind eye to primitive AI like they used to in the past.