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  1. Has Dino AI been improved?

    It has not been improved at all. It is as primitive as it was during Day 1 of Early Access. Pathfanding still does not exsists in this game, so dinosaurs keep trying to walk through rocks and walls, even though other open world games have it and work there with no noticable problems.
  2. Thoughts on Ice Wyverns

    I really loathe Ice Wyvern debuff effect. Why? Becuase it lasts longer than the time rate of breath attack. It lasts 10 seconds, but Wyvern use frezee breath every 6 seconds. Debuff just stack like eels' one before it was fixed. It is the worst when you use wyvern to kill ice one. Regarding Ice Wyvern appeariance. I love its dark blue colours, but I dislike the amount of spikes this critter has.
  3. On other gaming websites it is said DLC will be released on the 31st of October. Knowing Wildcard Time it will be delayed.
  4. So where's everyone gone?

    Regarding current increase of playerbase I think those players are ones that stopped playing due to annoucement of wiping legacy servers and they're coming back. I believe people who were interested in ARK have already bought it, therefore there is no big increase of new, post launch, players.
  5. So where's everyone gone?

    To be honest, I have no hope they would handle Abberation release properly and improve communication. I bet Abberation will be delayed on PC by 3-4 days and on consoles over a week.
  6. Most Useless Dino?

    Titanosaurus. It was such overhyped creature by Wildcard and we know what left of it. Regarding casual dinosaurs, diplo. It has attacking animation, it chases you forever, push you and deals no damage and it's suppoused to be "friendly".
  7. Is Arks 60 dollars worth it?

    Considering how unrefined game was released I say it is not worth 60 dollars/euros. 30-40 at most.
  8. Thoughts on the Tamed Dinosaurs Limit?

    I agree with what you said. You sumed up the main gameplay design flaw in ARK. It really irritates me consindering how much the need of having egg farm affects the game, performance and servers, Wildcard did not feel like to address it during Early Access. They kept adding redundant features and built entire game on heavly unpolished mechanics. The kibble overhaul must be done as soon as possible. In my opinion eggs have to be removed from kibble recipes and replaced with specific meat of animal that wild dino prefers to feed on. WC has to optimise their game finally working on DX11. No Vulcan nor mythical DX12 would help, because there are other core areas of game that have to be optimised. I recommand reading latest PC Gamer article of ARK performance test. (You need the most powerful single GPU on this planet 1080Ti to run this on epic full hd 60fps). ARK relies on GPU power too much. We can't have better hardware, because there is no better hardware than this. The limit of tamed dinosaur has to stay. If I'm not mistaken, wild dinosaurs are around 22000-26000. Hardware wouldn't be able to handle unlimited tamed dinosaurs.
  9. Why did you not release complete story with the main game? According to streams regarding Abberation and further DLC you need to play those to fully understand what is going on. I dislike that. It doesn't look very well that players have to pay 105 dollars/euros totally to get to know full story of your game.
  10. Why do so many cry about getting wiped on PvP?

    Because the game doesn't respect your time and effort you put into the game. Everything can be lost in 10 minutes on pvp.
  11. High level animals do spawn more often on Ragnarok, making exploring quite dangerous which I like.
  12. Ok now this is ridiculous

    *looking at patch notes... ETA was removed and that's all* Sigh. Well... Techincally patch notes were updated. On the other side we know nothing new or less about the update.
  13. Ok now this is ridiculous

    They have been saying they are working on improving communication for 1,5 years (I believe the quality of communication dropped drastically when they released Xbox One preview version of the game) and nothing has been improved in that area at all. They knew they would have more players to care about, but they did not hire enough people to handle customers' problems. Then don't be suprised I'm quite sceptical about Jat's statement. A few months ago we got the same explanation saying they would improve that some time in the future. Unless WC bosses decide it's high time to do something about, nothing will be improved. Simple as that. However, it's not a high concern in Jessy's or Jeremy's eyes apparently. If it had been, this issue would have been solved already. Sometimes I wonder what sh#tstorm would have to happen to make them do something finally. Why do I stick around? Because I used to love this game. Then after a few months of Early Access launch their communication became worse and worse. They started to do things highly controversial (like DLC in EA), ignoring playerbases concerns and critical bugs and turned ARK: Survival Evolved into a bloated, grindy feature creep game. I still see potential in ARK, but they need to hold their horses regarding feature creep and their ambition. This is just Jat's damage control. It would be irrational to say something opposite or keep ignoring facts.
  14. Ok now this is ridiculous

    I did read it. I'd more than happy when they improved/fixed communication finally.
  15. Ok now this is ridiculous

    The problem here is Jat nothing in this matter has been improved for 2 years. Really nothing. I'm willing to say it become worse to the point that Jeremy's wife decided to ask what new server we still need on her own and she is not even Wildcard's employee (I do appreciate her effort tho). That's the red light for your company. People are frustrated, because we keep telling you there is large issue in your communication, but no one in Wildcard does something about it. With your statement I highly doubt something would be improved, because we did have such explanation before. It's even more irrittating when Jessy says WC talks with community regurarly on twitch streams and that's not entirely true. If WC employees have so many other responsiblities then for your own and company's reputation sake talk to boss and suggest hirring a new community manager whose only responsiblity is communicating with playerbase. Please, start using your own forum. It doesn't look good to look for information from twitter... All in all I understand you need to prioritise your man power and resources, but good public relations and communicating with playerbase regurarly do miracles.