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  1. Ark Survival Evolved: Honest Trailer

    That was pretty lackluster Honest Game Trailer nor it was funny to be honest.
  2. Make the Spino spawns GREAT AGAIN!!! on Island

    They removed mejority of Spino spawn points by Rewood biome update. Now they only spawn in the south from Green Obelisk. They really have to add more spawnpoints to compensate the ones they removed.
  3. The Amazing ARK SUPPORT

    No new system will fix severly understaffed Customer Suport. WC is so histerically affriad of hiring new developers and admins that it would take ages to improve anything in CS matter. After premiere there. will. be. no. excuses.
  4. I used to play on official pve, so there was no real reason to get Tek Tier anyway.
  5. That mode will look like more or less as way less sofisticated The Isle. I even thought they wanted to do PS, because of The Isle. However, I doubt Primal Survival will arrive. After reading article about Soft on PC gamer I found out that studio is just too small to handle side project and main game at the same time. In case of Soft, WC needs seperate studio to work on it if they want to continue that project. It must be handled like a new game, not like spin off. Same problems apply to Primal Survival.
  6. Atmospheric fog a tad overdone?

    I haven't checked new fog yet, but WC ought to adjust bloom affects in their game. It hurts eyes badly, especially if you are in the ocean and look at horizon or clouds. I have to lower gamma below default one to see anything in mentioned places.
  7. Jat said balancing bosses for multiplayer was on their list to do. His reply you can find via arkdevtracker.com Due to how unbalanced, unfair and unsatisfying boss battles are, that it requires you to glitch them and breed perfect dinosaurs for weeks, I could not care less about WC's precious Tek Tier they overhype so much. Same thing applies to Tek Cave...
  8. Will optimizations be out on release date?

    60 fps is achievable in area with little to none plants nearby ocean. But in the deep forest? No. During sun set when I stand next to entrance of the forest the framerate can drop to 25 sometiimes.
  9. Will optimizations be out on release date?

    Fair comparison. Believe me, you won't be able to run this game on max settings in 1080p. My PC with CPU: Intel i7-6700k 4.0Ghz, Mobo: MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON, RAM: HyperX Savage DDR4, 4x8GB 3000MHz CL15, MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X , SSD HyperX Savage 480GB and Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB and of course Windows 10 64bit Home Edition cannot achieve stable 60 fps. There is no "strange" softwere that makes ARK runs so poorly while I can run BF 1 in over 120 fps. There is not much to do with softwere of people's PCs (incompatible hardware maybe). The biggest impact on game's performance has how well or bad the game was optimised by developers.
  10. In the Kotaku's latest article about ARK server wipes is mentioned how boss wars is going to look like. Boss will spawn on the map and anyone will be able to tame it. It will be tamed for certain period of time. It looked like Jeremy was not sure if it is a good idea, because he said it may blow up in their face. For me it looks like they have no clear vision of the game when they add things without deep thought.
  11. You need tek engram unlocked to use tek armors of dinosaurs or personal tek armor.
  12. State of the Game Performance

    I also dislike that performance issues were not addressed in "State of the Game" announcement. @Jat Will you talk with Jeremy and then share what is planned to improve the optimisation before full release and after it? Currently, my pc with this spec: i7 6700k, MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X, 32GB RAM cannot run ARK in stable 60 fps on ultra 1080p. It is usually around unstable 42 with stutters that frezee the game for 2-3 seconds and with framerate of 0. Also, you really have to change minimal system requirements on Steam. The specs posted there does not allow to lunch the game using low settings.
  13. AI changes still going to happen?

    I also hope AI will be improved post launch, because it is really sad to see so many creatures behaving in the same way exactly. I cannot care about tamed animal that does nothing when it stays in my base. They don't even sleep. Kibble must be overhauled before premiere. It affects server performance too much. There are many overlooked areas in this game. WC put priorities in wrong places. I'm not even sure if sounds overhaul made it fully for example.
  14. $60 for Ark? Will it be worth it?

    To point out game design flaws and other issues hoping developers will fix them. Despite of my criticism of WC, I still see potential in ARK that wasn't used fully. I hoped ARK would be a game that introduces dinosaurs into big game industry and maybe big publishers would give a shot for triple-a Dinosaur games. So far there is none such a game on the market from big publishers.
  15. Server Wipe

    It is high time to state if there will be wipes or not.