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  1. Review score is already mixed and it keeps going down, so... I wanted to get Wyvern on Official server at least once, but with this issue (I bet it won't be fixed in reasonable time), I'll pass.
  2. Of course they did. I stopped believing they will ever release an update on initial ETA. That's their work style. Let's hope that all features will make it tho.
  3. I think The Island map is done badly in general. I wonder how the are going to optimize it before release without making a lot players angry by removing their things accidentally. With the same epic settings I get 50-70 fps on The Center. It suprises me devs have to use Titan cards in SLI to have the best performance...
  4. In general decreasing maximum speed of flyers, dinosaurs and humans would improve gameplay. Currently it is really immersion breaking to see animals to run or fly so fast. No way their body could allow that.
  5. Annnd development of SOTF was put on hold in the end. Neither we have good SOTF map nor working The Center map. All in all working on SOTF was really wrong decision that wasted a lot of their resources.
  6. They did worked on a secret feature. However, they had to delay it due to technical complications. Jat commented that himself if I remember correctly.
  7. So, does 1080 SLI allow to run this game in 60 fps in every situation? It is so badly optimised that the most powerful single GPU Pascal Titan X cannot run it in above 60 fps. I use I7 6700k 4.0Ghz, MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X and 32 GB RAM and it really irrtates me that over 2200 euro worth PC cannot run this game on epic above 40 fps in 1080p resolution (The Island map). I usually get 32 to 40 fps.
  8. Reporting bugs and game related issues to Wildcard's Customer Support is just a waste of your time. I reported a few bugs to them and they are not fixed after almost a year.
  9. Those animals provide valuable resources, but you can tell there is no need to tame a penquin for example. I know it generates heat, but when you start to explore winter biome you have already a fur armor for it. I would love to have tamed animal which can do something more, than standing in the pen and drop eggs for kibbles. It is such immersion breaker in this game. Parasaur is not worth taming from late-early to end game. They cannot harvest efficently, their carry weight is not impressive. All animals should have been designed in the way that even in late game they have still purpose. Parasaur has none. After taming high level raptor with the parasaur kibble you can get rid off them. In Megalosaurus case their time window of being useful is quite short. I wanted to tame them on PVE server, but after finding out they removed the only abillity that makes them interesting in PVE, I decided it's totally not worth the effort and risking life in caves trying to get them. However the most useless animal in PVE is Titanosaur I have no idea why they wasted so much time on it and then make it not permament tame on PVE. It's hard to knock it out, it is alive only for 24 hours and you can't build anything on it, because it will be destroyed. I've never seen a tribe owning this critter.
  10. The egg drop rate can be increased as well. Currently it is only 2% every 2 minutes, no surprise why people get lots of females to increase that chance.
  11. 16 dinosaurs and they will start improving the game finally. It's high time, gameplay design flaws start to appear more and more often.
  12. I'm pretty sure ptera needs siginificant speed nerf. I've seen so many pvp videos with so ridiculously fast pterodons that you cannot hit them with a rifle. What's more they cause lag on the server and it is really distracting having ptera flying in front of you with faster than light velocity and then it rubberbands. Currently pterodons and flyers in general denies the point of using land dinosaurs as mean of transport.
  13. Wildcard has created kibble system, which is nothing else than grinding and encourages hoarding dinosaurs to make taming new one less tedious. There is a serious gameplay design flaw, which prevents new players to experience all dinosaurs game has to offer, because of taming cap, decreases server and client performance siginificantly. People tame lots off kibble dinosaurs to get as many eggs as possible in the shortest amount of time. In my opinion Wildcard ought to redesign kibble tree in 3 ways: -Rethink if some dinosaurs really should have that very rare egg to create kibble. -Reduce amount of eggs/kibbles required to tame dinosaurs with the same taming time to keep current balance level. -Unclaimed dinosaurs despawn after X days. However, what if people would still hoard dinosaurs still? Maybe make a system that the more dinosaurs of certain species you have, the more difficult it is to keep them alive. (increased damand of food etc, decreased statistics of an animal, because a pen is overcrowded)
  14. ARK was released in Early Access at the beginning of June 2015. So that's 1,5 year more or less. As I said in other thread regarding the state of the game, there is none Survival Game that has been released from Early Access yet. Lots of developers don't feel like releasing their game, because they can excuse their mistakes with EA label on store page and a lot of players would even defend them. Also, they still get money from sales, release small stuff in updates (in ARK case, another questionably useful dino) to create illusion they want to release their game one day. This is so convenient that a few resist the temptation. (That's general problem of Early Access, I think there ought to be the maximum time game can stay in EA to be honest). I started to think Wildcard is going that way. Today Steam announced the change of Steam Greenlight, maybe they would look at Early Access after that, because it needs to protect customers more and reduce amount of scams.
  15. Dev support wise, I recommand The Island. The Center is way back with updates and fixes. Performance wise, The Center is better ( I get there twice more frames per second than The Island, even though the same assets are used in The Island. Apparently Wildcard's The Island map designers did really poor job there) Scorched Earth is extremely difficult at the beginning and lack key animals which may make your life easier. Performance wise it is better than The Island, but worse than The Center.