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  1. Also @GamerPerfection you could save yourself a lot of time in repeating yourself by trying to get subject header changed
  2. @GamerPerfection the outcries are justified, but it may be worth adding some sort of note to the subject of this post that Jat clarified the issues mid thread.
  3. @NovaCon You are idealistic and clearly inexperienced if your going to say my attitude wont help me in future, because it is. I am being Realistic, and I am most definitely not playing the victim. Tell me how I am playing the victim? Also how are my "woes" self inflicted? lol Spinelessness, brown noseing and putting others rightful arguments down by empty fallacious moral judgments is something I see too much of. Do you know what entitled means? I dont expect any special treatment, and I am not the only one who feels this way, I just want the same as everyone else...for all of us to be the same. Maybe I'm entitled to you because I dont worship wildcard as a god and accept any mistakes they do because I enjoy the game, the reason Im here is because I enjoy the game, but Ill speak up if I dont like something and some idealistic view you hold is not a reason for others not to do. I come to these forums because I care about the game, not because I care about you or anyone else (well other than my girlfriend that I play with). What winds me up is seeing people morally judge others and say they are being selfish or "entitled" when all they are saying is..."why does joe get x and I get y when we both bought z." But Jat has already said we we all be getting x and y! lol (shout out to pokemon) I'm totally fine and dont need to calm me down but appreciate the concern lol. So in your view I can only come to these forums if I care about other players and not game? Thats the reason I'm here, I care about the GAME. Go make some private tribe/friends forum if you want to circlejerk wildcard and love each other, I simply am here to point out what I deem a flaw in a game I currently spend most of my time on. If you dont like that I dont care, but if your going to start making personal judgments this will just end with an unrelated war of words. Out of interest, do you think its right that (even though its not actually the case now as Jat cleared it up!!) a platform should have something exclusive over other platforms for a developer not being able to release it at the same time? (Although its now becoming clear it was Sony's demands...but that doesnt change anything). Edit: I love scorched earth (actually do), why do you have to talk wildcard down man? They dont deserve the hate!!! Dont come here if you have negative feelings mannn!
  4. @Pachycephalosaurus the onus is not on the community with this.....
  5. @NovaCon Well this was over, given that Jat had clarified the actual facts in this thread, but since you want to address me I'll answer. I do not give two ***** about the business ramifications, I have my own job to think about in that way, this is a video game I bought to enjoy, the rest is just you being idealistic. I dont care about the other players (I mean I dont want a dead game, but I dont think it is dead) and if people were actually honest with themselves, they mainly care about themselves too. Makes me want to throw up when I see comments like "lets just be excited for everyone and hold hands wearing daisy chains". Its a video game, people paid for it, they expect to all be treated the same, anything else just doesnt matter as we are not wildcard employees, I literally dont give two ***** about any of this self righteous bollocks people are saying. Its a game, I paid for it, im not going to buy 100 other consoles, the parasaur skin was poop, the ps4 look amazing, /thread Either way, Jat cleared it up, read the whole thread from yesterday and youll save yourself an argument. Edit: I fully understand, but I dont care about any of what you just said, Wildcard are not a charity that are not doing us a favour, they are making a product we purchase for hard earned money. Dont be naive.
  6. @Jat That would be very good actually. Appreciate the response (on a side note I pm'd you regarding the original ark cluster servers, please could you reply if you have the time!)
  7. @Jat you could have literally prevented this entire thread by adding that to the original post lmfao Good to know though, thank you. So they will auto spawn on death then? All of these?
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ @OGCookies See its not just me! lol
  9. @OGCookies By association I of course believe ps4 and xbox should have the pc skins and vice versa. But I don't see any threads popping up lamenting the absence of dish cloth para saddle and derpy dino glasses. Because compared to the manticore items they are literally garbage....
  10. @OGCookies I have joined the game fairly recently as far Ark's history goes, so I dont think I was there for the xbox one/or understood the pc one, but you can have as many parasaur saddles and dino glasses as you want. But to be honest, for me it is about the manticore set more than anything. The issue, as I have said, is the exclusivity. Sure have your opinions, cannot see how you came to them but yeah. What I meant though is you arent backing up your statement that the skins can be earned on pc...... Literally like talking to a brick wall lol. Edit: How is it justified? Ok wildcard please can you muck up something with pc then give us armor that breathes fire in a years time, thanks.
  11. @OGCookies Ok we've already addressed this lol but I'll repeat myself for you. They can have the reward fine, but ALL ark players should have the reward, maybe in a Christmas event or something. PS4 players didnt do anything to earn the reward any more than I did for wildcards mistakes. E Q U A L I T Y Again you make the point as cosmetics being something minor. Ok for you sure, go play your mods. For a lot of people it isnt minor, like I said many people grind endgame challenges for those sort of skins. Importantly, it isnt just the exclusivity, but the actual nature of those skins...they look so damn cool compared to a dish cloth saddle and harry potter glasses for derpy the parasaur (no offense to harry potter). And the fact that they complete a set from a very hard to get helm (noticed you couldnt address my point about the set being earned, classic ogcookies on not backing up his/her statements) that pc players cant complete, just adds insult to injury. It's not about an in game advantage, no one has said that. That doesnt change anything.
  12. @OGCookies You say we had over a year to earn these skins, we can earn all the manticore skins shown as exclusive for ps4?? Even if we can (which is news to me) that is no reason to give it for free, because you cannot possibly make the assumption that all the player base for pc have gained such achievements as the basis for giving every ps4 player the reward.... I understand your points you just make them poorly.
  13. @dinovart Mods are nice if you choose to use them, but mods does not equal the pc game. The official pc game is the pc game. Mods should not be taken into account for this.
  14. @OGCookies again you present the cosmetic skins as something minor as the crux of your point.
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