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  1. This doesn’t help any console players.
  2. Well this explains why I took a half year off from this game and just came back to see nothing has changed.
  3. How would they generate hype over constantly delayed content if they didn’t announce it at these conventions?
  4. No. You need the internet to play this game.
  5. GTA also said they were holding online back at launch. Their customer base wasn't lied to. Not to mention gta v had one of the best offline campaigns ever to enjoy until online got going. Ark doesn't have that.
  6. Lmao. Just wipe all of them. You're stepping on your customers face anyways. Might as well just make everyone start over and support every server. The decisions this company makes are baffling.
  7. You will be able to control the server from your pc. It will be hosted by a company on their rigs and you will need to pay them monthly or yearly though.
  8. It's not pc powered servers. Well not your pc anyways. You rent a server from nitrado. Prices start in the 13-20 dollar range a month and go up from there depending on how many players you want allowed on at one time.
  9. Can someone clarify this? With pc hosting it's not actually my pc hosting it right? It's being hosted on a server I rent but I can control it from my pc? So I don't have to worry about my laptop being able to handle running it?
  10. This makes me wonder why ark was included in the true 4k trailer Xbox released.
  11. Nothing happens. You don't need to buy anything over again.
  12. Any update on the Xbox one S? I know it's not as powerful as the pro but I thought it was mentioned on the stream that they could optimize for it.
  13. Xbox got skins. Get a grip guys. You should be more upset at about 1000000 other game issues instead of this.
  14. Ok. Appreciate the help. I can't double dip knowing that but hopefully it means they will improve dedicateds now that they have more machines running them.
  15. Via hosting service? Or the exact same way as I host with my Xbox? If it's by hosting service than I may pick this up again.
  16. Can we host dedicated servers like Xbox one users can?
  17. Haha. Blame the players for delays. Good one.
  18. Alpha!! Alpha!! Alpha!!! Guys just be happy with everything because....Alpha!
  19. It's not a fact at all. It's just a fallback at this point. Keep fighting the good fight. This whole situation speaks for itself.
  20. Clearly you will never understand what people are complaining about or their reasons. Keep falling back on the alpha excuse. Doesn't make you look foolish at all. Nobody needs this crap explained to them anymore. We get it. Once they charged for more content this goes out the window.
  21. This is the 4th time the same mistake is made. I'm fine with bugs and glitches and having my stuff wiped once or twice but at what point my do we start to hold the developer who is clearly not putting time into the right areas responsible? For people with your viewpoint I guess the answer is "never". If you don't understand why dedicated and single player users are frustrated while their games don't work and the devs are celebrating a release of a paid dlc I'm not really sure what to say.
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