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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 05/07/2019 fast easy trade will work with again :D Amanda632 Amanda632
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 05/05/2019 Fast and easy trade. Ty :) Bellemira Bellemira
Beliar Beliar 05/05/2019 very nice person fast delivery fair Manix Manix
stijn stijn 05/05/2019 Great buyer . pleasure to trade with. chyarr chyarr
chyarr chyarr 05/05/2019 Friendly person, easy to trade with and flexible. Thanks! stijn stijn
Bellemira Bellemira 05/05/2019 Fast and easy, ty!!! |UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o
Yunaa Yunaa 05/02/2019 Nice player, quick trade, highly recommended! Celestest Celestest
ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi 05/02/2019 Fast and smooth trader! silviuasu13 silviuasu13
silviuasu13 silviuasu13 05/02/2019 Nice nad fast trade. and sorry for my delay.=) all is perfect ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi
Doodles Doodles 05/02/2019 Quick trade friendly player. 10/10 would trade again :) Celestest Celestest
Celestest Celestest 05/02/2019 Smooth trade. Would do business with again. Highly recommended. Doodles Doodles
Celestest Celestest 05/02/2019 Smooth friendly transaction. Considerate trader. Would not hesitate to do business with again. Doodles Doodles
Sideswipe Sideswipe 05/02/2019 Friendly and cool dude, easy trade and fast, would love to trade again with him. felipe3232 felipe3232
felipe3232 felipe3232 05/02/2019 easy to work with, very flexible. happy trading! Sideswipe Sideswipe
Quilleute Quilleute 05/01/2019 Honesty and easy auction. Fast and easy trade. Recomend. Thank you! ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi
ValeriyaKvi ValeriyaKvi 05/01/2019 Fast and flawless trade Quilleute Quilleute
RNLD10 RNLD10 04/26/2019 Good trustworthy trader. MostSpy MostSpy
MostSpy MostSpy 04/26/2019 Friendly and awesome trader! even took me into a boss fight! Will definitely trade again. RNLD10 RNLD10
Carnifex1 Carnifex1 04/26/2019 Went smoothly and fast trade. Fair prices also. Mojsije Mojsije
Beliar Beliar 04/24/2019 Realy polite DeadByte DeadByte
Tattare Tattare 04/24/2019 solid dude to trade with. easy and to the point. KerieKat KerieKat
DeadByte DeadByte 04/23/2019 Fast transaction. Beliar Beliar
sebahefner sebahefner 04/22/2019 nice:) Carnaldecay85 Carnaldecay85
Eds11 Eds11 04/17/2019 Very fast trade, no delays, good communication. Beliar Beliar
Beliar Beliar 04/17/2019 great person reliable will definitely recommend and buy from again Eds11 Eds11
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