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  1. I'd say limit per active player in tribe. But I think that's a bit too hard to implement in a reasonable way. Maybe per steam id that actively has xy hours daily in ark? And then like 50 tames per player ought to be enough for most players. I personally try to cryo as many tames as possible mainly because of my pc not being able to keep up with too much stuff around and it's just easier not to think about meat runs. However, sometimes i also go on a breeding spree when trying to combine some stats so 50 sounds real low.
  2. I would take a monthly plan for better official servers any day. Especially considering how much it costs to simoly rent a barebone machine this day. If 10% of players of a single server would subscribe for 5$ a month, that ought to cover the cost of that machine easily and then some.
  3. Same on 651. Yesterday it took 15 hours for 1 imprint. Reported the server through that google doc multiple times already but nothing happens. Not to mention server crashes every 4 hours. Kicks everyone out every 2 hours... Would be nice if wildcard would offer monthly paid official servers.
  4. already put like 600 bucks into it, just waiting for persistance
  5. it's not just communication skills. i think it's also a lot of just pure decision making. it shouldn't be such a long process to decide if a roll back should happen or not. and if a decision was made that there won't be a roll back, then at least you can let the community know, which then falls back into the communication skills how soft you'll land that blow
  6. people give them some more time it's not like rolling back that amount of servers is going to get done instantly as they woke up...
  7. if there could be a system where the servers would automatically go x2 on everything for the duration they were offline/out of sync with the real time passed. and then then i woke up
  8. yea but you see that not everyone gets there's like 6-9 hours difference between EU and US...so in their eyes it looks as if you could have done it before you went to bed
  9. dude, you should have just said that you've been trying to get them whole night
  10. dude, you're spewing hatred towards the wrong people. and what's wrong with kissing butts? i'd stuff my face in a good butt any day.
  11. whatever other methods of contacting wc staff you have, they're useless if no one is awake to read them. it's obvious they don't have any 24/7 support available or emergency monitoring set up, so there's nothing to do then wait (and in my case do other stuff like for example - my job). i just don't get how this stupid flaming suddenly got turned towards moderators as if you guys can fix something like this.
  12. yea let's bitch and whine about volunteer moderators for a change! they're the reason for everything bad that happens in the world! conspiracy i tell you! CONSPIRACY!
  13. then again, he's just a volunteer moderator and i'm betting he doesn't have a direct line to wc devs to casually call them in the middle of the night and tell them to fix it. he has almost the same channels as we do, probably an email closer then sending a regular reporting ticket and how could he say that they were informed if none of them are awake
  14. and what exactly is a volunteer forum moderator supposed to do in a situation like this, other then his job? he merged the 2 same topics together, has no clue what's going on (nor probably has a way of knowing until he's told)
  15. that's good, it'll preserve better no worries guys, wc should shortly be getting into their offices and fixing this. hopefully
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