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  1. Currently on Extinction in desert, snow and forest biomes we're forced to listen the battle music as long as the respective dome's titan is alive. I get there's a music when it's summoned and while it's in the process of taming or killing, but please turn off the music once the titan is tamed, it serves no purpose and is annoying.
  2. Fix bug causing Managarmr to die randomly Yea this isn't fixed...Just happened to me on Island, Managarmr is wiped, all my inventory is wiped and the otter that was on me also wiped. No info in the tribe log, as if it never happened.
  3. didn't find it in a thread but can someone post what are the mats requirements for dedicated storage (and anything connected to it or requirements for it to work)?
  4. What I'd like to know is how a character loss is possible at all? My friend lost 2 in 2 days just after leveling him up real nice. I get that items get lost because it would be really demanding to keep track of every item across all officials but keeping track of accounts/characters should be a priority. Hope they fix the problem soon and don't loose too much hair while doing it
  5. I only found veggies to sufficiently refill it's food bar. But I only use them as a last resort if the baby stops feeding itself. As for the production - my babies never changed production, it was same from birth to adulthood.
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