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  1. Desert drops on ragnarok will give you nice bp's
  2. RNLD10

    What is your unluckiest/stupidest ARK moment?

    lost my ravager because it was pushed under the map by a wild karkinos rip..
  3. RNLD10

    Any news on new stuff?

    still waiting for info ZzzZ..
  4. RNLD10

    Greenhouse health increase today

    Finally they adjusted the decay timers!
  5. RNLD10

    Quetzal good stats ?

    nice qz, bit low on weight but high stamina is nice
  6. RNLD10

    Lvling boss Rexes.

    grinder with a tribe mate works great
  7. RNLD10

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    rip my fast dolphin
  8. came home to a 1,5 breed event! nice
  9. not sure what to expect from the event. hopefully there will be a breeding event soon
  10. nice event, cant wait for it!
  11. RNLD10

    Any tips/ideas for interior design?

    rugs as carpet!