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  1. felipe3232

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    You just got to love ark community...If they get a rushed dlc they complain, cause its not polished, if they take theyr time to do it properly, people complains cause they have to wait for it...Its not like you invested a big amount of money on a company and you expect them to deliver...you pay no monthly fee you even get dlcs/tlcs for free, some of them...that "I paid once for this game, hand me stuff for years" attitude gets me on my nerves...quit playing ark if u want...this game has been out for years, still u play it to this date, it has to be good in some way else you would have quited ages ago, give WC some respect and trust...Or at least quit spamming the forums with all that negative attitude ,and let people that actually enjoys the game, enjoy it. Too many spoiled kids in here. My 2c.
  2. felipe3232

    My ideas to stop "cap"-Problem

    The 2 things that might save us from that cap, are: 1. Monthly fee so they can open more quality servers. 2. Kibble system rework.
  3. felipe3232

    dino tlc Argentavis - Excluded from TLC?

    Cant w8 for the TLC pass2, i just love the new argies...
  4. felipe3232

    Diary of a Giga breeder

    Really enjoyed reading this, thats a ton of work, and i was scared to hatch 1 giga egg...well i mostly play solo so...
  5. felipe3232

    Bats in carnivorous caverns?

    Actually bats spawn in the basement of the castle, which is an entrance to the cave, however, they do not spawn inside the actual cave, just megalos and megalanias.
  6. felipe3232

    A good way to not get raided

    Pretty much this.
  7. You got accurate answers, the only thing to mention is that, those huge "incubation/hatching" rooms, are meant to hold a gianormous amount of eggs/babies, try to hatch consistently 20+ rexes or 10+ gigas in a 2x2-4x4 cube...
  8. felipe3232

    impossible to keep playing

    To me it seems like you are doing it wrong, and have a defeatist attitude, gr8 combo for a "survival game", survival doesnt mean survive the dinos 5 mins, and get your tek stuff, sir.
  9. felipe3232

    Pre tame stats question.

    This, pre tame stats are just an indicator, but luck being involved, post tame stats is the only thing that matters
  10. felipe3232

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    that would b a gr8 idea, maybe something with a bonus gathering prime fish meat which i find annoying unless you have an asc fishing rod, sickle seems to gather none even from sabertooth salmons and having an ascendant 1.
  11. felipe3232

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    i vote for anomalocaris