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  1. The ping is unstable during the week, sometimes dropping as low as 40, up into the 200's for me. Today it started around 250, but has been hanging around 100-120 for the past few hours. (10AM EST- 12:50 EST). This past weekend it was a solid 255 This is of course my own experience, YMMV, etc. It really sucks not only to lose out on the ability to get some of the more end game focused tames, (Rock Drakes, Reapers), without an added level of difficulty caused by lag, but to not be able to do much during weekends or prime time weekdays. I hope there's a more permanent solution to the problem, as the previous fixes did work, if only for a little while. Edit: 2:22 PM EST ping dropped down to 55.
  2. Acid trip poop mushrooms. Wasn't paying attention and put the Aqua mushrooms on my bar. Guess I deserved that one.
  3. I'm guessing / hoping we will also see these colors on Aberration variants of the dinos?
  4. A pack of Dilo has saved my ass so many times in the past lol. I did raptors as my first on my last Aberration start, and tbh I was kinda underwhelmed with them. They got me enough hide to get some other saddles and bolas made, but I moved on from them quickly.
  5. I hope they do run one, I need me some pastel dinos.
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