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  1. Something happened

    Thanks a lot!
  2. Something happened

    OC 70 PC is still down as well, even tho we made a server report
  3. Server Caps

    I can only agree, rubbering all day long, waiting for the weekend to hatch your eggs to find out that the server is capped It kind of forces us to hatch eggs during the week currently which isn't possible if you are working, going to college or just don't have the time during the week. I would really like to see a solution to this taming cap, especialy on Ragnarok where the map is so much bigger, so many more people and tribes joining.... Pls fix it, even if we have to pay a monthly fee
  4. Well, it's lagging for hours now. Hatching an egg is just impossible, timer is at 0.00, pick it up and you have 20 more minutes on it....
  5. Same thing going on for EU PVE 77, been at 255 now for over an hour. Every IG minute takes us almost 1.5 or more irl minutes. Reported on the special outage form, hopefully they fix it soon
  6. Trading Menu

    I like that idea. But sadly enough this is annoying as well. If someone from a different server comes to your server then he/she will need to access or place new storage boxes. After a while the entire area can be filled with storage boxes (obelisk area). And perhaps another issue, some people might block the area by placing foundations and then the trading is over as well with that system. Still a nice idea tho, I like it
  7. Trading Menu

    I really like the idea. I am always a bit scared to just drop all of these items but at the other side. You simply can't hold 7000 metal at once, so you will need a different menu perhaps at the obilisks to put in all the items.
  8. I feel you, I have been trying for two hours now to join a EU PVE server, but still didn't get in. A queue would really resolve a lot!! I feel like winning the lottery before I joined the server ...
  9. At least we ( i ) can hope to find a PVE Ragnarok server where I don't have to log before 11AM or spam the join button
  10. Weekend activity ?

    You can always go to the traders section. I am a student myself but I did manage to breed some rexes, even tho the next batch died of starvation At least buying animals works You only need to plan really well and try some math (don't do it, it failed)
  11. How can i play this game?

    Being really patient and keep on trying. I almost got in the game after half an hour but got disconnected during loading I do feel you. I hope they add a queue to the servers so that it is just not a game of luck on getting in the server
  12. I always wondered how you made it. Nice to finally see it being done by people instead of a computer